New Luxury stands for the stories behind things. This modern luxury is no longer defined solely by a high price, but rather it is about the actual added value of a product. New Luxury buyers form intellectual & emotional bonds with the selected brands. We show which companies follow this approach.

Sustainable garden furniture: Top 5 brands and trends for 2024

Off to the green! Just in time for the start of the open-air season, we reveal the most important new outdoor furniture trends and introduce the best brands for sustainable garden furniture

Living vegan: This is how ethical interior design works

How can you live stylishly and vegan? We present the best tips and the top brands for furnishings that are chic and cruelty-free at the same time

Waste to Value: Recycling furniture gives old materials a new purpose

Whether made from used children's toys, coffee leftovers or orange peels - recycled furniture combines creativity with sustainability and functionality. Here we introduce you to all the benefits and the best brands

Debate about vintage altering: sustainable trend or breaking taboo?

Can you give old designer clothes a new look? A heated discussion has broken out online about vintage altering - we clarify the pros and cons.

Priorities, myths and realities of AI in the luxury sector

Experts from the Luxury Institute shed light on the most important applications, expectations and myths surrounding AI in the luxury sector By Expert Milton Pedraza “Luxury Institute”

Luxury Report 2024: A new definition of luxury

Characterized by short-lived trends, the luxury sector in particular has difficulties following every movement. But which profound developments will dominate the year 2024?

Miami Art Basel 2023: A fusion of fashion, web3, sustainability and art

This year, fashion, web3 and sustainability were more central than ever at Art Basel. Some brands were particularly characterized by the merger of these areas

Pharrell Williams' Millionaire Speedy Bag – Can Loud Luxury be sustainable?

 The Millionaire Speedy Bag – in the debate about Quiet Luxury and Logomania it raises questions about sustainability

Vegan Horsebit bag: Gucci presents the first vegan handbag

The luxury brand Gucci is showing a leather bag made from vegan Demetra for the first time in its Fall/Winter 2024 collection

Leonardo DiCaprio invests in a sustainable watch label

ID Genève is considered a pioneer in the sustainable watch industry. The actor Leonardo DiCaprio is now supporting the luxury label with two million francs.

Verena von Eschenbach: Kashmir's values ​​and ethics in a new perspective

Verena von Eschenbach opens the doors to her production in Mongolia and reveals why her brand has to work specifically to offer not only aesthetic but also authentic cashmere. Interview with Verena Ebner von Eschenbach, founder Verena von Eschenbach

Jewelry designer Elina Sternenfeld on the development of the diamond industry

Are lab diamonds the more sustainable alternatives? Interview with Elina Sternenfeld, founder of Sternenfeld

Repurpose: 6 brands that turn supposed waste into luxury

When waste becomes valuable resources - these brands close the cycle and transform old objects into sustainable luxury items

Copenhagen Fashion Week 2023: From Sustainability to AI Pioneer?

The buzz topics of Copenhagen Fashion Week 2023: sustainability - of course - and AI. What the fashion industry can learn from this  


Alchemy, 100% natural, beauty care with gold & silver


High & Fair Jewellery, Recycled Precious Metals, Handmade in Germany

Sustainable sunglasses: The fashion statement for 2023

2023 is not only about stylish, but also about sustainable sunglasses: These materials, models and brands are experiencing a boom  

Jewelry with responsibility: These labels stand for values

Sustainable jewelry not only gives your outfits a final touch, they also represent ethical and ecological values.

About beauty care that combines sustainability, spirituality and luxury

Talking to Julius Eulberg: Founder of Julisis, pioneer of clean beauty and alchemist for a natural & healthy glow Interview with Julius Eulberg, founder of Julisis

Soft luxury tourism in Italy: This is the place to be

Where classic Italian opulence meets the sustainable awareness of tomorrow: Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria in Sorrento

Beabond: Jewellery that protects rather than transcends planetary boundaries

Beabond founder Ferelith Moltke on traceable diamonds, living handicrafts and jewelry for the protection of nature and animals Interview with Ferelith Moltke, founder of Beabond

LIV Botanics

100% Lab Diamonds, Recycled Gold, Recycled Packaging

About the new generation of fine jewelery - luxurious & sustainable

Talking to Helge Maren Hauptmann - the founder of the first German B Corp certified jewelery brand Maren Jewelery Interview with Helge Maren Hauptmann, founder of Maren Jewellery

5 Questions for Right Direction Founder Jelizaveta Hagleitner

Exclusive insights and impulses about phygital fashion - fashion at the interface of the physical and digital world Interview with Jelizaveta Hagleitner, founder & CEO of Right Direction

When jewelery becomes an expression of modern values ​​and lifestyle

Avenida Santiago founder Roland Knipfer on fair jewelery as a sustainable and ethical step in the evolution of the jewelery industry Interview with Roland Knipfer, founder of Avenida Santiago

Quiet Luxury: Classic look or discreet consumer hype?

