Expression of urban life, identity and status symbol. Streetwear can do a lot, currently inspires and masters the high-end catwalks of the fashion metropolises. Find out everything about the mega fashion trend here.

News: Adidas classics are coming back vegan and sustainable

The iconic sneakers are coming back in a sustainable version: This year Adidas wants to bring vegan shoes made of mushroom leather onto the market. 

Greenstyle founder Mirjam Smend on collections in line with the zeitgeist

The principle of the fashion industry “more and more”, “always cheaper” led to a lost appreciation for fashion. Now a turnaround is required: Let's make eco the new normal

Fashion Forward: These are today's sneaker trends

Due to the growing relevance of the streetwear scene, sneakers have become a status symbol. Here are the top sneaker trends 2020

News: PANGAIA protects marine ecosystems with "Coral Reef Collection"

 The sustainable label PANGAIA is launching a new collection to draw attention to the threat to coral reefs and actively promote their protection

On The Go: Sustainable backpacks for every occasion

Sustainable, minimalist backpacks are functional, environmentally friendly and even really chic! Here's what to look for and where to get them

News: Y / Project launches sustainable "Evergreen" collection

 The "Evergreen" Capsule Collection by Y / Project consists of the most popular parts of the Parisian label. Produced sustainably to promote environmental protection

Streetwear - How the hype creates new identities but also criticism

These are the hurdles the fast-growing streetwear division has to deal with, when it comes to sustainability

Stella McCartney - High & Ethical Fashion

High fashion can be environmentally friendly, elegant and sexy. More and more designers and fashion companies are showing this today. The path to ethical fashion requires rethinking at all levels

Interesting facts, brands and trends all around streetwear

Wide hoodies, bomber jackets, sneakers and caps - streetwear has developed from a subcultural style to hype and the expression of identity for entire generations. Streetwear currently dominates not only the catwalks of urban labels, but also those of the high fashion giants and inspires stars from all industries and age groups. Discover everything worth knowing, brands and trends around streetwear here.

Hype: collaborations between streetwear labels and high fashion institutions

Exclusive streetwear from premium labels such as Off-White or Balenciaga are status symbols, fill social media feeds and reclassify luxury. In addition, collaborations between urban streetwear labels like Supreme and high fashion institutions like Louis Vuitton. We show how the streetwear movement is mixing up and revolutionizing the fashion world and not only inspiring but also pulling other industries.

Streetwear with ethical and environmental protection standards

In addition, everything related to the launch of new collaborations and collections as well as general streetwear news. In particular, the focus is on sustainable capsule collections, positive commitments, ethics and environmental protection. More and more labels understand how to harmoniously reconcile both mega topics - streetwear and sustainability.