Today, responsible action has become an integral part of our lives. Go Green is the epitome of this transformation: whether in the architectural or fashion industry, aesthetics does not exclude responsibility. On the contrary: design, beauty and success go hand in hand with our ecological footprint.

Debate about vintage altering: sustainable trend or breaking taboo?

Can you give old designer clothes a new look? A heated discussion has broken out online about vintage altering - we clarify the pros and cons.

Product Sustainability Framework: Criteria for sustainable interior design

Dive into the five assessment categories of the Product Sustainability Framework and understand how it leads to greater sustainability in the world of interior design

Modal fabric – The innovative textile fiber made from beech wood

Modal fabric impresses with its natural origin and versatile application. Compared to other materials, it shows many advantages and disadvantages. Immerse yourself in the world of Modal.

Cleaning stone: The environmentally friendly all-rounder for a clean home

Cleaning made easy: A cleaning stone is suitable for the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Everything about the environmentally friendly all-purpose cleaner and how to use it.

Vegetable brush: Natural cleaning for freshness and health

Everything about vegetable brushes, the key to clean and nutritious vegetable enjoyment

Soap sachets: A guide to foamy washing and gentle exfoliation

Everything about the use, care and production of soap bags: They enable an optimal showering experience and at the same time protect the environment

Upcycling meets high fashion in this capsule collection

The new collaboration between The Outnet and ELV Denim ensures an elegant combination of high-end fashion and sustainability

Nut milk bags: Everything you need to know about homemade nut milk

With homemade nut milk you can get an extra portion of healthy fats and vitamins into your everyday life - find out everything about nut milk bags here

Sustainable bed linen: A green dream for a restful sleep

Benefits, materials and top brands for eco-friendly bedding - from kid-friendly designs to organic certifications

Coachtopia creates transparency with documentary series “The Road to Circularity”

The sub-brand of the company Coach has released a documentary series showcasing the complete manufacturing process of Coachtopia products titled "The Road to Circularity"

Luxury Report 2024: A new definition of luxury

Characterized by short-lived trends, the luxury sector in particular has difficulties following every movement. But which profound developments will dominate the year 2024?

Community Clothing launches a plastic-free sports collection

The Organic Athletic collection combines sustainable and locally produced sportswear which is plastic-free and environmentally friendly

Wrapping gifts sustainably: The best tips for sustainable wrapping paper

Nice gift giving without a guilty conscience? This is possible with sustainable wrapping paper! Discover our ecological designs and give your gifts a special touch.

Amazon reduces returns with AI-powered innovation

In order to counteract the flood of returns of clothing items, the online shipping giant Amazon is introducing AI-supported fit advice

Veganuary 2024: How to make plant-based cooking easy

Vegan January is entering its 11th round this year. Why a vegan diet is suitable for everyone and the ultimate vegan guide to animal-free cooking

Miami Art Basel 2023: A fusion of fashion, web3, sustainability and art

This year, fashion, web3 and sustainability were more central than ever at Art Basel. Some brands were particularly characterized by the merger of these areas

Puma relies on biodegradable innovation with Re:Suede

In 2021, the Puma company started its first project called Re:Suede with its Circular Lab. The experiment about the completely biodegradable shoe is now producing results.

Beautiful looks for rain and snow with sustainable rubber boots

Whether in nature or as an accessory in the city: rubber boots keep your feet dry on rainy days - but are there also sustainable models?

The Circular Republic Festival – circular economy as a focus

The Circular Republic Festival focused in Munich in November on circular economy, expert opinions and innovations

Sustainable baby gifts: environmental awareness for childhood

Sustainable baby gifts are perfect for making parents and babies happy while protecting the environment

Actions with a sustainable perspective: The German Sustainability Award 2023

In addition to companies, buildings, manufacturers and innovations, personalities such as Sebastian Vettel and Zoe Wees received awards for sustainable actions

The sodium-ion battery creates hope for a faster energy transition

Northvolt, together with research partner Altris, is developing a battery that is safer, more cost-effective and more sustainable than conventional batteries

Black Friday Boycott: For the environment & your own wallet

Avoiding consumption instead of buying frenzy. More and more consumers and well-known players are calling for a Black Friday boycott. We'll show you what it's all about

Earthshot Prize 2023: Awards for pioneers of sustainable innovations

Last week, the Earthshot Awards 2023 awarded five companies to support their sustainable innovations.