The quiet luxury phenomenon is causing a stir and is being hyped as the next big trend, but not everyone is jumping on the bandwagon

Natural facial toners: Essentials of a sustainable care routine

Natural facial toners are the clean beauty hack for beautiful & healthy skin. Green trend or relevant mainstream development?  

Sustainable fashion: Timeless & limited collections redefine value

New impulses: How Liapure Design Studio meets modern demands for sustainable fashion, quality and luxury with timeless essentials

Digital Passport - the tool for more transparency in the fashion industry?

The Digital Passport is intended to create transparency and empowerment and promote the circular economy - that's what the buzzword is about

Why the Oscars 2023 revolved around sustainability

The awarding of the Oscars was increasingly in the spirit of sustainability - and is therefore considered a pioneer for events in the sense of New Luxury

Historic UN High Seas Agreement adopted

The UN's International High Seas Convention aims to protect pollution and loss of biodiversity

News: Gucci & Kering advance circular fashion with Circular Hub

The Circular Hub aims to drive innovation and create synergies to accelerate the circular transformation of luxury fashion

News: Chloé and Vestiaire Collective launch digital product ID

How Chloé Vertical wants to revolutionize the traceability, transparency and circularity of fashion with the help of a digital ID

News: CPHFW 2023 tightens sustainable guidelines

How the CPHFW 2023 anchors sustainability in the DNA of fashion labels and the entire fashion ecosystem in the long term

New Norms: What crises and digitization mean for luxury brands

Sustainability, Metaverse and Web 3.0 determine the reinvention of the luxury industry - Simon Owen on trend-setting synergies Interview Simon Owen, Partner & CEO of Anomaly Berlin

Nona Source – Repurpose model for deadstock accelerates circularity in fashion

Marie Falguera on the resale of deadstock items from exclusive fashion houses as a solution to the fashion industry's waste problem

Milan Fashion Week closes with the CNMI Sustainable Fashion Awards

Milan Fashion Week ended with a clear statement for sustainability: the presentation of the CNMI Sustainable Fashion Awards

Vogue Next: The future is built on sustainability & inclusion

All the highlights and trend-setting trends of the VOGUE NEXT conference on ecologically and socially sustainable development

Can exotic leather follow the real fur phenomenon?

Many companies have already decided against using exotic animal skins, but why is it so little talked about?

News: Stella McCartney launches sustainable beauty care

Fashion brands like Stella McCartney are entering the ever-growing and highly competitive beauty industry 

CPHFW News: Copenhagen Fashion Week announces fur ban

Copenhagen Fashion Week complements its sustainable commitment with animal welfare - fur no longer has a place in the Danish fashion world

The Fontenay Lakeside Luxury

Sustainability in the hotel industry - expression of an exclusive lifestyle Partnership Content

News: Gucci x Ellen MacArthur Foundation for a circular fashion industry

Gucci is collaborating with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to extend its commitment to circular economy

The Dematerialised and Lukso Co-Founder on the New Creative Economy

The marketplace for digital fashion NFTs and the blockchain technology behind them are challenging the traditional fashion industry In an interview with Marjorie Hernandez, co-founder The Dematerialised and Lukso

Contemporary fashion platform NJAL breaks with old conventions

NJAL founder Stefan Siegel about the problem of the fashion system, his Zalando partnership and the future of fashion In an interview with Stefan Siegel, founder of Not Just A Label

How the Fashion Taskforce enables sustainable change in fashion

The Fashion Taskforce is launching a digital ID that has the potential to offer consumers transparency and sustainability in fashion

Veja x Marni: sneakers at the intersection of sustainability and creativity

High-fashion upgrade for Veja - Veja x Marni launches sustainable sneaker collaboration as a symbol of new luxury

Resale platform unites circular fashion and new luxury

How the Managed Marketplace for pre-loved designer fashion offers sustainable answers and solutions for consumption In an interview with Cécile Wickmann, founder Rebelle

