Processing waste products into new materials - this is the art of recycling. We present trends such as zero waste and the reduction of plastic and packaging or their reuse.

Sustainable Celebrity Brands: 10 celebrity brands with impact

From the red carpet to the green lifestyle: These 10 sustainable celebrity brands prove that ethics and aesthetics don't have to be opposites

Flexible, functional, fashionable: Adjustable sizing sets new fashion standards

One size fits all! We explain why adjustable sizing should be the new norm for sustainability and show our top 10 brands for variable fits

Green, smart and sustainable: 20 effective climate protection tips for at home

Living in an environmentally friendly way is not as complicated as you think! Here we show you 20 clever climate protection tips for your home that will help you sustainably reduce your ecological footprint

Sustainable iPhone cases: protection for our cell phones and our planet

The Conscious Choice: Sustainable iPhone cases protect our smartphone and the environment from damage. Here we have curated the best sustainable brands for you

Sustainable wallets: How to store your money with style and sustainability

We reveal what you should pay attention to when choosing a sustainable wallet and which brands you can invest in with a clear conscience

Corn as a raw material for environmentally friendly construction

The corn plant is one of the most widely grown crops worldwide. But can it also revolutionize the construction industry?

Sustainable suitcases: Travel environmentally consciously with these brands

A selection of suitcases, travel bags and hand luggage that are not only stylish but also sustainable

Coachtopia creates transparency with documentary series “The Road to Circularity”

The sub-brand of the company Coach has released a documentary series showcasing the complete manufacturing process of Coachtopia products titled "The Road to Circularity"

How a designer is redefining the circular economy

“Repurpose” extends the life cycle of garments and sets new standards for sustainable practices. Find out all about Oliver Spencer's latest launch

The best tips for a zero-waste renovation

Transforming a space without creating waste can be challenging. We show the best tips for a zero-waste renovation

12 Sustainable Apps: Your contribution to an environmentally friendly future

Meet the 12 best sustainable apps that play a crucial role in creating an eco-friendly future

Sustainable autumn tips: 10 organic swaps

Discover 10 sustainable autumn tips – organic alternatives for everyday life

Vintage furniture: timeless, high quality and sustainable

Discover the vintage trend, real vintage furniture and its advantages for sustainability, quality and style

Circular Furniture: 8 furniture designs made from circular materials

Circular Furniture is the future of eco-friendly design - We show unique pieces of furniture made from circular materials


Alchemy, 100% natural, beauty care with gold & silver


High & Fair Jewellery, Recycled Precious Metals, Handmade in Germany

The zero waste concept: This is how the green lifestyle works, guaranteed

How the zero waste concept reduces waste, optimizes resources and makes everyday life more sustainable

Sustainability and innovation dominate Milan Design Week

Salone del Mobile.Milano 2023 shows how creative design and sustainability can stand side by side on an equal footing

Digital Passport - the tool for more transparency in the fashion industry?

The Digital Passport is intended to create transparency and empowerment and promote the circular economy - that's what the buzzword is about

Why the Oscars 2023 revolved around sustainability

The awarding of the Oscars was increasingly in the spirit of sustainability - and is therefore considered a pioneer for events in the sense of New Luxury

Hydrogen Utopia and Ethical Fashion Group turn fashion into energy

How EFG and HUI aim to find a fashion pollution solution by converting fashion waste into hydrogen

Tencel fabric Disadvantages and advantages of the innovative trend fiber

Gentle on the skin, biodegradable and a luxurious shine - find out all the advantages and disadvantages of the trend fiber Tencel here

Nona Source – Repurpose model for deadstock accelerates circularity in fashion

Marie Falguera on the resale of deadstock items from exclusive fashion houses as a solution to the fashion industry's waste problem

Sustainable logos: The new status symbol of conscious fashion brands

More and more brands are modifying their brand symbols and launching sustainable logos as an expression of their commitment - but what does that mean?