Sustainable Advent calendar 2023 for an environmentally conscious pre-Christmas period

Sustainable Advent calendars with environmentally conscious gifts are a special joy and attention - discover the top 15 ideas for 2023

Vegan Horsebit bag: Gucci presents the first vegan handbag

The luxury brand Gucci is showing a leather bag made from vegan Demetra for the first time in its Fall/Winter 2024 collection

Christmas window decorations: The 10 best ideas and Inspo 2023

The right decoration for every style. Ten creative ideas for a Christmas window decoration

Sustainable socks: From tennis socks, bright colors to classic black

Learn why sustainable socks are an environmentally conscious choice and how to choose the best options for women, men and children

Winter can come with these brands for sustainable hats

Discover 10 sustainable hat brands that not only make a fashion statement, but also protect the environment

Vegan muffins – The 5 best recipes for enjoyment without regret

No matter whether savory, sweet or fruity, these 5 vegan muffin recipes are always successful and convincing

Make your own vegetable broth: simple recipes and tips

Conventional vegetable broths contain a lot of flavor enhancers, sugar and palm oil - the healthier alternative: make your own vegetable broth

Pouring candles – easy, quick and without any prior knowledge

Discover the world of candle casting - from making sustainable candles to recycling leftover wax

Natural freshness: Why natural cosmetic deodorants are the better choice

With natural cosmetic deodorants you decide for the well-being of your skin and the environment

12 Sustainable Apps: Your contribution to an environmentally friendly future

Meet the 12 best sustainable apps that play a crucial role in creating an eco-friendly future

Leonardo DiCaprio invests in a sustainable watch label

ID Genève is considered a pioneer in the sustainable watch industry. The actor Leonardo DiCaprio is now supporting the luxury label with two million francs.

Natural Retinol: Anti-aging the natural way

Retinol is considered a popular anti-aging product, but how natural is the miracle cure really?

Dishwasher tablets without plastic and harmful chemicals

Find out more about plastic-free dishwasher tablets and how they protect the environment

Sustainable autumn tips: 10 organic swaps

Discover 10 sustainable autumn tips – organic alternatives for everyday life

Algae: The green revolution in the fashion industry

The fashion industry has a new promising resource - seaweed. The sustainable raw material reduces environmental impact and offers fascinating possibilities

Get rid of ants: natural home remedies

Ants are often uninvited guests in houses and apartments. But instead of resorting to chemical weapons, there are environmentally friendly home remedies to get rid of the insects

Rent & rent out everyday objects with a clear conscience? finein makes it possible

Sharing is caring: How fainin works and what advantages the platform offers in terms of sustainability and security Interview with Maximilian Lehmann, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of fainin

Making dandelion honey: A delicious vegan alternative to classic honey

Making dandelion honey: Here's how - A simple way and vegan alternative to classic honey

Make the garden bee-friendly: Here's how!

Bees play a huge role in our ecosystem. With a bee-friendly garden you can protect and support the population of these animals.

Edible flowers: A delicious addition to culinary creations

Discover the fascinating world of edible flowers and enrich your dishes with color and taste

Building a Sustainable Fitness Routine: Tips for Staying Motivated

From activewear to creative exercises to mental wellbeing - these 5 tips will help you create a sustainable fitness routine

The zero waste concept: This is how the green lifestyle works, guaranteed

How the zero waste concept reduces waste, optimizes resources and makes everyday life more sustainable

Eco washing ball: This is how the sustainable washing ball works

Washing without additives: the washing ball is considered an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional detergents

Sustainable gifts for men: the 15 best ideas with style

Sustainable gifts for men: Here you will find the most beautiful ideas for every taste and type of man - unique, long-lasting and fair

Sustainable camping cookware: This is how camping can be even more environmentally friendly

Everything about sustainable camping dishes and the most beautiful products for your next camping trip

Talk with Christine Fehrenbach about holistically sustainable brand concepts

Interview with Christine Fehrenbach about sustainable brand concepts as an opportunity for future-proof positioning and the success of holistic transformation processes

Cleanical Beauty: How Much "Beauty" Can Our Body Take?

A new hype is emerging in the cosmetics industry: cleanical beauty! What is behind it and how sustainable are Cleanical Beauty products?

Contemporary fashion house Ganni becomes B Corp certified

The fashion house gets the B Corp certification due to its commitment to ethics and sustainability

Patagonia Founder Appoints Earth as Sole Shareholder

Yvon Chouinard has donated 100% of his Patagonia brand to charitable foundations to fight climate change

Eco meets innovation: UNStudio presents sustainable office tower

When architecture meets uncompromising social & ecological sustainability - UNStudio launches design for Frankfurt's NION office tower

Club of Rome Salon: Enabling Change in Financial Markets and the Economy

Investing with Impact - Collaboration between Arts & Nature Social Club, Club of Rome Germany and BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt illustrates the opportunities for a sustainable financial system

The top 5 glamping locations - camping close to nature with a comfort factor

Rediscover travel. Find out what makes the glamping trend so attractive and which exclusive places you should not miss.

