Sustainable brands promote innovative production processes, the use of renewable energies, the careful use of natural resources and much more. We present brands as such - acting consciously, sustainably & ethically to make a positive contribution - to you.

Don't miss List: 10 sustainable news in June

From sustainable hotels to organic cosmetics to vegan grilled food – we reveal what sustainable news you can look forward to this month

Sustainable Celebrity Brands: 10 celebrity brands with impact

From the red carpet to the green lifestyle: These 10 sustainable celebrity brands prove that ethics and aesthetics don't have to be opposites

2nd home founders Cloudy Zakrocki & Michael Munder on the sustainable revolution in the furniture industry

The founding duo about their holistic approach, the combination of profitability and sustainability and their vision for the future In an interview with Cloudy Zakrocki & Michael Munder, founders of “2nd home”

Sustainable electric toothbrushes: Against plaque & for the environment

 Zahlreiche Studien haben bewiesen: Elektrische Zahnbürsten reinigen die Zähne wesentlich gründlicher als Handzahnbürsten. Allerdings landet mit ihnen auch eine Menge Plastik im Badezimmer. Ist das nachhaltig?

Sustainable gift ideas for women: 10 stylish tips for green gifting

Giving with style and sustainability: We show 10 sustainable gift ideas for women that perfectly combine ethics and aesthetics

Flexible, functional, fashionable: Adjustable sizing sets new fashion standards

One size fits all! We explain why adjustable sizing should be the new norm for sustainability and show our top 10 brands for variable fits

Sustainable iPhone cases: protection for our cell phones and our planet

The Conscious Choice: Sustainable iPhone cases protect our smartphone and the environment from damage. Here we have curated the best sustainable brands for you

Debate about vintage altering: sustainable trend or breaking taboo?

Can you give old designer clothes a new look? A heated discussion has broken out online about vintage altering - we clarify the pros and cons.

Sustainable wallets: How to store your money with style and sustainability

We reveal what you should pay attention to when choosing a sustainable wallet and which brands you can invest in with a clear conscience

Charles and Ray Eames as visionaries of the 20th century

Charles and Ray Eames Industrial Designers The creative designer couple who completely broke artistic boundaries in the 1950s. The special features of her designs lie in the structures, shapes and conditions used and serve as expressions of her passion for aesthetics paired with comfort. Her designs are not just about surface design, but also about the type […]

Sustainable suitcases: Travel environmentally consciously with these brands

A selection of suitcases, travel bags and hand luggage that are not only stylish but also sustainable

German Design Revolution: Julian Daynov in conversation about NEUDEUTSCH

Julian Daynov shares insights into his revolutionary German design project NEUDEUTSCH. He talks about his inspiration, values ​​and vision behind the project Interview with Julian Daynov, creator of NEUDEUTSCH

Design with responsibility: This is how sustainable the Stockholm Furniture Fair is

Scandinavia's leading platform for design and architecture presents current trends in the furniture industry at its trade fair - sustainability also finds its place here

The German Design Award 2024 as a catalyst for design innovations

This year, innovative approaches to transformations in architecture, product and communication design will be honored with the German Design Award

Sustainable bed linen: A green dream for a restful sleep

Benefits, materials and top brands for eco-friendly bedding - from kid-friendly designs to organic certifications

Coachtopia creates transparency with documentary series “The Road to Circularity”

The sub-brand of the company Coach has released a documentary series showcasing the complete manufacturing process of Coachtopia products titled "The Road to Circularity"

Practical and sustainable: Everything you need to know about reusable cotton pads

Goodbye disposable products! With reusable cotton pads you protect the environment and save money. Discover tips for care and instructions on how to do it yourself here

Rosemary Shampoo: A shrub as an all-purpose weapon for healthy hair

Rosemary shampoo has positive effects on hair health. The best brands and tips.

10 eco-friendly glamor outfits for the holidays

So that you can wear a sustainable and festive outfit during the holidays, we present you with a selection of options to find

Beautiful looks for rain and snow with sustainable rubber boots

Whether in nature or as an accessory in the city: rubber boots keep your feet dry on rainy days - but are there also sustainable models?