Sustainable Swimwear: Brands and Facts for Fair Beach Vibes

Whether bikini or swimsuit - it doesn't matter. Everything is allowed this summer when it comes to swimwear. The main thing is sustainable swimwear

The Fontenay Lakeside Luxury

Sustainability in the hotel industry - expression of an exclusive lifestyle Partnership Content

News: Gucci x Ellen MacArthur Foundation for a circular fashion industry

Gucci is collaborating with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to extend its commitment to circular economy

Re-Creation Program: Nike's new experiment in circular fashion

New products made from local vintage and dead-stock pieces aim to advance the circular vision

Kelp Collection: 3D print design innovation made from recycled fishing nets

The Swedish design studio Interesting Times Gang launches trendsetting Kelp Collection, which combines 3D printing with recycling

EU adopts “Sustainable Products Initiative” for more circular economy

The European Commission agrees: products must be a new source of raw materials to reduce waste

How the Fashion Taskforce enables sustainable change in fashion

The Fashion Taskforce is launching a digital ID that has the potential to offer consumers transparency and sustainability in fashion

Naturally beautiful hair: everything to do with biodegradable shampoo

At the intersection of beauty and protection - biodegradable shampoo enables a daily contribution to environmental protection

How sustainable are Take Back and Fashion Recycling really?

More and more brands are becoming more circular and are taking back used clothing. But how sustainable are the Take Back programs really?

Fashion Week Highlights – Sustainability Recap

New York, London, Milan, Paris - and Copenhagen. Everything about the Fashion Weeks and what the Big Four can learn from the CPHFW in terms of sustainability

Stop Plastic-Pain - With plastic-neutral products for a clean nature

Everything you need to know about plastic waste - from waste incineration to bioplastics to recycling quotas In an interview with Martin Hinteregger, founder of Waste Reduction

Circular Beauty - This is how zero waste cosmetics work

The beauty industry is also addressing the great challenge of becoming circular with zero waste cosmetics

Sustainable Christmas: ideas and resolutions for 2022

How does a sustainable Christmas work? We show you how to do it with simple tips about gifts, feasts and decorations

Refill solutions are revolutionizing the cosmetics industry

“Reduce, reuse, refill” aims to solve the packaging problem of beauty products

Eco Lingerie - The 10 most beautiful brands for sustainable underwear

 Ethical fashion also includes sustainable underwear - whether elegant and simple or sexy and playful, here are the most beautiful brands

New Year's Eve ideas 2024: Glamor and glitter in green

This year it's time to rethink traditions - here are creative ideas for a sustainable New Year's Eve party with the best of intentions

News: Sportswear collaboration with resale program “Choose to Give Back”

Together with the second-hand platform thredUP, adidas has launched a circular initiative: “Choose to Give Back”

Why the fashion supply chain needs a clear reset

Complex and non-transparent supply chains are currently the greatest challenge facing the fashion industry - solutions require new standards and innovation

Sustainable materials - new standards for the textile industry

More and more companies are focusing on sustainable materials, material innovation or preferred fibers and materials

What is recycling? - That's what it's all about and how it works.

Here you will find out what is behind recycling and how you can easily implement it. All the advantages and disadvantages of the recycling cycle

How digital disruption can promote sustainability

Digitization as a solution for a future-proof luxury model - these are the game changers in the industry

News: Pangaia uses material innovation against food waste

Using fruit leaves for textile innovation and creating new resources from waste

News: Bentley switches to sustainable leather

Automobile manufacturer becomes the first member of the Leather Working Group

Natural make-up set: 5 tips for the minimalist look

A natural make-up set for more natural beauty - these 5 steps lead to the perfect minimalist look 

Très Chic: Vegan dress shoes for women and men

No more sneakers - elegant shoes for all styles without animal suffering and with an ethical supply chain? Here are the most beautiful brands for vegan shoes for women and men

News: Evian (re)new perceptible water bubble designed by Virgil Abloh

Less plastic, more design. Once again Evian and Virgil Abloh have redesigned the future of sustainable water consumption. Read everything about the Evian (re)new here

Zero waste sunscreen: This is how natural sun protection works

The skin is our largest organ - it is therefore particularly important to take a closer look when choosing sun protection and to choose sun cream made from natural cosmetics

Can future material innovations solve sustainability issues?