Natural hair dye: The better choice for Planet & Beauty

Hair coloring without chemical stress? No problem: natural hair dye combines conscious beauty care with environmental and animal protection 

EU adopts “Sustainable Products Initiative” for more circular economy

The European Commission agrees: products must be a new source of raw materials to reduce waste

Bast Fiber Boom: Is Biomaterial the Next Normal in the Design Process?

Eco & slow design are en vogue. But what does sustainable design actually consist of? Everything to do with functional and aesthetic biomaterial

Hype about green enjoyment: know-how and hotspots for vegourments

Everything to do with the great moment of vegetables and the green revolution of the haute cousine - that's behind the made-up word "vegourment"

Planthroposcene Trend - Living in an Urban Jungle

What is Planthroposcene? A plea for nature to move into contemporary interiors for a better quality of life

News: German Design Award 2022 celebrates 10 years of visionary design

On the occasion of the 10th German Design Award 2022, the German Design Council honours the winners and their design innovations in an exhibition at the MAK Frankfurt

Ethical Fashion 101 – A Guide to Conscious Consumption

Look good and feel good: 10 sustainable fashion tips and a guide to make your wardrobe more durable

The Truth About Palm Oil - Harmful to Health & the Environment?

Palm oil is a harmful product for people and the environment, but the problem also offers potential with innovative solutions to make an entire economy more sustainable

Stop Plastic-Pain - With plastic-neutral products for a clean nature

Everything you need to know about plastic waste - from waste incineration to bioplastics to recycling quotas In an interview with Martin Hinteregger, founder of Waste Reduction

Go Veganuary - Meatless campaign turns out more successful than ever

How Veganuary makes vegan nutrition more attractive for the masses and even brings large companies to new dishes

Sustainable Christmas: ideas and resolutions for 2022

How does a sustainable Christmas work? We show you how to do it with simple tips about gifts, feasts and decorations

Top 25 ideas for sustainable Christmas gifts

Discover our favorite picks for sustainable, elegant and timeless Christmas gifts

Capsule Wardrobe: Minimalist wardrobe with form and function

 A minimalist wardrobe combines aesthetics, sustainability and a healthy mindset. As? In 3 steps to the Capsule Wardrobe!

Futurefood Algae: The innovative alternative from the sea

Surprising food alternatives made from algae - In Food Valley, edible solutions are cooked for a sustainable food industry.

News: These are the results of the COP26 climate conference

Between progress and room for improvement: These are the results of the UN climate conference COP26 and its implications for the future

Artificial Christmas tree like real: 7 ideas for alternatives

Creative ideas and alternatives for fir trees and why the real fir tree is less sustainable

News: What we can expect from the COP26 climate conference

This year's UN climate conference COP26 is considered as most crucial for the fight against climate change

New Year's Eve ideas 2024: Glamor and glitter in green

This year it's time to rethink traditions - here are creative ideas for a sustainable New Year's Eve party with the best of intentions

News: Prince William awards the world's first Earthshot Prize

With the Earthshot Prize, Prince William is launching a 10-year plan to restore the health of our planet

How sustainable are investment strategies with ESG investments really?

Why banks invest in climate-damaging projects and whether ESG systems can be the solution

Talk with Allon Libermann: The truth about powder-to-liquid products

“The problem in the care industry is not transparency, but ethics - brands like Forgo have to take responsibility to educate their consumers about sustainability” Interview with Allon Libermann, design manager of From Us With Love and co-founder of Forgo

Buying houseplants online: Indoor greenery for home and office

The green, digital jungle: buy houseplants online without compromising on sustainability

Arizona Muse promotes biodynamics as a future model with the charity “DIRT”.

With “DIRT,” model and environmental activist Arizona Muse has dedicated herself to supporting biodynamic agriculture. She explains what that means in an exclusive interview 

Brand activism: When companies take political opinions

Shaping a new future by using marketing activities to exert political pressure - brand activism as a new strategy for decisive change

Slow Food Movement wants to return to the culture of enjoyment and eating

Through enjoyment to a sustainable food industry - Slow Food strengthens the senses for a responsible food system

Bosco Verticale: Are forest towers the future of sustainable design?

More and more people are drawn to the city and more and more green space has to make room - wooded high-rise buildings should represent a solution to the problem

Sustainable materials - new standards for the textile industry

More and more companies are focusing on sustainable materials, material innovation or preferred fibers and materials

Event: Glocal Changemaking - 202030-The Berlin Fashion Summit

The digital conference is a partner of the Berlin Fashion Week and promotes the transformation to a sustainable fashion industry 

What is recycling? - That's what it's all about and how it works.