Sustainable baby gifts: environmental awareness for childhood

Sustainable baby gifts are perfect for making parents and babies happy while protecting the environment

Detergent for allergy sufferers: A guide for particularly sensitive skin

The wrong detergent can create an unpleasant feeling on the skin, especially for allergy sufferers. We'll show you the way to natural and gentle detergents

Wool grease – a natural product with versatile uses

Wool fat is not only a natural protection for sheep, but also turns out to be a valuable care product for people, wool textiles and the environment

Black Friday Boycott: For the environment & your own wallet

Avoiding consumption instead of buying frenzy. More and more consumers and well-known players are calling for a Black Friday boycott. We'll show you what it's all about

Cloth handkerchiefs are coming back into fashion

Cloth handkerchiefs are gaining more and more attention. They are more durable, skin-friendly and more cost-effective than the disposable version

Sustainable Shampoos: A Guide to Healthy and Beautiful Hair

In order to protect the environment in everyday life, you can use green alternatives, especially for daily care products such as sustainable shampoos

Ethical jewelry: A conversation with the founders of 202 EDITIONS

A combination of tradition and modernity in the design process, but the craftsmanship at the workbench is what fills the piece of jewelry with life and gives it value. Interview with Karin Heimberg and Maryvonne Wellen, founders of 202 EDITIONS

Vegan Horsebit bag: Gucci presents the first vegan handbag

The luxury brand Gucci is showing a leather bag made from vegan Demetra for the first time in its Fall/Winter 2024 collection

Sustainable socks: From tennis socks, bright colors to classic black

Learn why sustainable socks are an environmentally conscious choice and how to choose the best options for women, men and children

Winter can come with these brands for sustainable hats

Discover 10 sustainable hat brands that not only make a fashion statement, but also protect the environment

Natural freshness: Why natural cosmetic deodorants are the better choice

With natural cosmetic deodorants you decide for the well-being of your skin and the environment

Leonardo DiCaprio invests in a sustainable watch label

ID Genève is considered a pioneer in the sustainable watch industry. The actor Leonardo DiCaprio is now supporting the luxury label with two million francs.

Natural Retinol: Anti-aging the natural way

Retinol is considered a popular anti-aging product, but how natural is the miracle cure really?

Green elegance: Sustainable sofas for a stylish home

Sustainable sofas combine timeless design and ecological responsibility for a new living culture

Circular Furniture: 8 furniture designs made from circular materials

Circular Furniture is the future of eco-friendly design - We show unique pieces of furniture made from circular materials

Algae: The green revolution in the fashion industry

The fashion industry has a new promising resource - seaweed. The sustainable raw material reduces environmental impact and offers fascinating possibilities

Soy wax candles: A beautiful and environmentally friendly alternative

Discover the variety of soy wax candles, the health and environmental benefits and where you can buy these eco candles

Repurpose: 6 brands that turn supposed waste into luxury

When waste becomes valuable resources - these brands close the cycle and transform old objects into sustainable luxury items

Copenhagen Fashion Week 2023: From Sustainability to AI Pioneer?

The buzz topics of Copenhagen Fashion Week 2023: sustainability - of course - and AI. What the fashion industry can learn from this  

MycoWorks opens facility to scale innovative leather alternatives

September 2023: MycoWorks will commission the world's first facility for commercial scaling of mushroom leather


Alchemy, 100% natural, beauty care with gold & silver


High & Fair Jewellery, Recycled Precious Metals, Handmade in Germany

Last call for registration for the German Design Award 2024

The world's most creative talents and hubs are invited to submit their groundbreaking projects for the German Design Award 2024 by September 1st

Sustainable sunglasses: The fashion statement for 2023

2023 is not only about stylish, but also about sustainable sunglasses: These materials, models and brands are experiencing a boom  

Cleansing and calming: natural cosmetics for impure skin

Natural cosmetics are the solution for impure skin in adulthood - everything to do with ingredients, care routines and conscious brands

Why perfumes today have to be more than fragrant scents

Nullpunkt founder Amanda Mai on the needs of a modern society and functional fragrances as the motor of wellbeing and balance Interview with Amanda Mai, founder of Nullpunkt Functional Fragrances

Mylo production stop: Is scalability of innovation the Achilles' heel of the fashion industry?

Bolt Threads Pauses Production of Leading Leather Alternative Mylo – What It Means for Scaling Innovation in Fashion

Beabond: Jewellery that protects rather than transcends planetary boundaries

Beabond founder Ferelith Moltke on traceable diamonds, living handicrafts and jewelry for the protection of nature and animals Interview with Ferelith Moltke, founder of Beabond

LIV Botanics

100% Lab Diamonds, Recycled Gold, Recycled Packaging

About the new generation of fine jewelery - luxurious & sustainable

Talking to Helge Maren Hauptmann - the founder of the first German B Corp certified jewelery brand Maren Jewelery Interview with Helge Maren Hauptmann, founder of Maren Jewellery

When jewelery becomes an expression of modern values ​​and lifestyle

Avenida Santiago founder Roland Knipfer on fair jewelery as a sustainable and ethical step in the evolution of the jewelery industry Interview with Roland Knipfer, founder of Avenida Santiago

The mobility of tomorrow: climate-neutral e-bikes for city and country

E-bikes make sustainable mobility possible and attractive - how a family business combines e-mobility, innovation and design

Natural facial toners: Essentials of a sustainable care routine

Natural facial toners are the clean beauty hack for beautiful & healthy skin. Green trend or relevant mainstream development?  