In order for sustainable companies to have a major impact on the market, the scalability of sustainable fabrics is necessary. But at the moment the supply chains are not aligned for this. By Christopher Snyder, Material Design Expert

Agile folding stool for the New Work Lifestyle

TAKEoSEAT In partnership with Iconic Awards: Innovative Interior Foldable stool made of PET felt meets the requirements of modern life and is the winner of the Iconic Award: Innovative Interior 2021 Design Story Designer Klöber GmbH Winner Product TAKEoSEAT - Foldable Stool Design Feature Simple, light, agile

Top 10 size-inclusive brands promote female empowerment

Size-inclusive brands promote self-expression, diversity and even sustainability - here are our top 10 brands for female empowerment

Wallpaper without seam and reusable

WALLSTOXX In partnership with the German Design Award Seamless, made-to-measure wallpaper without rubbish: Wallstoxx is the first reusable One Piece wallpaper made from recycled materials - Winner of the German Design Award and Iconic Award: Innovative Interior 2021 Design Story Designer Brainstoxx GmbH Winner Product Wallstoxx - The Revolution One Piece Wallpaper Design Feature One Piece without […]

News: IWC launches TimberTex, a sustainable leather alternative

The Swiss watch manufacturer joins brands like Hermès and Adidas and develops watch straps made from sustainable leather alternatives

Sustainable organic cashmere wool: Noble natural fiber, ethical and valuable

Hardly any other natural material is as soft and fine as the coveted cashmere. But there is sustainable cashmere and what does organic cashmere wool mean?

This modular sofa adapts to everyday life

Noah Living In Partnership with German Design Award Noah Living relies on form & functionality - With its modular sofa, the company wins the German Design Award and Iconic Award: Innovative Interior 2021 Design Story Designer Noah Living GmbH Winner Product The modular sofa design Feature Functional, flexible , simply

These luxury e-cars will mark the new e-volution in 2021

These luxury electric cars set new standards in terms of design, technology and comfort - the best models in 2021

News: Prada signs ninety million-euro sustainability linked loan

Prada signs a million-euro loan to enforce sustainability as part of a company-wide sustainability strategy

Modern chair made of ocean plastic

Wehlers In partnership with Iconic Awards: Innovative interior furniture for a good cause: This is what Wehlers Design would like to achieve with furniture made from recycled materials. With its RUM chair, the company wins the Iconic Award 2021: Innovative Interior. Design Story Designer CF Møller Design Winner Product RUM Dining Chair Design Feature Modern, filigree, contemporary

Smile Plastics - Inspirational designs made of recycled plastics

With their innovative recycled materials, the duo of Smile Plastics inspires designers and architects worldwide In an interview with Adam Fairweather and Rosalie McMillan

News: Evian x Virgil Abloh to continue their sustainable commitments

Evian x Virgil Abloh stands for sustainable & innovative design as well as creative projects with a positive impact. In 2021, the duo will launch their first recycled plastic bottle

Technology trends 2021 will accelerate the digital evolution

These ten technology trends 2021 will change our future, according to Bain & Company

News: Armani sends a strong message with its R-EA capsule collection

Under the motto 100% sustainable, 100% stylish, the Armani fashion group is now also devoting itself to sustainability

The best brands for stylish hemp jeans and clothing

Hemp is an underrated natural fiber that has found its way into the fashion industry: Here are the benefits for hemp clothing and the best brands for hemp jeans, jackets and more

Reduce environmental impact through a sustainable household routine

Recycle - refill - reuse: an innovative green-tech start-up is rethinking household cleaning with environmentally friendly cleaning tabs In cooperation with Klaeny

Lyocell - Everything about the environmentally friendly material of the future

Wood fiber clothing? Sounds strange - but it's soft, health-friendly and sustainable. Discover everything about the miracle material Lyocell here

News: Tom Ford launches the world's first 100% recyclable luxury watch

With the Tom Ford Ocean Plastic Watch, the high-end designer launches the first 100% recyclable premium watch made from marine plastic

News: Moncler launches Born to Protect Sustainability Plan

Fashion for the future. Moncler has expanded its mission in the name of sustainability and is launching a specific plan to protect the environment and people. Born to Protect represents a new era in the fashion industry

Fashion not Freezing: Top Brands for Vegan Winter Boots

A must-have for this winter season: vegan winter boots. Here are the best brands for fashionable vegan boots

News: Vivienne Westwood & Eastpak launch “Save Our Oceans”

In cooperation with Eastpak, fashion icon and environmental activist Vivienne Westwood launched the “Save Our Oceans” collection to promote sustainability 

BrewDog CEO Marcus Thieme on beer that saves the planet

With “Equity For Punks”, the craft beer brand BrewDog is collecting investments for green infrastructure. In an exclusive interview, CEO Marcus Thieme explains how beer can promote nature and climate protection  

The best upcycling ideas clothes

Creative upcycling ideas for clothing: Give your wardrobe a sustainable twist, the best DIY tips and much more.