Brunello Cucinelli's 10 guiding principles of humanistic capitalism

Much more than just cashmere, but cultural sustainability - that's behind the values ​​of the icon

Fashion Week Highlights – Sustainability Recap

New York, London, Milan, Paris - and Copenhagen. Everything about the Fashion Weeks and what the Big Four can learn from the CPHFW in terms of sustainability

News: Moncler goes fur-free as part of its sustainability agenda

Moncler announces to phase out fur in all of its collections, as part of its Born to Protect sustainability agenda

Historic $ 7.3 billion turnover for the auction house

Sotheby's not only set new monetary standards in 2021 - sustainability, digitization and values ​​promise success in 2022

Luxury lodge offers unique diversity in South Africa's nature reserve

Grootbos unites nature, animals and people through tourism and sustainability Interview with Michael Lutzeyer, founder of Grootbos Private Nature Reserve

Top 25 ideas for sustainable Christmas gifts

Discover our favorite picks for sustainable, elegant and timeless Christmas gifts

News: Winners of the German Design Award 2022 prove innovative eco design

For the anniversary, the winners of the German Design Award 2022 show innovation, sustainability & aesthetics with pioneering projects

A club opens up new perspectives through creativity, innovation and collaboration

Together with art, science and entrepreneurship, “lobbying for nature.” In an interview with Johann Haehling von Lanzenauer, founder of the Arts & Nature Social Club

Complex and savvy: This is the potential of Gen Z consumers

Inclusiveness, commitment and cultural creativity - a new generation calls for radical change By Gen Z expert Hana Ben-Shabat

How a perfume dispels the clichés of the beauty industry

5 questions for Stefanie Hanssen from Frau Tonis Parfum about the problems of the perfume industry and why we need more tolerance and diversity Interview with Stefanie Hanssen, founder of Frau Tonis Parfum

Talk with Allon Libermann: The truth about powder-to-liquid products

“The problem in the care industry is not transparency, but ethics - brands like Forgo have to take responsibility to educate their consumers about sustainability” Interview with Allon Libermann, design manager of From Us With Love and co-founder of Forgo

Sponsoring Sustainability Events - Greenwashing or Commitment?

Sponsoring sustainable brands and events is becoming more and more popular - but why? We discuss whether it is greenwashing or whether it is making a real contribution

Navigating the luxury route towards happiness: From a Hollywood to a purpose perspective

From egocentricity to eudaimonia - How the evolutionary stages of luxury influence one's own level of happiness and the ego By Neo-Luxury Expert Dr. Julia Riedmeier

Industrial Designer - Stefan Diez rethinks design and breaks with old habits

“The products of the new era need potential for enthusiasm and a meaningful relationship with their users - products that are loved and retained, instead of drastic reduction” In an interview with Stefan Diez, CEO Diez Office and professor for industrial design

Take action: This is how you can help those suffering in Afghanistan

Emergency supplies, protection and hope for Afghanistan. We show which organizations they can support to help Afghanistan

Gamified Luxury puts users in a parallel universe

Gamification creates a new world of fun, technology and profit - everything about the new attraction and how the trend can be used for positive development

Time to Shine: 6 future trends in the jewelry and watch industry

With a State of Fashion special edition, BoF and McKinsey show 6 disruptive trends that will shape the jewelry and watch industry until 2025

Aging as an opportunity for intergenerational design

Nikolaus Hafermaas calls for sustainable cultural change and shows why intergenerational design is more than a mere design concept. Column by Prof. Nikolaus Hafermaas, Graft Brandlab

News: LVHM x Google Cloud Promotes AI-Based Luxury Experiences

Innovation launches for luxury synonym - In its latest collaboration with Google Cloud, LVHM shows how AI and cloud-based solutions promote new luxury

Sustainable design combines aesthetics and responsibility

 Young designers combine modern concepts with sustainable criteria and more and more traditional houses are following suit - welcome to the new perfection!

Sustainable caviar: from the expression of opulence to responsible luxury?

Sustainable caviar, does that even exist? We clarify and demystify the prestige product, because today the roe is sourced from aquaculture

Sustainability Gap: BoF benchmarks largest fashion company's sustainability performance

The Business of Fashion sustainability index measures the sustainability gap and sets new standards for fashion groups

Sustainable organic cashmere wool: Noble natural fiber, ethical and valuable

Hardly any other natural material is as soft and fine as the coveted cashmere. But there is sustainable cashmere and what does organic cashmere wool mean?