Sustainable fashion: Timeless & limited collections redefine value

New impulses: How Liapure Design Studio meets modern demands for sustainable fashion, quality and luxury with timeless essentials

Sustainable gifts for men: the 15 best ideas with style

Sustainable gifts for men: Here you will find the most beautiful ideas for every taste and type of man - unique, long-lasting and fair

Talk with Christine Fehrenbach about holistically sustainable brand concepts

Interview with Christine Fehrenbach about sustainable brand concepts as an opportunity for future-proof positioning and the success of holistic transformation processes

Digital Passport - the tool for more transparency in the fashion industry?

The Digital Passport is intended to create transparency and empowerment and promote the circular economy - that's what the buzzword is about

Historic UN High Seas Agreement adopted

The UN's International High Seas Convention aims to protect pollution and loss of biodiversity

News: Gucci & Kering advance circular fashion with Circular Hub

The Circular Hub aims to drive innovation and create synergies to accelerate the circular transformation of luxury fashion

Project213A: Contemporary design meets sustainability and fairness

How Project213A implements a modern design aesthetic, timelessness and individualization with the help of sustainability and fairness

News: Chloé and Vestiaire Collective launch digital product ID

How Chloé Vertical wants to revolutionize the traceability, transparency and circularity of fashion with the help of a digital ID

News: CPHFW 2023 tightens sustainable guidelines

How the CPHFW 2023 anchors sustainability in the DNA of fashion labels and the entire fashion ecosystem in the long term

News: German Design Award 2023 honors Eco and Social Design

The German Design Award 2023 revolves around impact - pioneering design means socially and ecologically responsible design

Berlin Fashion Week 2023: space for sustainability, innovation & diversity

Sustainable commitment of the Berlin Fashion Week 2023 positions Germany as a relevant player in international fashion 

News: European Fashion Alliance outlines Green Deal for fashion

How the European Fashion Alliance wants to reinvent the European fashion industry based on sustainability, education, politics and innovation

How urban mining promises a waste-free future

Urban mining stands for sustainable and future-oriented raw material extraction. Everything about the innovative strategy for resource protection

Nontalo Kids: Where play, spontaneity and sustainability are in harmony

Design duo Eneris Collective launches Nontalo Kids - A modular and bio-based stool with a playful twist

News: GREENSTYLE brings fair fashion & education to Munich

The fashion industry needs to become more sustainable - this is exactly why GREENSTYLE creates awareness, reach and visibility for forward-looking changemakers

Inflation: stress test or opportunity for sustainable consumption?

Does the inflation lead to a decline in sustainable development? Modern values and business models argue against it

Nona Source – Repurpose model for deadstock accelerates circularity in fashion

Marie Falguera on the resale of deadstock items from exclusive fashion houses as a solution to the fashion industry's waste problem

Action instead of rhetoric: How to implement purpose in companies

Purpose is more than just a statement. Why companies usually only implement it in communication and how messages become actions

Milan Fashion Week closes with the CNMI Sustainable Fashion Awards

Milan Fashion Week ended with a clear statement for sustainability: the presentation of the CNMI Sustainable Fashion Awards

Contemporary fashion house Ganni becomes B Corp certified

The fashion house gets the B Corp certification due to its commitment to ethics and sustainability

Vogue Next: The future is built on sustainability & inclusion

All the highlights and trend-setting trends of the VOGUE NEXT conference on ecologically and socially sustainable development

Patagonia Founder Appoints Earth as Sole Shareholder

Yvon Chouinard has donated 100% of his Patagonia brand to charitable foundations to fight climate change

News: Stella McCartney launches sustainable beauty care

Fashion brands like Stella McCartney are entering the ever-growing and highly competitive beauty industry 

Sustainability Communication - Green Marketing or Greenwashing?

Sustainability communication as an indispensable tool to strengthen the corporate vision

CPHFW News: Copenhagen Fashion Week announces fur ban

Copenhagen Fashion Week complements its sustainable commitment with animal welfare - fur no longer has a place in the Danish fashion world

Sustainable Swimwear: Brands and Facts for Fair Beach Vibes

Whether bikini or swimsuit - it doesn't matter. Everything is allowed this summer when it comes to swimwear. The main thing is sustainable swimwear

News: Gucci x Ellen MacArthur Foundation for a circular fashion industry

Gucci is collaborating with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to extend its commitment to circular economy

Colour expert Annika Murjahn on innovative eco-colour culture

How Caparol Icons sets new standards for luxurious color concepts and sustainability on the European market for interior paints In an interview with Annika Murjahn, founder of CAPAROL ICONS

Kering invests in real leather from the lab – is this the future?

