Nut milk bags: Everything you need to know about homemade nut milk

With homemade nut milk you can get an extra portion of healthy fats and vitamins into your everyday life - find out everything about nut milk bags here

Nut milk bag
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No matter whether in the morning in the muesli, in the Cakeor pure in a glass. Nut milk offers lots of vitamin B and lots of unsaturated fatty acids. These are important for the cell walls and the brain as they stimulate metabolism and blood formation throughout the body. In addition, nut milk is full of micronutrients. But not just for people plant-based milk is a good alternative, it is also significantly more environmentally friendly and animal friendly than conventional cow's milk. With a nut milk bag you can easily make your own daily source of nutrients. We show how to do it!

Everything about nut milk bags at a glance:

  1. What is a nut milk bag?
  2. What can you use nut milk bags for?
  3. DIY nut ​​milk instructions
  4. Care and cleaning
  5. Buy nut milk bags: overview of manufacturers
  6. Make your own nut milk bags

What is a nut milk bag?

A nut milk bag or nut milk filter is either a small bag or a fine-mesh cloth that is used to make homemade plant-based milk. When you make your own nut milk, the liquid is filtered through this piece of material. Thanks to its fine structure, the bag enables effective filtration and extraction, resulting in smooth and clear milk, completely free of coarse residues.

Why use a nut milk bag?

Sure: A nut milk bag is primarily used to produce plant-based milk, but it also has many other functions:

  • Make your own yoghurt, cheese or quark
  • Storage of pastries
  • Dry the tofu
  • Wash quinoa, rice or bulgur
  • Filter fruit containing seeds (e.g. raspberries for jam)
  • Drain dumpling dough or falafel

DIY nut ​​milk instructions

But how do you actually use a nut milk filter? The application is usually pretty simple. We show you how you can easily make your own nut milk using just two ingredients. For this you need:

  • 1 cup of nuts (e.g. almonds, cashews), preferably soaked overnight
  • 4 cups of water
  • Optional: sweeteners such as dates or vanilla for flavor

1. Prepare nuts:

Rinse the soaked nuts thoroughly and drain.

2. Mix ingredients:

Blend the drained nuts with 4 cups of water in a blender until a milky liquid forms.

3. Filter with nut milk bag:

Place the nut milk filter over a large bowl and carefully pour the mixed liquid into it.

Nut milk bag

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4. Squeeze out milk:

Twist the ends of the bag together and extract the nut milk from the residue by pressing firmly.

Nut milk bag

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5. Optionally sweeten and store:

Sweeten as desired and pour the nut milk into bottles. Store in the refrigerator and shake well before consumption.

6. Tip: Reuse residues:

The remaining nut residues can be used in recipes for smoothies, muesli or baked goods.

Care and cleaning during use

To ensure that your homemade nut milk remains hygienic and edible next time, the nut milk bag should be cleaned after use. The best way to do this is to turn it inside out after use and hold it briefly under running water to remove any coarse residue. You can then use a soft brush to remove the last remaining residue from the nut milk filter. Finally, it can be hung up to dry. You can also boil the nut milk bag every 2-3 uses to remove the last germs. To avoid contamination, store your nut milk filter separately from others cooking utensils.

Where can you buy nut milk bags?

If you want to buy nut milk bags, it's usually worth taking a look at your local health food store. If you want to buy your nut milk bag online, you can use these providers:

EcoYou26x31 inchHemp15,90€
Mavura15x20 inchHemp12,99€
nectarbar25x30 inchNatural cotton15,95€
KoRo drugstoreNo informationcotton4,50€
Io Nova30x30 inchHemp5,98 €

Make your own nut milk bag: step-by-step instructions

If you don't want to buy a nut milk bag, you can easily make it yourself at home. For this you need:

  • A clean, fine-mesh cotton cloth (e.g., an old tea towel or cheesecloth)
  • Needle & thread or sewing machine
  • a scissors

That's how it works:

  1. Cut the cotton cloth into a square or rectangular piece about 30x30 cm in size.
  2. Fold the cloth in half to create a double layer of fabric.
  3. Sew two sides of the cloth together, leaving one side open to fill the bag.
  4. Turn the bag right side out so the seams are facing inward.

Stay healthy throughout the day with nut milk

Nut milk is for Vegans and non-vegans a good way to supply their bodies with healthy nutrients. With homemade nut milk you also save money and CO2 emissions. Feel free to try out the many uses of a nut milk bag and it will become a loyal companion in your kitchen.


What is a nut milk bag?

A nut milk bag is a fine mesh bag specifically used for the filtration and extraction of solid residues in the production of plant-based milk.

What can you use instead of nut milk bags?

Instead of a nut milk filter, you can alternatively use a clean tea towel, cheesecloth or a fine sieve to filter plant-based milk from nuts or seeds.

Where can I buy nut milk bags?

Nut milk bags are available in home goods stores, health food stores or online on selected platforms.


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