Ana Khouri on fair jewellery as a symbol of lasting value

Fair jewelry meets art and design - jewelry designer Ana Khouri on the challenges in the jewelry industry and her collaboration with Fairmined In an interview with Ana Khouri, jewelry designer and founder of the Ana Khouri label

Future of luxury: The market for insurgent cultural and creative excellence

The luxury industry will undergo a drastic transformation by 2030 - luxury trends bring meaning and dynamism to the fore

Pretty in Green: Top 5 designer labels for vegan handbags

Vegan fashion is the megatrend, but also a challenge, especially in the leather-affine accessories industry - we show our top picks for vegan handbags Follow

Green hair care: Best vegan shampoos and conditioners

Hair care without a guilty conscience and with green power? Here is the list of the top brands for vegan shampoo without animal testing - 100% cruelty-free!

These luxury e-cars will mark the new e-volution in 2021

These luxury electric cars set new standards in terms of design, technology and comfort - the best models in 2021

News: Prada signs ninety million-euro sustainability linked loan

Prada signs a million-euro loan to enforce sustainability as part of a company-wide sustainability strategy

Synthetic diamonds: Innovative gemstones from the laboratory

For centuries, diamonds have been the source of controversial mining. But that could end now - are synthetic diamonds from the laboratory the future?

Sustainable luxury brands pioneering positive change

The high-end segment promotes ethical values. Well-known and sustainable luxury brands are also increasingly demonstrating their rethinking towards sustainable luxury

APX - A revolutionary application example for Edge AI

The Luxury Institute announces the launch of its new technology platform for the application of Edge AI: Here is the Advanced Personalization Xchange Platform By Expert Milton Pedraza “Luxury Institute”

The most beautiful furnishing ideas for your home

Furnishing ideas that combine functionality and beauty. We show trends and inspiration for modern interiors 2021

News: Evian x Virgil Abloh to continue their sustainable commitments

Evian x Virgil Abloh stands for sustainable & innovative design as well as creative projects with a positive impact. In 2021, the duo will launch their first recycled plastic bottle

News: Armani sends a strong message with its R-EA capsule collection

Under the motto 100% sustainable, 100% stylish, the Armani fashion group is now also devoting itself to sustainability

ArtColLab: Art & creativity meet sustainability & philanthropy

The ArtColLab project stands for creativity, philanthropy and sustainability. In our interview, co-founder Olga Re Rebaudengo gives exclusive insights into the current collection and the future of the art scene

The State of Fashion 2021 marks a new chapter for the world of fashion

A year of colossal change for fashion companies - BOF and McKinsey show how the Corona crisis changed the fashion landscape forever

Top Tier Forecast: Experts on the development of the luxury industry in 2021

A forecast by high-level luxury experts of the luxury market in 2021 shows the future losers and winners of the industry

Book Club: Homes For Our Time

Our book tip of the month shows the most beautiful, most interesting houses worldwide as well as the ingenuity of visionary architects

Luxury watch brands that act in line with responsibility and fairness

In the jewelry industry, too, more and more brands are integrating ethics and sustainability into their corporate philosophy. We show which luxury watch brands act responsibly Follow

House bar deluxe: elegance and get-togethers despite the pandemic

A house bar is a unique opportunity to give your home an elegant night-out character and to spend unforgettable evenings. Now, this feeling is more important than ever.

News: Tom Ford launches the world's first 100% recyclable luxury watch

With the Tom Ford Ocean Plastic Watch, the high-end designer launches the first 100% recyclable premium watch made from marine plastic

News: Moncler launches Born to Protect Sustainability Plan

Fashion for the future. Moncler has expanded its mission in the name of sustainability and is launching a specific plan to protect the environment and people. Born to Protect represents a new era in the fashion industry

Luxury Institute: Edge AI is the future of personalized luxury

Edge AI is a dramatic breakthrough, remaking machine learning private, personalized and secure. Discover what’s behind it By Expert Milton Pedraza “Luxury Institute”

Christmas Cocktails: The Best Festive Drinks and Mixology Trends of 2023

Signature Serve Christmas cocktails beautify the cold season - with these fine aromas, comfort, enjoyment and mood arise

Purposeful Luxury - Lifestyle in times of the corona pandemic

The time of opulent luxury is over. Today luxury is more inclusive, more conscious and more positive. Welcome to the world of purposeful luxury by expert Julia Riedmeier "Neo Luxury"