Luxury fashion group Kering has teamed up with VitroLabs - a biotech start-up from California - to develop leather alternatives

Water-free cosmetics promise health for skin and the environment

Clean Beauty Update: Are anhydrous cosmetics the sustainable solution for clear skin and a clean planet?

How the Fashion Taskforce enables sustainable change in fashion

The Fashion Taskforce is launching a digital ID that has the potential to offer consumers transparency and sustainability in fashion

Brunello Cucinelli's 10 guiding principles of humanistic capitalism

Much more than just cashmere, but cultural sustainability - that's behind the values ​​of the icon

Fashion Week Highlights – Sustainability Recap

New York, London, Milan, Paris - and Copenhagen. Everything about the Fashion Weeks and what the Big Four can learn from the CPHFW in terms of sustainability

News: German Design Award 2022 celebrates 10 years of visionary design

On the occasion of the 10th German Design Award 2022, the German Design Council honours the winners and their design innovations in an exhibition at the MAK Frankfurt

Circular Beauty - This is how zero waste cosmetics work

The beauty industry is also addressing the great challenge of becoming circular with zero waste cosmetics

Responsible fashion through disruptive innovation and collaboration

Instead of waiting for a change in consumer behavior, The Bear Scouts relies on new solution models for the supply chain In an interview with Dio Kurazawa, Co-Founder The Bear Scouts

Top 25 ideas for sustainable Christmas gifts

Discover our favorite picks for sustainable, elegant and timeless Christmas gifts

News: Winners of the German Design Award 2022 prove innovative eco design

For the anniversary, the winners of the German Design Award 2022 show innovation, sustainability & aesthetics with pioneering projects

Eco Lingerie - The 10 most beautiful brands for sustainable underwear

 Ethical fashion also includes sustainable underwear - whether elegant and simple or sexy and playful, here are the most beautiful brands

News: Gucci Vault - Young designers on the vintage shopping stage

New collab “Comme Des Garçon X Gucci” in the digital retro space Vault sold out in a few hours

Iconic Awards 2022: The trend barometer for sustainable interior

In 2022, the German Design Council will continue to promote and honor new solutions and sustainable design with its Iconic Awards: Innovative Interior

News: According to Kering, animal fur no longer has a place in the luxury industry

Kering continues its sustainable commitment by introducing a fur-free policy for all its labels. As of 2022, no house of the luxury group will use animal fur anymore

News: Nike is commercialises AirCarbon biomaterial for CO2 reduction

Nike is collaborating with biotech company Newlight Technologies to reduce its carbon footprint by using the biomaterial AirCarbon

Navigating the luxury route towards happiness: From a Hollywood to a purpose perspective

From egocentricity to eudaimonia - How the evolutionary stages of luxury influence one's own level of happiness and the ego By Neo-Luxury Expert Dr. Julia Riedmeier

Brand activism: When companies take political opinions

Shaping a new future by using marketing activities to exert political pressure - brand activism as a new strategy for decisive change

Why the fashion supply chain needs a clear reset

Complex and non-transparent supply chains are currently the greatest challenge facing the fashion industry - solutions require new standards and innovation

From linear to circular - BMW Group presents the i Vision Circular

This vision vehicle is created according to the principles of the circular economy throughout the entire design, development and manufacturing process

Event: IAA Mobility - realignment for future mobility

IAA Mobility aims to become an international mobility center, with sustainability playing a stronger role

Berlin Fashion Week becomes the place for sustainable fashion

Berlin Fashion Week gives young, sustainable labels and talents an international stage and puts sustainability at the forefront

News: Copenhagen Fashion Week sets sustainability standards

Copenhagen Fashion Week focuses on sustainability and stands out from big fashion shows

Unique design items for the bathroom and kitchen made from wood chips

Woodio In partnership with German Design Award Waterproof solid wood composite material from almost climate-neutral production - the Woodio Soft40 received the special mention of the German Design Awards 2021 in the category "Eco Design" Design Story Designer Woodio Oy Winner Product Soft40 Design Feature Natural, innovative, lightweight

News: Canada Goose plans to stop using fur by 2022

The fur collar on the hood: A trademark of Canada Goose jackets - from this year, however, on the way to CO2 neutrality, no more fur will be bought

Natural make-up set: 5 tips for the minimalist look

A natural make-up set for more natural beauty - these 5 steps lead to the perfect minimalist look 

News: Reform the Future - Frankfurt Fashion Week meets SDG Summit

For the first time, the Frankfurt Fashion Week and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Summit took place from July 05th to 09th, 2021. We were there and learned what the future of the sustainable fashion and textile industry will bring with it.

