Delightful and conscious eating is a philosophy of life. Today, indulgence is about high quality and selected products. Here, you can explore current food trends, star chefs and their exclusive tips as well as a guide to healthy food consumption for gourmets.

Innovative food start-ups are changing the food industry

These innovative food start-ups address the problems of the food industry and improve the future of the food supply

House bar deluxe: elegance and get-togethers despite the pandemic

A house bar is a unique opportunity to give your own home an elegant night-out character and to spend unforgettable evenings. This is more relevant than ever now

Detox tea: An effective herbal cure for everyone?

You want to support your body through detoxification and get get rid of annoying water retention? Discover how easy this can be with detox tea!

These 6 sustainable food trends make 2021 a pleasure

Whether hyper regional, virtual dining or zero food waste, these food trends 2021 are not just about taste, they are also sustainable

Kitchen trends 2021 - this is how a stylish kitchen upgrade works

Kitchen trends 2021 combine elegant color schemes, harmonious room concepts and sustainability. You can find out how this works here

What is organic honey - differences, standards and seals

Organic honey can do a lot more than just sweeten our breakfast - we show how liquid gold promotes environmental protection and what is important when making a selection

Summer cocktail recipes for that holiday feeling in your home garden

Summer is coming: We present refreshing summer cocktail recipes for successful get-togethers on mild summer evenings

Urban gardening ideas increase well-being in everyday life

In 2020, urban gardening ideas became an absolute trend. Natural gardeners promote their fun, well-being and environmental protection

Clever cooking: practical & environmentally friendly kitchen helpers

Cooking easier and healthier than ever, and giving the kitchen a modern look. We show which kitchen helpers make this possible

With organic beer there is a healthy and pure refreshment in summer

In contrast to conventional alternatives, organic beer stands for sustainability in the glass. The ecological refreshment has advantages for the environment and health 

Food Report 2021 - Answers to current needs and changing values

Food trends 2021: what will stay, what will change? An overview of the latest trends and developments in the food and catering industry

Clean eating recipes - Here's your 3-day detox plan

To deacidify the body and bring it back into balance, three days are enough. We show how it works and provide you with suitable clean eating recipes

Fit for March with the 10-Step Easy Detox Plan

Spring is approaching - Detox your body easily with our 10-point Easy Detox Plan over the weekend

Hallstein Water sets new quality standards for drinking water

On occasion of Global World Water Day on March 22, 2020, the founder of Hallstein Water - one the best and most expensive waters worldwide - talks about quality, sustainability and the future of drinking water 

Vegan motivation: Mia from heylilahey explains how the Veganuary challenge is done

Influencer Mia Marjanović is an inspiration for a sustainable lifestyle and a true vegan motivation. Here are her insider tips for vegan beginners

Greentech homes: The kitchen of the future changes our food culture through innovation

Technology and innovation have changed our food culture. Now the evolution of food is about to reach a new milestone, bringing new intelligent approaches to the table, thereby upgrading our greentech homes.

Star chef Alexander Herrmann on food trends, sophistication and the heart

In dialogue with Alexander Herrmann - creativity in gastronomy and the importance of regionality

International food culture - the 5 best regional markets worldwide

There are many options for fresh ingredients on the regional market. Worldwide regional markets are unique experiences that offer insights into the country's eating habits. We show you the best regional markets worldwide.

6 creative ideas for a New Year's party with good resolutions

Rethink New Year's traditions and test new ideas. With our tips for a sustainable New Year's Eve party, you will start the new year with the best resolutions already

Wine and chocolate - the couple for a special taste experience

Wine and chocolate, two premium stimulants meet and combine to create a taste experience. We show which Fairtrade chocolate suits which organic wine.

These Christmas cocktails beautify the pre-Christmas period

With these Signature Serve Christmas Cocktails you can enjoy the Christmas time. Fine flavors keep your spirits up even in winter.