Here you will find out what is behind recycling and how you can easily implement it. All the advantages and disadvantages of the recycling cycle

Mobility trends 2022: Changes under the sign of the automotive reset

Mobility Trends 2022: Digitalisation, drive alternatives as well as inclusion and diversification are the focus of mobility trends

Tomás Saraceno x Maison Ruinart: AR Art in the rhythm of nature

Declaration of independence from fossil fuels: Tomás Saraceno's “Movement” installation for Ruinart balances sustainability, art and AR technology

Eco-wakening: The global awakening of sustainable consumption

Sustainable consumption and awareness of the effects of our actions - Eco-Wakening shows how the demand for it is increasing significantly

Large impact on GDP expected by 2050 due to global warming

A loss of up to 18% in global GDP could be recorded by 2050 if global temperatures rise by 3,2°C

News: Drake on the way to climate neutrality with Startup Aspiration

World-famous musician Drake is rising as an investor and collaboration partner at Aspiration, a Los Angeles startup specializing in sustainability and financial services

News: #CelebrateChange in Berlin as part of the Greentech Festival

 Over 100 exhibitors presented their innovative and green inventions for a sustainable future as part of the Greentech Festival

Zero waste sunscreen: This is how natural sun protection works

The skin is our largest organ - it is therefore particularly important to take a closer look when choosing sun protection and to choose sun cream made from natural cosmetics

Food trends 2022 are all about “The New Normal”

Food Trends 2022: A change in consumer behavior towards more sustainability and locality, the e-food movement and everything about post-Covid gastronomy

Sustainable companies setting new standards, but are they also profitable?

These management practices are what make sustainable companies successful - six recommendations for action for successful change

Let's Flip - when the community decides on sustainable flops

Investigative journalism with the integration of the community for a better future - here we explain how the online magazine Flip works

Fast fashion vs. slow fashion marks a shift in the fashion industry

Sustainability is causing a change in the fashion industry - It's a fight called fast fashion vs. slow fashion and here are all trends at a glance

Top 10 size-inclusive brands promote female empowerment

Size-inclusive brands promote self-expression, diversity and even sustainability - here are our top 10 brands for female empowerment

New European Bauhaus: The Green Deal for NextGenEU

The German Design Council is a partner of the “New European Bauhaus” - a creative, interdisciplinary initiative of the European Commission to promote sustainability

Recognise greenwashing and avoid marketing traps

More and more brands are labeling their collections as green and sustainable, but it is not uncommon for them to be just hot air - this is how you can recognize greenwashing

Digital platform connects change makers and supporters worldwide

“As humans, we are so powerful when we come together – it only takes a few hundred people to literally change the world” Interview with Nina Siemiatkowski, Founder Milkywire

News: Climate Protection Act overturned - Germany as a pioneer for Europe

The law passed in 2019 only contains inadequate requirements for reducing emissions after 2030

Biodynamic wine: A question of ethics or taste?

Biodynamic wine follows the cycle of nature and is becoming increasingly popular - Here you can find out why wine is better for people and the environment

Water to go without rubbish - sustainable drinking bottles as cool everyday companions

Trendy and environmentally friendly: Sustainable drinking bottles made of stainless steel, glass and co. Are declaring war on plastic waste

The best food delivery alternatives to order food in your region

Good food or cooking boxes are more popular than ever. Here are the best delivery platforms for ordering food in your region

Dr. Jane Goodall: A woman committed to environmental and animal protection

For International Women's Day 2021 we are showing a portrait of Jane Goodall - the British scientist and activist dedicated her life to environmental and animal protection

Attention veggie lovers: the top list for healthy meat alternatives

We clear up myths and show the real advantages of veggie products - here is the best of for healthy meat alternatives

Learning made easy: The top 10 learning apps for quick success

From languages ​​to meditation to classic brain training: Here are the hottest learning apps to get smarter

Pretty in Green: Top 5 designer labels for vegan handbags

Vegan fashion is the megatrend, but also a challenge, especially in the leather-affine accessories industry - we show our top picks for vegan handbags Follow

Green hair care: Best vegan shampoos and conditioners

Hair care without a guilty conscience and with green power? Here is the list of the top brands for vegan shampoo without animal testing - 100% cruelty-free!