This yacht promotes the connection to nature

Silent-Yachts in partnership with German Design Award The Silent-Yacht 60 would like to use an innovative approach to remove the disadvantages of yachting and is the winner of the German Design Awards 2021 in the category "Aviation, Maritime & Railway" Design Story Designer Silent Yachts Trading GmbH Winner Product SILENT 60 Design Feature Modern, elegant, dynamic

News: Adidas x Allbirds co-creation for the lowest-emission sneaker

 Collaboration instead of competition is the name of the game at Futurecraft.Footprint - the sneaker with the lowest CO2 footprint to date

Très Chic: Vegan dress shoes for women and men

No more sneakers - elegant shoes for all styles without animal suffering and with an ethical supply chain? Here are the most beautiful brands for vegan shoes for women and men

Asket - slow fashion par excellence now also available for women

After the success of sustainable men's fashion, this Swedish start-up will also be offering women's fashion in the future, thus taking a stand against fast fashion

Agile folding stool for the New Work Lifestyle

TAKEoSEAT In partnership with Iconic Awards: Innovative Interior Foldable stool made of PET felt meets the requirements of modern life and is the winner of the Iconic Award: Innovative Interior 2021 Design Story Designer Klöber GmbH Winner Product TAKEoSEAT - Foldable Stool Design Feature Simple, light, agile

Top 10 size-inclusive brands promote female empowerment

Size-inclusive brands promote self-expression, diversity and even sustainability - here are our top 10 brands for female empowerment

Piñatex, Lino or Mylo - What is vegan leather and the innovation behind?

Fashion brands are currently leading the way: bags, shoes and clothing made from pineapples, palm trees and mushrooms - everything about the innovative leather alternatives

Sustainable outdoor brands - this season's must-haves

Climbing, skiing, surfing or hiking - outdoor clothing is a must have for leisure time - here is the top 10 for sustainable outdoor brands

News: Nike launches “Refurbished” 2nd Life program for shoes

With its circular programme called Refurbished, the sportswear brand is giving shoes a second life

Wallpaper without seam and reusable

WALLSTOXX In partnership with the German Design Award Seamless, made-to-measure wallpaper without rubbish: Wallstoxx is the first reusable One Piece wallpaper made from recycled materials - Winner of the German Design Award and Iconic Award: Innovative Interior 2021 Design Story Designer Brainstoxx GmbH Winner Product Wallstoxx - The Revolution One Piece Wallpaper Design Feature One Piece without […]

News: GREENSTYLE Fashion Summit in digital format

The promising topic of sustainable fashion will be brought to the digital stage under the motto “Act now - now more than ever”

News: Hermès launches Victoria travel bag made of mushroom-based “leather”

The high-fashion house Hermès, known for its exclusive leather goods, is breaking with tradition and, in cooperation with MycoWorks, is launching a bag made from lab-grown mycelium

Sustainable organic cashmere wool: Noble natural fiber, ethical and valuable

Hardly any other natural material is as soft and fine as the coveted cashmere. But there is sustainable cashmere and what does organic cashmere wool mean?

Ana Khouri on fair jewellery as a symbol of lasting value

Fair jewelry meets art and design - jewelry designer Ana Khouri on the challenges in the jewelry industry and her collaboration with Fairmined In an interview with Ana Khouri, jewelry designer and founder of the Ana Khouri label

This modular sofa adapts to everyday life

Noah Living In Partnership with German Design Award Noah Living relies on form & functionality - With its modular sofa, the company wins the German Design Award and Iconic Award: Innovative Interior 2021 Design Story Designer Noah Living GmbH Winner Product The modular sofa design Feature Functional, flexible , simply

Pretty in Green: Top 5 designer labels for vegan handbags

Vegan fashion is the megatrend, but also a challenge, especially in the leather-affine accessories industry - we show our top picks for vegan handbags Follow

Green hair care: Best vegan shampoos and conditioners

Hair care without a guilty conscience and with green power? Here is the list of the top brands for vegan shampoo without animal testing - 100% cruelty-free!

