Sustainable tourism means eco-friendly travel, including the discovery of new cultures and nature on the spot. In this way, holidays are unforgettable and special. We introduce you to individual luxury travel away from mass tourism.

Soft luxury tourism in Italy: This is the place to be

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The Fontenay Lakeside Luxury

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Luxury lodge offers unique diversity in South Africa's nature reserve

Grootbos unites nature, animals and people through tourism and sustainability Interview with Michael Lutzeyer, founder of Grootbos Private Nature Reserve

Big City-Life: Sky Pool opens in London's Embassy Gardens

London architecture project: The 25-meter-long “Sky Pool” in the urban district of Embassy Gardens connects two ten-story buildings

Dr. Jane Goodall: A woman committed to environmental and animal protection

For International Women's Day 2021 we are showing a portrait of Jane Goodall - the British scientist and activist dedicated her life to environmental and animal protection

Access as luxury - Soho House and Co are redefining exclusivity

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Mobility Report 2021 - Current dynamics of the mobility megatrend

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Awaycation vs. Staycation - vacation in times of coronavirus

The world wants to move again. But what will tourism look like in the future? This is shown by the three travel dimensions Awaycation, Staycation and digital Wandering By Expert Julia Riedmeier "Neo Luxury"

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Coronavirus and the environment - Five things the crisis teaches us about climate change

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Secret escape to … Vienna

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Gentle tourism - Here's everything you need to know about sustainable travel international

Gentle tourism distances itself from mass tourism and appeals to the personal responsibility of travelers. How to do this is shown by our 8 helpful tips for sustainable travel international

Holiday in tiny houses or eco cabins - pure nature in design objects

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The 5 best organic hotels in Italy - Here's how sustainable tourism works

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The best eco-restaurants in South Africa

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Climate-friendly travel - offsetting the CO2 balance

Traveling is easier than ever before. Whether long-distance or luxury travel, it is important to choose the right means of transport, hotels or restaurants in order to compensate for the individual CO2 balance

Insider tips for sustainable tourism

Whether it's a metropolis or a rural retreat and a regional weekend getaway or an exotic long-distance trip: with the necessary background knowledge, sustainable tourism is possible in every destination. You can find this knowledge and trends for environmentally friendly travel and organic hotels and restaurants here. From tips for gentle tourism to insider knowledge from experts in the food scene to luxurious wellness oases. Here you will find exclusive recommendations for sustainable tourism around the world.

Exclusive travel in harmony with nature and local cultures

Due to climate change and the depletion of resources, sustainable tourism should protect the nature and culture of the travel destinations. The design of the next vacation should accordingly be designed in such a way that it has a positive impact on the environment, local population and local, economic added value. You can find out what to look out for here.

Environmentally friendly leisure ideas

Alternative mobility concepts, CO2-compensating flying or the choice of an organic hotel are some examples of the many ways to travel as environmentally friendly as possible. Sustainable tourism gives you unforgettable, original cultural and natural experiences away from the mainstream.