News: Aveda products are now vegan and cruelty-free

All Aveda products are now 100% vegan - High-quality cosmetics that are good for the people, animals and environment

The best brands for stylish hemp jeans and clothing

Hemp is an underrated natural fiber that has found its way into the fashion industry: Here are the benefits for hemp clothing and the best brands for hemp jeans, jackets and more

Book Club: Homes For Our Time

Our book tip of the month shows the most beautiful, most interesting houses worldwide as well as the ingenuity of visionary architects

Reduce environmental impact through a sustainable household routine

Recycle - refill - reuse: an innovative green-tech start-up is rethinking household cleaning with environmentally friendly cleaning tabs In cooperation with Klaeny

Lyocell - Everything about the environmentally friendly material of the future

Wood fiber clothing? Sounds strange - but it's soft, health-friendly and sustainable. Discover everything about the miracle material Lyocell here

Fashion not Freezing: Top Brands for Vegan Winter Boots

A must-have for this winter season: vegan winter boots. Here are the best brands for fashionable vegan boots

Christmas Cocktails: The Best Festive Drinks and Mixology Trends of 2023

Signature Serve Christmas cocktails beautify the cold season - with these fine aromas, comfort, enjoyment and mood arise

News: Vivienne Westwood & Eastpak launch “Save Our Oceans”

In cooperation with Eastpak, fashion icon and environmental activist Vivienne Westwood launched the “Save Our Oceans” collection to promote sustainability 

BrewDog CEO Marcus Thieme on beer that saves the planet

With “Equity For Punks”, the craft beer brand BrewDog is collecting investments for green infrastructure. In an exclusive interview, CEO Marcus Thieme explains how beer can promote nature and climate protection  

The 12 best urban e-bike brands with a design factor for the city

If you want to move around the city effortlessly and in an environmentally friendly way, you should rely on urban e-bikes. We show 12 brands for stylish designer bikes

The best upcycling ideas clothes

Creative upcycling ideas for clothing: Give your wardrobe a sustainable twist, the best DIY tips and much more.

Sustainable packaging: order and ship in an environmentally friendly way

Ordering and sending packages is part of everyday life. However, since this can harm the environment, we show alternatives for sustainable packaging

Zero waste bathroom: oasis of wellbeing in the name of sustainability

Bathrooms are full of beauty and wellness products. However, these can only be really enjoyed if they can be used with a clear conscience. That works in the Zero Waste Bathroom

High-end & sustainable: vintage dresses reflect the modern zeitgeist

A homage to the past: vintage dresses are trendy. Discover essential vintage fashion knowledge and how to get the look

Alexander Taylor launches innovation platform "ATID" for more sustainability

As a platform for research and the development of new materials, Alexander Taylor paves the way for a more sustainable fashion industry with ATID

Greenstyle founder Mirjam Smend on collections in line with the zeitgeist

The fashion industry's principle of “more and more”, “cheaper and cheaper” led to a lost appreciation for fashion. Now a turnaround is required: Let's make eco the new normal

Viva con Agua - The All Profit Organization

Viva con Agua is committed to a world without thirst. In an exclusive interview, co-founder Tobias Rau reveals how it works and how you can be active in times of COVID-XNUMX

Top CSR trends for sustainable corporate development

In 2020, too, the CSR trends will be towards ethics and sustainability. We show which trends will determine the corporate culture of the future

Heimtextil Trends 2021/22: “Nothing New, Everything New”

The international trade fair Heimtextil is a trendsetter as well as trend barometer for the textile industry. 2021 is considered to be the kickstart for a sustainable and digitized future

Vegan en vogue: Top 5 luxury labels for vegan clothing

Be it alternatives to fur or leather - these high-end labels design vegan clothing with a luxurious look, without any animal suffering

The 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and their level of awareness

Awareness of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals is almost 50%. Society predominantly combines sustainability and climate protection with the SDGs, but many other important aspects are hidden behind them

Simple tricks for self-catering in the big city

Self-sufficiency - an environmentally friendly megatrend. We show how the concept also works for self-caterers on the balcony and in the city

This is how a natural nail polish works for organic nails

What harmful substances are hidden in conventional nail polish, what does the "free label" stand for and what are the most beautiful brands for organic nails?