News: Aveda products are now vegan and cruelty-free

All Aveda products are now 100% vegan - High-quality cosmetics that are good for the people, animals and environment

Modern chair made of ocean plastic

Wehlers In partnership with Iconic Awards: Innovative interior furniture for a good cause: This is what Wehlers Design would like to achieve with furniture made from recycled materials. With its RUM chair, the company wins the Iconic Award 2021: Innovative Interior. Design Story Designer CF Møller Design Winner Product RUM Dining Chair Design Feature Modern, filigree, contemporary

Sustainable luxury brands pioneering positive change

The high-end segment promotes ethical values. Well-known and sustainable luxury brands are also increasingly demonstrating their rethinking towards sustainable luxury

News: Adidas classics are coming back as vegan and sustainable versions

The iconic sneakers are coming back in a sustainable version: This year Adidas wants to bring vegan shoes made of mushroom leather to the market

Top brands and tips for zero waste shampoo

Washing hair with soap is trendy. We'll show you how to gently and gently clean your hair - without palm oil and plastic-free

News: Evian x Virgil Abloh to continue their sustainable commitments

Evian x Virgil Abloh stands for sustainable & innovative design as well as creative projects with a positive impact. In 2021, the duo will launch their first recycled plastic bottle

News: Armani sends a strong message with its R-EA capsule collection

Under the motto 100% sustainable, 100% stylish, the Armani fashion group is now also devoting itself to sustainability

Top Tier Forecast: Experts on the development of the luxury industry in 2021

A forecast by high-level luxury experts of the luxury market in 2021 shows the future losers and winners of the industry

Luxury watch brands that act in line with responsibility and fairness

In the jewelry industry, too, more and more brands are integrating ethics and sustainability into their corporate philosophy. We show which luxury watch brands act responsibly Follow

News: Tom Ford launches the world's first 100% recyclable luxury watch

With the Tom Ford Ocean Plastic Watch, the high-end designer launches the first 100% recyclable premium watch made from marine plastic

News: Moncler launches Born to Protect Sustainability Plan

Fashion for the future. Moncler has expanded its mission in the name of sustainability and is launching a specific plan to protect the environment and people. Born to Protect represents a new era in the fashion industry

Purposeful Luxury - Lifestyle in times of the corona pandemic

The time of opulent luxury is over. Today luxury is more inclusive, more conscious and more positive. Welcome to the world of purposeful luxury by expert Julia Riedmeier "Neo Luxury"

News: Vivienne Westwood & Eastpak launch “Save Our Oceans”

In cooperation with Eastpak, fashion icon and environmental activist Vivienne Westwood launched the “Save Our Oceans” collection to promote sustainability 

The 12 best urban e-bike brands with a design factor for the city

If you want to move around the city effortlessly and in an environmentally friendly way, you should rely on urban e-bikes. We show 12 brands for stylish designer bikes

High-end & sustainable: vintage dresses reflect the modern zeitgeist

A homage to the past: vintage dresses are trendy. Discover essential vintage fashion knowledge and how to get the look

News: Ruinart promotes sustainable luxury in a new “dress”

The champagne house Maison Ruinart is launching a sustainable “Second Skin” bottle protector as a symbol of the new, environmentally friendly understanding of luxury 

Easy Guide: Top 5 Must-Have Brands for a Minimalist Backpack

Backpacks are practical and can also be really stylish. For example in minimalist design. We show our top 5 brands for your minimalist backpack

Greenstyle founder Mirjam Smend on collections in line with the zeitgeist

The fashion industry's principle of “more and more”, “cheaper and cheaper” led to a lost appreciation for fashion. Now a turnaround is required: Let's make eco the new normal

Vegan en vogue: Top 5 luxury labels for vegan clothing

Be it alternatives to fur or leather - these high-end labels design vegan clothing with a luxurious look, without any animal suffering

Made to Order: Customized products are the fashion megatrend

With Made to Order, customers receive customized products to order - a trend that promotes individuality, exclusivity and sustainability

This is how a natural nail polish works for organic nails

What harmful substances are hidden in conventional nail polish, what does the "free label" stand for and what are the most beautiful brands for organic nails?

Fashion statement: Best brands for sustainable bags

Environmentally friendly fashion is the new trend in the fashion cosmos. We show sustainable bag brands to round off the perfect fashion outfit

Kitchen trends 2021 - this is how a stylish kitchen upgrade works

All kitchen trends 2021 in terms of things, color, concept and style. Smart kitchen helpers for modern kitchens and the best sustainable kitchen manufacturers can be found here

Fashion Forward: These are today's sneaker trends

Due to the growing relevance of the streetwear scene, sneakers have become a status symbol. Here are the top sneaker trends 2020

Organic cotton - the most important facts and the most beautiful brands

Key facts, tips on care, advantages and brands - we present everything you need to know about sustainable organic cotton

News: PANGAIA protects marine ecosystems through “Coral Reef Collection”

 The sustainable label PANGAIA is launching a new collection to draw attention to the threat to coral reefs and actively promote their protection

Unisex from head to toe - these are the brands to watch

Unisex is a movement in tune with the times - away from categorizations and towards flowing boundaries. We show our top labels for unisex clothing

On The Go: 15 sustainable backpacks for every occasion

Sustainable backpacks are functional, environmentally friendly and have style! We show what is important when buying and where the best backpacks are available