The 12 best urban e-bike brands with a design factor for the city

If you want to move around the city effortlessly and in an environmentally friendly way, you should rely on urban e-bikes. We show 12 brands for stylish designer bikes

High-end & sustainable: vintage dresses reflect the modern zeitgeist

A homage to the past: vintage dresses are trendy. Discover essential vintage fashion knowledge and how to get the look

Wallmakers House: Award-winning architecture with a sense of sustainability

Vinu Daniel is considered an architectural pioneer. His Wallmakers house Shikhara shows how he is revolutionizing modern house construction in the long term

Interview: Milton Pedraza, CEO of the Luxury Institute, on emotionally intelligent luxury

The Luxury Institute establishes humanity as a success factor in the luxury industry. Milton Pedraza, CEO, reveals what is important

News: Ruinart promotes sustainable luxury in a new “dress”

The champagne house Maison Ruinart is launching a sustainable “Second Skin” bottle protector as a symbol of the new, environmentally friendly understanding of luxury 

Mottainai: The Art of Not Wasting

The Japanese Mottainai philosophy describes appreciation and respect for our resources. Discover how the concept promotes sustainability in everyday life

Alexander Taylor launches innovation platform "ATID" for more sustainability

As a platform for research and the development of new materials, Alexander Taylor paves the way for a more sustainable fashion industry with ATID

Access as luxury - Soho House and Co are redefining exclusivity

The concept of luxury is changing. Members-only clubs show that luxury today means access, exchange and community

Greenstyle founder Mirjam Smend on collections in line with the zeitgeist

The fashion industry's principle of “more and more”, “cheaper and cheaper” led to a lost appreciation for fashion. Now a turnaround is required: Let's make eco the new normal

Cutting consumption: Less consumption, more quality of life

Simple and yet luxurious - is that possible? Discover ways to forego or reduce consumption without having to restrict yourself

The definition of luxury is changing: Ideal values ​​are outperforming overconsumption

Luxury has long ceased to mean wasteful consumption. The new definition of luxury revolves around values ​​and responsibility

Top 6 brands for augmented reality shopping experiences

We show 6 examples of how brands implement the augmented reality trend and thus set new standards in terms of innovation

Vegan en vogue: Top 5 luxury labels for vegan clothing

Be it alternatives to fur or leather - these high-end labels design vegan clothing with a luxurious look, without any animal suffering

Awaycation vs. Staycation - vacation in times of coronavirus

The world wants to move again. But what will tourism look like in the future? This is shown by the three travel dimensions Awaycation, Staycation and digital Wandering By Expert Julia Riedmeier "Neo Luxury"

Fashion statement: Best brands for sustainable bags

Environmentally friendly fashion is the new trend in the fashion cosmos. We show sustainable bag brands to round off the perfect fashion outfit

Fashion Forward: These are today's sneaker trends

Due to the growing relevance of the streetwear scene, sneakers have become a status symbol. Here are the top sneaker trends 2020

News: PANGAIA protects marine ecosystems through “Coral Reef Collection”

 The sustainable label PANGAIA is launching a new collection to draw attention to the threat to coral reefs and actively promote their protection

Unisex from head to toe - these are the brands to watch

Unisex is a movement in tune with the times - away from categorizations and towards flowing boundaries. We show our top labels for unisex clothing

News: Y/Project launches sustainable “Evergreen” collection

 Y/Project's “Evergreen” capsule collection consists of the Parisian label's most popular pieces. And produced sustainably to promote environmental protection

Cocooning 3.0 - When the inside becomes the new outside

In the reinforced home office, borders between private and public are blurring. The learned separation of living spaces dissolves. What effects does this have on rooms and furniture and how long does the cocooning wave last? By expert Julia Riedmeier "Neo Luxury"

News: Gucci promotes environmental protection through “Gucci Off The Grid”

Gucci launches sustainable collection made from regenerated ECONYL®, pushing ahead with its 10-year sustainability plan

White gold know-how: Everything that glitters is gold

Exclusive white gold jewelry creations promise timeless joy. But why is white gold premium and where can you find the most beautiful jewelry?

News: PUMA launches sustainable project “Design to Fade”

In collaboration with Living Color and Streamateria, PUMA launches “Design to Fade” and takes an important step towards sustainability with the Biodesign collection 

Are you a global citizen? Find out here!