What is organic honey - differences, standards and seals

Organic honey can do a lot more than just sweeten our breakfast - we show how liquid gold promotes environmental protection and what is important when making a selection

Garden design ideas for the perfect late summer

Midsummer is here and with it the desire to spend more time outside. With these garden design ideas, your garden will become an oasis of wellbeing

Organic cotton - the most important facts and the most beautiful brands

Key facts, tips on care, advantages and brands - we present everything you need to know about sustainable organic cotton

Summer cocktail recipes for that holiday feeling in your home garden

Summer is coming: We present refreshing summer cocktail recipes for successful get-togethers on mild summer evenings

On The Go: 15 sustainable backpacks for every occasion

Sustainable backpacks are functional, environmentally friendly and have style! We show what is important when buying and where the best backpacks are available

News: Y/Project launches sustainable “Evergreen” collection

 Y/Project's “Evergreen” capsule collection consists of the Parisian label's most popular pieces. And produced sustainably to promote environmental protection

News: Pink snow causes researchers to worry about climate change

Pink snow in the northern Italian Alps. What sounds like a curiosity is fueling concerns about accelerated glacial melt

Urban gardening ideas increase well-being in everyday life

In 2020, urban gardening ideas became an absolute trend. Natural gardeners promote their fun, well-being and environmental protection

Clever cooking: practical & environmentally friendly kitchen helpers

Easier than ever to cook in a health and environmentally friendly way and give the kitchen a modern look. We show sustainable kitchen helpers that make this possible

News: Gucci promotes environmental protection through “Gucci Off The Grid”

Gucci launches sustainable collection made from regenerated ECONYL®, pushing ahead with its 10-year sustainability plan

Fight against electronic waste: EU wants to extend the right to repair

Repair instead of throwing it away. Because of the huge amount of electronic waste, the EU is now calling for extended repair rights for mobile devices

Detergent without plastic - this is how environmentally friendly washing works

While we clean our laundry, we can pollute the environment properly - we show what is important when choosing detergents

Sustainable phone cases - With us, you are spoiled for choice!

There are stylish cell phone cases everywhere - but also sustainable ones? We show what's important: the best selection for sustainable cell phone cases and all the tips

With organic beer there is a healthy and pure refreshment in summer

In contrast to conventional alternatives, organic beer stands for sustainability in the glass. The ecological refreshment has advantages for the environment and health 

News: PUMA launches sustainable project “Design to Fade”

In collaboration with Living Color and Streamateria, PUMA launches “Design to Fade” and takes an important step towards sustainability with the Biodesign collection 

Are you a global citizen? Find out here!

Cosmopolitanism is one of the megatrends of our time. We'll show you what to look for to become a global citizen

News: LN-CC x Martine Rose launches sustainable capsule collection

Kick-off of the “Late Night – Conscious Campaign”: LN-CC launches sustainable initiative through zero waste collaboration with London designer Martine Rose

Food Trends 2021 - Answers to current needs and changing values

Food trends 2021: what will stay, what will change? An overview of the latest trends and developments in the food and catering industry

Green Glam: These are the trendiest ethical make up brands

Slowly but surely, the organic beauty trend has moved from niche to mainstream. We show 5 Green Beauty brands for natural beauty care

Smart infrastructure and city life - More quality of life through technology

The promise of the Smart City: quality of life, environmental protection & efficiency. We show which challenges have to be solved in a smart way

Plants for a good indoor climate - myth or fact?

The fact that plants improve the indoor climate is controversial - we show what is really true of the myth and how you can guarantee to optimize your well-being with a few green accents

Slow fashion - 20 tips to easily implement the trend

There are no limits to the conscious use of fashion - the best slow fashion tips for more sustainable fashion

World Bee Day: A campaign for species protection, biodiversity and people

World Bee Day aims to raise awareness about protecting bees. We show why species conservation is relevant every day of the year

Renting furniture - now the hype of the metropolises comes to us

Always modernly furnished with the megatrend of renting furniture: Stylish home upgrade at any time. And environmentally friendly

Online Shopping - Pros & Cons for a convenient shopping experience

How sustainable is online shopping? Advantages and disadvantages of digital shopping and ways to simply avoid CO2 emissions when shopping

Nature & art: A centuries-long relationship, evolving from Earth Works to modernity

Artists have always combined nature and art - from land art to modernity, these are the creative approaches

Covid-19: Curse or Blessing for the Retail Sector?

A fictional dispute between our editors, in which two opposing points of view are prepared in an abstract and fact-based manner - pro and con

Clean eating recipes - Here's your 3-day detox plan

Three days are enough to deacidify the body and bring it back into balance. We show you how to do it and suitable clean eating recipes

Nike News: New program to accentuate the sustainable products of the sports fashion giant

One click, all sustainable products at a glance - With this simple function, Nike drives sustainability in the fashion industry

Second hand designer fashion: How to find exclusive designer treasures

Whether Hermés Birkin Bag or Balenciaga Streetstyles - you can sell old designer treasures and find new ones on these platforms for high-end second-hand online shopping - in the context of the circular economy

Top 10 brands for ethical men's clothing

 Get involved socially and for the environment by dressing stylishly and confidently - fair fashion for men makes it possible

Easter decorations made by yourself and from fine natural materials

Decorate and give away for Easter. Modern design ideas that are stylish and durable. Easter decorations are made in-house or come from fine natural materials.