News: Y/Project launches sustainable “Evergreen” collection

 Y/Project's “Evergreen” capsule collection consists of the Parisian label's most popular pieces. And produced sustainably to promote environmental protection

Clever cooking: practical & environmentally friendly kitchen helpers

Easier than ever to cook in a health and environmentally friendly way and give the kitchen a modern look. We show sustainable kitchen helpers that make this possible

News: Gucci promotes environmental protection through “Gucci Off The Grid”

Gucci launches sustainable collection made from regenerated ECONYL®, pushing ahead with its 10-year sustainability plan

Detergent without plastic - this is how environmentally friendly washing works

While we clean our laundry, we can pollute the environment properly - we show what is important when choosing detergents

Sustainable phone cases - With us, you are spoiled for choice!

There are stylish cell phone cases everywhere - but also sustainable ones? We show what's important: the best selection for sustainable cell phone cases and all the tips

With organic beer there is a healthy and pure refreshment in summer

In contrast to conventional alternatives, organic beer stands for sustainability in the glass. The ecological refreshment has advantages for the environment and health 

News: PUMA launches sustainable project “Design to Fade”

In collaboration with Living Color and Streamateria, PUMA launches “Design to Fade” and takes an important step towards sustainability with the Biodesign collection 

News: LN-CC x Martine Rose launches sustainable capsule collection

Kick-off of the “Late Night – Conscious Campaign”: LN-CC launches sustainable initiative through zero waste collaboration with London designer Martine Rose

Cruelty-free it-pieces: Vegan belts for men and women

More and more consumers are committed to animal welfare and are calling for vegan accessories. We show functional and stylish must-haves: vegan belts

News: Diesel launches its first upcycling collection

“Diesel Upcycling For 55DSL” is the label’s first upcycling collection. From now on there will be two sustainable collaborations per year  

Green Glam: These are the trendiest ethical make up brands

Slowly but surely, the organic beauty trend has moved from niche to mainstream. We show 5 Green Beauty brands for natural beauty care

Luxury landscape in times of the COVID-XNUMX pandemic - The Next Normal

What is the next normal in the luxury landscape during and after the Corona crisis and how are the trends changing? A big bang for the benefit of agile, digital, sustainable and social business models By expert Julia Riedmeier "Neo Luxury"

News: Kenzo launches lifestyle brand K3 for interior decoration

Kenzo Takdada is celebrating its comeback in the design world with the K3 Lifestyle Brand - instead of fashion, the Japanese star designer is now offering high-quality interiors 

Gen Z calls for new standards for brands in times of COVID-19

To emerge stronger from the crisis, brands have to adapt to Gen Z's wishes. A growing group of buyers in transition is demanding transparency and social values 

News: Burberry launches “ReBurberry” to promote sustainability

New collection presented - the British fashion label promotes sustainability with innovative materials

Modern lamps: the right lighting design for your own four walls

Modern lamps are the icing on the cake of the interior design. The right lighting concept also increases well-being. We show what is important and the most beautiful brands

Nike News: New program to accentuate the sustainable products of the sports fashion giant

One click, all sustainable products at a glance - With this simple function, Nike drives sustainability in the fashion industry

Second hand designer fashion: How to find exclusive designer treasures

Whether Hermés Birkin Bag or Balenciaga Streetstyles - you can sell old designer treasures and find new ones on these platforms for high-end second-hand online shopping - in the context of the circular economy

Top 10 brands for ethical men's clothing

 Get involved socially and for the environment by dressing stylishly and confidently - fair fashion for men makes it possible

Vivienne Westwood - fashion icon and passionate activist

Environmental issues, human rights, climate change - fashion designer Vivienne Westwood has a strong opinion. A look at the blunt activist actions of the British woman

Ethical Home Design - Amazing brands for your home

Ethical Home Design stands for stylish and fair home accessories which are handmade, free of chemicals and from natural raw materials

Top 10 sustainable & ethical fashion brands for women

Doing good in style more stylish than ever - with these brands you dress luxuriously and extravagantly, while protecting the environment and acting socially

Hallstein Water sets new quality standards for drinking water

On occasion of Global World Water Day on March 22, 2020, the founder of Hallstein Water - one the best and most expensive waters worldwide - talks about quality, sustainability and the future of drinking water 

Cosmetics without microplastics - These are the best natural cosmetic brands

Plastic is found in many beauty products these days. We show you how to easily recognize microplastics and cosmetics without microplastics with a glow factor

Clean perfume - Top 8 natural fragrances

It is well known that perfumes seduce the senses - every fragrance tells a story or we associate certain moments with it. Our experts have selected the most sustainable fragrances for you Follow