Cosmopolitanism is one of the megatrends of our time. We'll show you what to look for to become a global citizen

Activism for more justice, compassion and courage

Activism promotes positive change in our society. We show personalities who inspire us to become active ourselves

News: LN-CC x Martine Rose launches sustainable capsule collection

Kick-off of the “Late Night – Conscious Campaign”: LN-CC launches sustainable initiative through zero waste collaboration with London designer Martine Rose

Food Trends 2021 - Answers to current needs and changing values

Food trends 2021: what will stay, what will change? An overview of the latest trends and developments in the food and catering industry

Auction platforms: Antique objects are the luxury of tomorrow

The desire for sustainability and exclusivity leads to the boom in the auction platforms for antiques. We show where you bid best

News: Diesel launches its first upcycling collection

“Diesel Upcycling For 55DSL” is the label’s first upcycling collection. From now on there will be two sustainable collaborations per year  

Green Glam: These are the trendiest ethical make up brands

Slowly but surely, the organic beauty trend has moved from niche to mainstream. We show 5 Green Beauty brands for natural beauty care

Luxury landscape in times of the COVID-XNUMX pandemic - The Next Normal

What is the next normal in the luxury landscape during and after the Corona crisis and how are the trends changing? A big bang for the benefit of agile, digital, sustainable and social business models By expert Julia Riedmeier "Neo Luxury"

News: Kenzo launches lifestyle brand K3 for interior decoration

Kenzo Takdada is celebrating its comeback in the design world with the K3 Lifestyle Brand - instead of fashion, the Japanese star designer is now offering high-quality interiors 

Gen Z calls for new standards for brands in times of COVID-19

To emerge stronger from the crisis, brands have to adapt to Gen Z's wishes. A growing group of buyers in transition is demanding transparency and social values 

News: Burberry launches “ReBurberry” to promote sustainability

New collection presented - the British fashion label promotes sustainability with innovative materials

Streetwear - How the hype creates new identities but also criticism

These are the hurdles the fast-growing streetwear division has to deal with, when it comes to sustainability

Augmented Reality: Window shopping at home

Digital fashion shopping - the search for the perfect outfit becomes virtual with the help of augmented reality

Sustainability #1 - Fashion Megatrend 2020

The study “The State of Fashion” shows the fashion megatrend 2020 “Sustainability #1”: The growing need of consumers for more sustainable products – even in times of the Black Swan Event

Fashion Industrie and COVID-XNUMX: Anna Wintour predicts a change in values

In an interview with Naomi Campbell, the editor-in-chief of US-American Vogue shared her thoughts on the fashion industry and Coronavirus

Vivienne Westwood - fashion icon and passionate activist

Environmental issues, human rights, climate change - fashion designer Vivienne Westwood has a strong opinion. A look at the blunt activist actions of the British woman

Ethical Home Design - Amazing brands for your home

Ethical Home Design stands for stylish and fair home accessories which are handmade, free of chemicals and from natural raw materials

Hallstein Water sets new quality standards for drinking water

On occasion of Global World Water Day on March 22, 2020, the founder of Hallstein Water - one the best and most expensive waters worldwide - talks about quality, sustainability and the future of drinking water 

Inspired by nature - Regenerative design beyond sustainability

Michael Pawlyn pioneered regenerative architecture through innovation through imitation of biology

Pantone's Color of the Year is "Classic Blue"

In 2020, Pantone is banking on a classic: "Classic Blue" is the color of the year. The color embodies calm, simple elegance and timelessness

Designer portrait - Guillaume Alan defines minimalist luxury on a new level

With his focus on aesthetic restraint, the French exceptional designer counts on the essence of things and the search for the essential

Clean perfume - Top 8 natural fragrances

It is well known that perfumes seduce the senses - every fragrance tells a story or we associate certain moments with it. Our experts have selected the most sustainable fragrances for you Follow

New Heritage Festival - Buy things that matter

Festival for manufactured products and timeless design - review of a successful event

Capolavoro: A jewelry manufacturer through the ages

In dialogue with the founding family Fritsch: be open to change - a story about tradition and future Premium Partnership

Design studio Mandalaki on innovation, digitization & tradition as a legacy 

Whether concept car made of 80% recycled plastic or a micro-home, the Milan design studio Mandalaki is on the pulse of the times

Natascha von Hirschhausen on locally operating & globally networked fashion

In dialogue with Natascha von Hirschhausen, founder of the fashion label of the same name and the designer network Aethic - a pioneer of the German fashion world