Coronavirus and the environment - Five things the crisis teaches us about climate change

The environmental impact of Coronavirus is controversial. However, it is certain that the pandemic teaches us important insights for dealing with climate change

Ethical Home Design - Amazing brands for your home

Ethical Home Design stands for stylish and fair home accessories which are handmade, free of chemicals and from natural raw materials

Top 10 sustainable & ethical fashion brands for women

Doing good in style more stylish than ever - with these brands you dress luxuriously and extravagantly, while protecting the environment and acting socially

Fit for March with the 10-Step Easy Detox Plan

Spring is approaching - Detox your body easily with our 10-point Easy Detox Plan over the weekend

Green cosmetics - What is behind it?

Clean beauty, vegan, organic or natural cosmetics - these are the differences and these ingredients belong on the no-go list

Preventing forest dieback - Causes and measures everyone can take

Forests must be protected in Germany as well as worldwide. We have known this at the very latest since the forest fires in the Amazon region. Here's what each and everyone of us can do against forest extinction 

Green Tech Gadgets - These are the Top 5 Must Haves in 2020

Whether it's a phone case, tablet holder or a lighting system for the home - Green Tech is on the advance and offers new ideas to combine technology and design

20 tips for conscious living with zero waste and no plastic

Microplastics and plastic avoidance are omnipresent, an issue with an extraordinary impact on our planet. Tips for a life without plastic

Secret escape to … Vienna

The Austrian capital has a lot to offer. From cultural delights to eco-friendly leisure activities - this is our insider tip Vienna

Go green in the bathroom - morning rituals for body and the environment

Welcome to your personal natural body spa: Morning rituals can work wonders in health. We show which daily routines protect our planet and inspire the body

Vegan motivation: Mia from heylilahey explains how the Veganuary challenge is done

Influencer Mia Marjanović is an inspiration for a sustainable lifestyle and a true vegan motivation. Here are her insider tips for vegan beginners

Cosmetics without microplastics - These are the best natural cosmetic brands

Plastic is found in many beauty products these days. We show you how to easily recognize microplastics and cosmetics without microplastics with a glow factor

Clean perfume - Top 8 natural fragrances

It is well known that perfumes seduce the senses - every fragrance tells a story or we associate certain moments with it. Our experts have selected the most sustainable fragrances for you Follow

Living plastic-free - The best tips from Nadine Schubert

With her blog “Live better without plastic”, Nadine Schubert is a German pioneer in plastic-free living. With us, Ms. Schubert gives exclusive tips for at home

Capolavoro: A jewelry manufacturer through the ages

In dialogue with the founding family Fritsch: be open to change - a story about tradition and future Premium Partnership

Neo-ecology - the most important megatrend of our time

Neo-ecology is the megatrend that will shape the 2020st century like no other: environmental awareness is transformed from an individual lifestyle to social movement. Sustainability from the consumption trend to the economic factor

Natascha von Hirschhausen on locally operating & globally networked fashion

In dialogue with Natascha von Hirschhausen, founder of the fashion label of the same name and the designer network Aethic - a pioneer of the German fashion world

Vanessa Yuan & Joris Vanbriel on designer furniture for children

In dialogue with the founders of EcoBirdy about recycling discarded plastic toys and colorful designer furniture for children

Holiday in tiny houses or eco cabins - pure nature in design objects

Find a vacation in a tiny house and get back to nature and concentrate on the essentials. We show the best tiny houses for a very special nature vacation

Green on the go: 20 simple tips for more sustainability in everyday life

We show how easy a conscious life can be. Go Green means every step counts. Help with small changes to the environment and sensitize yourself in the long term

6 sustainable fashion trends transform the fashion industry

The fashion industry must become more sustainable, that's what more and more consumers are demanding. These 6 sustainable fashion trends show how this can be done

Sustainable leather – we show the alternatives from animal to vegan

Leather is a durable and, above all, high-quality material for clothing, shoes, bags and furniture. Production and processing using conventional methods is, however, questionable. We show the alternatives for sustainable leather

International food culture - the 5 best regional markets worldwide

There are many options for fresh ingredients on the regional market. Regional markets around the world are unique experiences that offer insights into the country's eating habits. We show you the best regional markets worldwide

Ethical Gold: About the Responsibility of the Jewelry Industry

The fashion industry is becoming more and more sustainable, but what about the jewelry industry? We show what is hidden behind the term ethical gold and what fair gold mining looks like