Sustainable Christmas: 10 new resolutions for 2020

What is Sustainable Christmas? We show you how you can do something good for the environment and yourself with simple tips.

The top 6 regional gourmet restaurants in Germany

From the North Sea to Bavaria - sustainable gourmet restaurants with organic quality are firmly anchored in the German gastronomy scene. We will tell you where the star creations from the fields of the region taste particularly good.

Fairtrade and best organic coffee: Tips for conscious coffee enjoyment

What exactly is fair trade coffee and which labels should you pay attention to when it comes to the best organic coffee? We show how you can enjoy coffee in addition to the choice of coffee beans

The 5 best organic hotels in Italy - Here's how sustainable tourism works

In sustainable organic hotels, the dolce vita can be enjoyed in various ways. Find your favorite hotel and do not only treat yourself but also the environment with your next holiday to Italy.

The Best Gourmet Organic Restaurants in New York

New York is known for its diverse dining scene. We will tell you in which organic restaurants you do good things in addition to your stomach.

The best eco-restaurants in South Africa

Regional and healthy food in South Africa holidays. We show the best eco-friendly organic restaurants off the mainstream in Cape Town City.

Max La Manna - Tricks by the Zero Waste Chef

The zero waste chef creates delicious dishes with selected, high-quality ingredients. This trend is booming all worldwide. Especially, in New York

Clean Plate at Gwyneth Paltrow

Delicious recipes and revitalizing health tips, the new cookbook by Gwyneth Paltrow combines both

Max la Manna's Crunchy Sweet Potato Tacos

Max la Manna creates a delicious vegan & healthy recipe from sweet potatoes, with which you can inspire your party guests and loved ones.

Smart Gourmet: Guide to healthy eating

Eating healthily these days is much more than just a nutritional concept. It's about a holistic lifestyle that outlines enjoyment as well as health and environmental protection. We present culinary highlights of the food scene, adventurous newcomers, established insiders as well as Micheln-Stern chefs, studies and trends with which you can enjoy exclusive, healthy and sustainable.

Eat healthy with the megatrends of the culinary cosmos

Superfood, clean eating and detox are some of the trend-setting buzzwords about healthy eating. To implement the trends, we offer superfood lists from acai and goji berries to local alternatives such as sauerkraut or savoy cabbage. In addition, clean eating recipes, through which the body can be easily brought into balance. This allows you to eat healthy, without major changes or waivers. Rather, we show delicious and health-promoting recipes for holistic well-being.

Trends such as clean eating or detox are particularly interesting in the context of the holidays. Whether Christmas, holiday or summer party, these strain the body and often bring with it the desire to detoxify afterwards. That calls for healthy eating and a sophisticated detox plan. Be it a quick cure over the weekend or a multi-step plan that can be used to prepare for the next season. Here you will find everything you need to know and comprehensive guidance so that you can eat healthy and feel good.

Insiders share their expertise on how healthy eating really works

In addition to valuable tips on how to eat healthy and enjoyable on your own, we also offer exclusive insider tips. To this end, scene insiders such as bloggers, sommeliers or experimental revolvers share their tricks for implementing healthy eating as well as premium gastronomic recommendations. The owners of exquisite delicatessen brands for organic products as well as Michelin star chefs also have their say here and show what really matters when buying food or visiting a restaurant. You will discover selected organic delicacies, luxury restaurants and general culinary highlights. These guarantee sustainable, high-quality and healthy eating while setting new quality standards.

Important insider tips such as the focus on seasonal and regional added value of food are brought into focus here to give you a comprehensive overview of the cosmos of healthy eating. In addition to healthy products, we show how the choice of a balanced diet not only keeps the body intact, but also our planet.

Forward-looking studies on human and planet health

Scientific studies and concepts make it clear that eating healthily can protect our planet sustainably. As the most important motor for optimizing health and environmental sustainability, we therefore consider nutrition in a global context and show concrete plans for how healthy eating can ensure the health of the entire world population.