Sustainable packaging: order and ship in an environmentally friendly way

Ordering and sending packages is part of everyday life. However, since this can harm the environment, we show alternatives for sustainable packaging

Heimtextil Trends 2021/22: “Nothing New, Everything New”

The international trade fair Heimtextil is a trendsetter as well as trend barometer for the textile industry. 2021 is considered to be the kickstart for a sustainable and digitized future

Cradle to Cradle founder Braungart on products without a guilty conscience

Cradle to Cradle calls for a revolutionary innovation in our products in terms of design, production, use and return. The result is a world without rubbish. Interview with Prof. Dr Michael Braungart

Kitchen trends 2021 - this is how a stylish kitchen upgrade works

All kitchen trends 2021 in terms of things, color, concept and style. Smart kitchen helpers for modern kitchens and the best sustainable kitchen manufacturers can be found here

Clever cooking: practical & environmentally friendly kitchen helpers

Easier than ever to cook in a health and environmentally friendly way and give the kitchen a modern look. We show sustainable kitchen helpers that make this possible

Plastic Free July: A campaign month with everyday relevance

In order to protect the environment, Plastic Free July promotes the conscious use of (single-use) plastic. Take on the global challenge!

Fight against electronic waste: EU wants to extend the right to repair

Repair instead of throwing it away. Because of the huge amount of electronic waste, the EU is now calling for extended repair rights for mobile devices

Sustainable phone cases - With us, you are spoiled for choice!

There are stylish cell phone cases everywhere - but also sustainable ones? We show what's important: the best selection for sustainable cell phone cases and all the tips

News: Diesel launches its first upcycling collection

“Diesel Upcycling For 55DSL” is the label’s first upcycling collection. From now on there will be two sustainable collaborations per year  

Slow fashion - 20 tips to easily implement the trend

There are no limits to the conscious use of fashion - the best slow fashion tips for more sustainable fashion

Nature & art: A centuries-long relationship, evolving from Earth Works to modernity

Artists have always combined nature and art - from land art to modernity, these are the creative approaches

Second hand designer fashion: How to find exclusive designer treasures

Whether Hermés Birkin Bag or Balenciaga Streetstyles - you can sell old designer treasures and find new ones on these platforms for high-end second-hand online shopping - in the context of the circular economy

Top 10 brands for ethical men's clothing

 Get involved socially and for the environment by dressing stylishly and confidently - fair fashion for men makes it possible

Sustainability #1 - Fashion Megatrend 2020

The study “The State of Fashion” shows the fashion megatrend 2020 “Sustainability #1”: The growing need of consumers for more sustainable products – even in times of the Black Swan Event

Top 10 sustainable & ethical fashion brands for women

Doing good in style more stylish than ever - with these brands you dress luxuriously and extravagantly, while protecting the environment and acting socially

20 tips for conscious living with zero waste and no plastic

Microplastics and plastic avoidance are omnipresent, an issue with an extraordinary impact on our planet. Tips for a life without plastic

Cosmetics without microplastics - These are the best natural cosmetic brands

Plastic is found in many beauty products these days. We show you how to easily recognize microplastics and cosmetics without microplastics with a glow factor

Living plastic-free - The best tips from Nadine Schubert

With her blog “Live better without plastic”, Nadine Schubert is a German pioneer in plastic-free living. With us, Ms. Schubert gives exclusive tips for at home

Capolavoro: A jewelry manufacturer through the ages

In dialogue with the founding family Fritsch: be open to change - a story about tradition and future Premium Partnership

Design studio Mandalaki on innovation, digitization & tradition as a legacy 

Whether concept car made of 80% recycled plastic or a micro-home, the Milan design studio Mandalaki is on the pulse of the times