The British luxury brand Burberry and its sustainable reorientation

The luxury label Burberry becomes part of the Sustainable Luxury Movement: In addition to a fairly produced coat collection, the company wants to produce climate-neutral by 2022

Star designer Enrico Cinzano on the facets of aesthetics and sustainable design

In dialogue with the Italian star designer Enrico Marone Cinzano - the artful union of design, aesthetics and sustainability 

Amazon forest fire - cause, consequences and what we can do about it

Devastating fires have raged in the Amazonas for days and the drought continues to spread the flames uncontrollable. About a political power struggle and the power of social media

These top athletes are committed to the environment

Sport connects generations, culture and promotes common ground. More and more athletes are aware of their impact on society. We show which top athletes are particularly committed to the environment

Prince Charles and his plea for a sustainable future

The Prince of Wales has been committed to a sustainable future for decades. With various projects and initiatives, Prince Charles supports areas such as finance and the food industry to act responsibly

Wall design inspired by historic villas and châteaus

The wall design can give the living space a completely new effect. With its historical colors, Little Greene creates a plague world of styles for your own home

Ronald van der Kemp - Fashion and the art of rarity

We meet Ronald van der Kemp RVDK, the world's first sustainable haute couture label. The brand has made it its mission to show the world that ethical fashion can be glamorous and exciting

Green Living Interior Design: Here's how to make your modern, chic and green home improvements

Beauty and a sense of responsibility are not mutually exclusive. Green Living stands for stylish furnishings and a conscious lifestyle. With these interior design tips, you can also do it in your own four walls

New Luxury - luxury as an expression of a new and cultivated rebellion

New Luxury - Luxury becomes the expression of a new, cultivated rebellion: Status symbols are charged with ethical added value and sustainable concerns. The luxury market is growing steadily worldwide. But what does luxury mean today?  

Zero Waste Influencer - Our international top 6 and their insider tips

A life without waste - this is what the Zero Waste movement stands for. Even if it sounds almost impossible, everyone can make a contribution and reduce their own waste - and do something good for the environment

The stylist Werner Aisslinger on the modern role of the designer

Werner Aisslinger, one of the largest product designers in Germany, tells us in private about future trends, the transformation of the designer and what beauty and aesthetics mean to him

Ralph Lauren and his strategy for sustainability - "Design the Change"

The luxury house responds to the topic of environmental protection and publishes its Global Citizenship & Sustainability Report on June 12th. Like many other fashion houses, it reveals its sustainability goals

Gucci Equilibrium brings transparency to the next level

The fashion house sets new standards. With its Gucci Equilibrium program, the label shows how transparently and innovatively a company can act in order to achieve its sustainability goals

Pininfarina's hypercar of the future is called Battista

Pininfarina takes the next step towards an independent car brand and launches the first purely electric luxury hypercar

Why there is a lack of motivation for environmental protection

Despite the often communicated real threat of climate change, many people hesitate to act. But why do we lack self-motivation?  

The water guide - save water in the cycle of the earth

Wasting water is a major challenge in the age of climate change. In the water guide we show what that means and how you can easily save water in everyday life

Morning rituals for more success in everyday life

Increased productivity, inner peace and clear structures accompany people with regular morning rituals through a successful working day

8 strategies for more mental strength

Successful people have one thing in common: inner strength. Mental strength and resilience are essential for our well-being and success

Happy at Work - 3 steps to work-life balance

Happiness is a necessity for leisure and work. How to overcome this myth in three steps and achieve a good work-life balance

Wherever you go, go green!

Interior and fashion go green! We show how the architecture, interior and fashion industries combine functionality, design and sustainability. Our Go Green cosmos highlights current living and fashion trends as well as timeless tips on the art of dressing fairly and furnishing sustainably in order to integrate the Go Green movement into your lifestyle.

Green looks good!

Go Green is more than just a trend. It's about a philosophy of life. And here we show that there is no waiver nowadays. Brands for products and services that act in a climate-neutral and holistic, environmentally friendly way not only produce under the uncompromising claim of sustainability. More and more high-end brands show that sustainability goes hand in hand with design, aesthetics and functionality. That quality is guaranteed through sustainable production, since limited productions guarantee craftsmanship and attention to detail, while the use of natural materials is more gentle on health.

Expert tips: This is how Go Green works

Also interviews with visionary personalities who have perfected the Go Green lifestyle. Inspiration, tips and tricks make it easy for you to act green yourself. Give your own home a stylish and sustainable upgrade. There is no question that Go Green brings together design, quality, aesthetics and sustainability in architecture, interior and fashion.