Capolavoro: A jewelry manufacturer through the ages

In dialogue with the founding family Fritsch: be open to change - a story about tradition and future Premium Partnership

James Oag-Cooper on innovation in the food industry

In dialogue with the co-founder of Hyke Gin - how innovation and creativity are revolutionizing the beverage industry

Sustainable furniture – eco design for your own home

How environmentally friendly is your own home? Sustainable furniture and other important choices - We show you what eco-design is all about 

ZAZI - A story about fashion, craftsmanship & humanity

In dialogue with Jeanne de Kroon, founder of ZAZI - how responsibility and courage can revolutionize the fashion industry

Vanessa Yuan & Joris Vanbriel on designer furniture for children

In dialogue with the founders of EcoBirdy about recycling discarded plastic toys and colorful designer furniture for children

The 10 best denim brands - sexy & sustainable jeans

The denim trend has become an integral part of the fashion world. What few people know is that the manufacture of jeans fabrics has an enormous negative impact on our environment. We show the 10 best brands for sustainable jeans

The British luxury brand Burberry and its sustainable reorientation

The luxury label Burberry becomes part of the Sustainable Luxury Movement: In addition to a fairly produced coat collection, the company wants to produce climate-neutral by 2022

Wall design inspired by historic villas and châteaus

The wall design can give the living space a completely new effect. With its historical colors, Little Greene creates a plague world of styles for your own home

Ronald van der Kemp - Fashion and the art of rarity

We meet Ronald van der Kemp RVDK, the world's first sustainable haute couture label. The brand has made it its mission to show the world that ethical fashion can be glamorous and exciting

New exhibition "Sustainable Thinking" at the Salvatore Ferragamo Museum

The Salvatore Ferragamo Museum of the same name in Florence commemorates the designer's work with photo and work exhibitions. What few people know: Ferragamo was fascinated by the idea of ​​sustainability  

Sustainable sneakers - these brands wear the stars

Sustainable sneakers that are stylish - these are the luxury objects of our time. Many stars already rely on fair trade shoes from Veja, McCartney and Co

Everything you need to know about eco-friendly paint

In addition to the organic colors made purely on a natural basis, there are also increasingly new, environmentally friendly colors from renowned brands. We explain what you have to pay attention to when buying

Ralph Lauren and his strategy for sustainability - "Design the Change"

The luxury house responds to the topic of environmental protection and publishes its Global Citizenship & Sustainability Report on June 12th. Like many other fashion houses, it reveals its sustainability goals

Gucci Equilibrium brings transparency to the next level

The fashion house sets new standards. With its Gucci Equilibrium program, the label shows how transparently and innovatively a company can act in order to achieve its sustainability goals

Meghan Markle and her sustainable style

Since she has been part of the royal family, all eyes have been on Meghan Markle. Especially on their style of clothing. We show the Duchess of Sussex's favorite sustainable brands

Stella McCartney - High & Ethical Fashion

High fashion can be environmentally friendly, elegant and sexy. More and more designers and fashion companies are showing this today. The path to ethical fashion requires rethinking at all levels

Pininfarina's hypercar of the future is called Battista

Pininfarina takes the next step towards an independent car brand and launches the first purely electric luxury hypercar

Groundbreaking changes in the luxury industry

According to Bain & Company, disruptive trends are set to radically change the landscape in the luxury market and create new values

Chopard - 100% ethical gold

  The luxury brand Chopard uses 100 percent ethically sound gold. What is Ethical Gold?

Atelier Swarovski focuses on sustainability

The Oscar winner Penélope Cruz is bringing out a sustainable collection with the traditional Atelier Swarovski

Kelly Slater - his sustainable label Outerknown

Surfer legend Kelly Slater is expanding with his sustainable label Outerknown. The label relies on minimalist designs and innovative fabrics

Sustainable brands: pioneering work for a green future

Sustainable brands stand for environmentally friendly practices in the added value of products, the provision of services and the entire corporate philosophy. We show sustainable brands that are not only environmentally friendly, but also act ethically and holistically. This is how we highlight your positive commitments and enable you to make conscious decisions.

Pioneering practices & innovation

Sustainable brands are actively involved in environmental and animal protection as well as the protection of human dignity. To do this, they promote innovative production processes, for example to discover new materials that make the use of animal products superfluous. The use of renewable energies is a productive measure for climate protection and the careful use of resources as well as much more show that sustainable brands are actively committed to the well-being of our planet.

Positive commitments, high-end goods

Whether fashion, interior, cosmetics, accessories or food & beverage - there are sustainable brands in every industry that position themselves as pioneers in their sector. Find out everything you need to know about responsible brands. In addition, all relevant values, stories and discussions with relevant personalities that drive positive change in the high-end segment.