James Oag-Cooper on innovation in the food industry

In dialogue with the co-founder of Hyke Gin - how innovation and creativity are revolutionizing the beverage industry

ZAZI - A story about fashion, craftsmanship & humanity

In dialogue with Jeanne de Kroon, founder of ZAZI - how responsibility and courage can revolutionize the fashion industry

The 10 best denim brands - sexy & sustainable jeans

The denim trend has become an integral part of the fashion world. What few people know is that the manufacture of jeans fabrics has an enormous negative impact on our environment. We show the 10 best brands for sustainable jeans

KPM's new boss Martina Hacker on tradition & trends

In dialogue with Martina Hacker, Managing Director of KPM Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin. A strong woman leads the traditional porcelain brand into the future

Wine and chocolate - the couple for a special taste experience

Wine and chocolate, two premium luxury foods meet and combine to create a taste experience. We show which Fairtrade chocolate goes with which organic wine

Ethical Gold: About the Responsibility of the Jewelry Industry

The fashion industry is becoming more and more sustainable, but what about the jewelry industry? We show what is hidden behind the term ethical gold and what fair gold mining looks like

Star designer Enrico Cinzano on the facets of aesthetics and sustainable design

In dialogue with the Italian star designer Enrico Marone Cinzano - the artful union of design, aesthetics and sustainability 

These top athletes are committed to the environment

Sport connects generations, culture and promotes common ground. More and more athletes are aware of their impact on society. We show which top athletes are particularly committed to the environment

Prince Charles and his plea for a sustainable future

The Prince of Wales has been committed to a sustainable future for decades. With various projects and initiatives, Prince Charles supports areas such as finance and the food industry to act responsibly

A Swedish premium yacht is bringing e-mobility to the sea

X Shore is the name of the Swedish manufacturer of the 100 percent electrically operated electric yacht. The company focuses primarily on aesthetics and sustainability

Wall design inspired by historic villas and châteaus

The wall design can give the living space a completely new effect. With its historical colors, Little Greene creates a plague world of styles for your own home

New Luxury - luxury as an expression of a new and cultivated rebellion

New Luxury - Luxury becomes the expression of a new, cultivated rebellion: Status symbols are charged with ethical added value and sustainable concerns. The luxury market is growing steadily worldwide. But what does luxury mean today?  

5 reasons why you should focus on quality over quantity

Clothing, accessories, furniture: less is more? Why quality is worth it instead of quantity  

The Vessel - New York's newest attraction from designer Heatherwick

The Vessel is the heart of New York's newest luxury neighborhood, Hudson Yards. The building, designed by Thomas Heatherwick, opened its doors for the first time this year in Manhattan's Midtown West

New exhibition "Sustainable Thinking" at the Salvatore Ferragamo Museum

The Salvatore Ferragamo Museum of the same name in Florence commemorates the designer's work with photo and work exhibitions. What few people know: Ferragamo was fascinated by the idea of ​​sustainability  

Sustainable sneakers - these brands wear the stars

Sustainable sneakers that are stylish - these are the luxury objects of our time. Many stars already rely on fair trade shoes from Veja, McCartney and Co

Ralph Lauren and his strategy for sustainability - "Design the Change"

The luxury house responds to the topic of environmental protection and publishes its Global Citizenship & Sustainability Report on June 12th. Like many other fashion houses, it reveals its sustainability goals

Gucci Equilibrium brings transparency to the next level

The fashion house sets new standards. With its Gucci Equilibrium program, the label shows how transparently and innovatively a company can act in order to achieve its sustainability goals

Stella McCartney - High & Ethical Fashion

High fashion can be environmentally friendly, elegant and sexy. More and more designers and fashion companies are showing this today. The path to ethical fashion requires rethinking at all levels

Burnout Syndrome - 8 Signs And What To Do About It

More and more people feel stressed, exhausted and burned out. Is this normality in today's world or is it already known as a burnout syndrome?

Pininfarina's hypercar of the future is called Battista

Pininfarina takes the next step towards an independent car brand and launches the first purely electric luxury hypercar

Groundbreaking changes in the luxury industry

According to Bain & Company, disruptive trends are set to radically change the landscape in the luxury market and create new values

Bill Gates - MIT's Breakthrough Technologies in 2019

Microsoft founder Bill Gates is the first guest author to compile the MIT list of groundbreaking innovations for 2019. So they could change our lives

Chopard - 100% ethical gold

  The luxury brand Chopard uses 100 percent ethically sound gold. What is Ethical Gold?