Natascha von Hirschhausen on locally operating & globally networked fashion

In dialogue with Natascha von Hirschhausen, founder of the fashion label of the same name and the designer network Aethic - a pioneer of the German fashion world

New Heritage - Put an end to the throw-away mentality

We want products for eternity. Things that are so well done that we can still pass them on to our grandchildren

Terrazzo - the designer scene's favorite for La Dolce Vita

Terrazzo as new star of the international design scene. The colorful flooring exudes Mediterranean flair, lightness and elegance. Get to know the zero-emission eye-catcher

Sustainable leather – we show the alternatives from animal to vegan

Leather is a durable and, above all, high-quality material for clothing, shoes, bags and furniture. Production and processing using conventional methods is, however, questionable. We show the alternatives for sustainable leather

Ethical Gold: About the Responsibility of the Jewelry Industry

The fashion industry is becoming more and more sustainable, but what about the jewelry industry? We show what is hidden behind the term ethical gold and what fair gold mining looks like

Star designer Enrico Cinzano on the facets of aesthetics and sustainable design

In dialogue with the Italian star designer Enrico Marone Cinzano - the artful union of design, aesthetics and sustainability 

These top athletes are committed to the environment

Sport connects generations, culture and promotes common ground. More and more athletes are aware of their impact on society. We show which top athletes are particularly committed to the environment

Circular economy - a concept from nature secures our future

Circular economy is currently the most sought-after concept for a sustainable future. About a concept that brings together continued prosperity and the preservation of resources

Zero Waste Influencer - Our international top 6 and their insider tips

A life without waste - this is what the Zero Waste movement stands for. Even if it sounds almost impossible, everyone can make a contribution and reduce their own waste - and do something good for the environment

Recycling & Upcycling: how it's done and what you can do to support

Recycling plastic is just as important in industry as it is in private households. More and more people even want to live plastic-free. The facets of recycling and what brands make of it

Stella McCartney - High & Ethical Fashion

High fashion can be environmentally friendly, elegant and sexy. More and more designers and fashion companies are showing this today. The path to ethical fashion requires rethinking at all levels

Infographic: The 5 ultimate climate protection tips

Not only politics is in demand. With a few simple tricks, everyone can do something to protect the climate at home and in everyday life

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

While recycling is not a new term, many lack the know-how, reprocessing and reuse of their waste to create new products and ideas to implement in everyday life. This is not difficult at all: Many brands integrate recycling into their production processes in order to conserve resources and even small tricks make it easier to recycle personally in everyday life. We show which purchase decisions as well as everyday hacks can easily promote the concept.

Know-how for more conscious consumption

Whether interior design, fashion design or cosmetics - more and more brands are using waste products and their own production waste in the manufacturing process. For example, fashion designers use scraps of fabric to create new items of clothing, while the cosmetics industry is increasingly turning to recycled packaging. As this saves valuable resources and CO2 emissions can be reduced, it means the decision to purchase a recycled product while at the same time actively pursuing environmental protection. On the part of companies and consumers. As a part of corporate philosophy, recycling promotes sustainable, conscious consumption.

In vogue: luxury objects made from recycled materials

To highlight brands that drive positive change through recycling, we are showing innovative business models. Be it recycled fashion collections from well-known high-end designers or tech gadgets. Recycling affects every industry, which is why we present exclusive, high-quality and modern products that were manufactured in the context of the environmentally friendly concept.

Creative recycling ideas

Recycling can also be carried out simply but effectively in your own household. The concept finds its way into your own four walls with ease thanks to waste separation and DIY projects such as making decorations or recycling old clothes.

We show creative ideas for recycling as a source of inspiration as well as tips that can drastically reduce your daily waste every day. Whether shopping, cooking or in the bathroom - almost all everyday activities hide an opportunity to recycle and live sustainably through small changes. We offer tricks and expert interviews as a guide for implementation. These make it easy to reduce waste and learn how to reuse and reuse it.

Turn old into new: Tips for a sustainable future

Recycling is linked to a multitude of megatrends that are committed to protecting the environment. For example, due to its reduction in waste, it is closely linked to the zero waste concept and is in the spirit of the circular economy. We show current knowledge about these innovative future concepts and their practical implementation here.