The Top Luxury Bio Hotels in New York

On your next trip to the Big Apple, combine luxury hotels and sustainability to create the perfect vacation experience. We show you the most exclusive organic hotels in New York

TEFAF - the art fair of superlatives in New York

Modern art and design of the post-war period, antiques, ethnographic art and jewelry at the superlative art fair

The Best Gourmet Organic Restaurants in New York

New York is known for its diverse gastronomy scene. We'll tell you which organic restaurants are good for the environment as well as your stomach

Yoga for everybody - the ultimate guide

Yoga exercises give strength, muscles are built and mobility is promoted. Body & mind are in balance

Why there is a lack of motivation for environmental protection

Despite the often communicated real threat of climate change, many people hesitate to act. But why do we lack self-motivation?  

With more sleep to success

One in ten employees today suffers from severe insomnia. Not only does lack of sleep worsen productivity, it also has a very high negative impact

Atelier Swarovski focuses on sustainability

The Oscar winner Penélope Cruz is bringing out a sustainable collection with the traditional Atelier Swarovski

8 strategies for more mental strength

Successful people have one thing in common: inner strength. Mental strength and resilience are essential for our well-being and success

Clean Plate at Gwyneth Paltrow

Delicious recipes and revitalizing health tips, the new cookbook by actress Gwyneth Paltrow combines both

Kelly Slater - his sustainable label Outerknown

Surfer legend Kelly Slater is expanding with his sustainable label Outerknown. The label relies on minimalist designs and innovative fabrics

10 skills to succeed in 2020

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News, trends & facts about New Luxury

The concept of luxury is changing. While luxury has long been characterized by a high price, the new luxury revolves around trends such as sharing & 2nd-life business models, innovation, co-creation & customization, digital detox & sustainability, health & mindfulness. It is about responsibility that is implemented within the framework of the highest quality and aesthetics. In addition, a big focus on the well-being. We show all changes related to luxury understanding, needs and business models.

Forward-looking new luxury business models

Responsibility for the environment can be implemented through a variety of trend-setting concepts of New Luxury. An example of this is the sharing economy, including its communities and platforms, which enable the shared use of resources. Particularly popular: online platforms for pre-loved designer fashion and premium watches. Sharing & 2nd-Life products and business models make it possible to temporarily borrow luxury products. This can set an example against the throwaway mentality while minimizing environmental impact. Also positive for the environmental balance: digitization. The digitalization of the new luxury increases the digital added value of the customer journey, while environmentally harmful production routes and productions are superfluous. Discover which brands make this possible through innovation such as augmented reality here.

Sustainable & ethical values ​​as modern luxury

Also characteristic of New Luxury: Made to Order and personalization of products. It is sustainable and exclusive. While the customer can incorporate his personal preferences into the design of high-quality, individual fashion and interiors, custom-made production prevents environmentally harmful productions from being minimized and only really taking place when it is actually needed. This answers the growing customer need for individualization as well as exclusivity in the course of responsibility for the environment. And thus combines two new luxury trends. More and more companies are integrating the megatrend of sustainability into their corporate philosophy and acting responsibly on both the ecological and social dimensions. We show how this works and which companies fulfill their corporate social responsibility responsibilities in order to achieve positive effects for ecosystems and the community.

Luxury beyond the material dimension

New Luxury stands for knowledge and knowledge as a luxury. The possibility of being able to make conscious decisions through brand transparency and holistically open communication defines the luxury understanding of the pulse of the time and meets the needs of increasingly relevant generations. Another current need: shared values, access, networking and experiences. Exclusive members-only clubs such as Soho House answer this wish, make it possible to build relationships, belong to a community and consolidate this through extraordinary experiences. In short, this means access as a luxury. The health and mindfulness trend also shows that New Luxury is not just about ownership. It's about the harmony between body, soul and spirit, about the optimization of the wellbeing.

New Luxury Brands: high-end products with exciting stories

We also show to what extent the traditional understanding of luxury has to be reconsidered. New Luxury sets an example against the traditionally consequent shortage of luxury products. Today luxury is becoming increasingly democratized, part of everyday life and thus accessible to more and more people. Collaborations between high-end brands and streetwear labels describe this trend and show how effortlessly luxury can look these days. Discover exciting stories and visionary personalities who drive this development here.

Immerse yourself in the New Luxury cosmos and learn about brands, concepts, institutions and trends that define today's understanding of luxury.