The concept for variety, authentic luxury goods and environmental protection. Discover here the platforms on which you can become part of the sharing economy.

How do we lead museums into the future? About dinosaurs, AI and the longing for fascination

Commissioned by the Nevada Museum of Art, Graft Brandlab designs an exhibition that makes prehistoric sea creatures accessible Column by Prof. Nikolaus Hafermaas, Graft Brandlab

Rent & rent out everyday objects with a clear conscience? finein makes it possible

Sharing is caring: How fainin works and what advantages the platform offers in terms of sustainability and security Interview with Maximilian Lehmann, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of fainin

5 questions for nuovosì studio muc. Founder Sinah Steinhart

What comes after the big day? Sustainability, sharing and appreciation – new studio muc. Bridal fashion gives a “Second Shine” interview with Sinah Steinhart, founder of nuovosì studio muc.

Circular cities: The future of urban spaces

With increasing urbanization, the challenges for urban planning also increase - circular cities offer a possible solution

Welcome to the Babylon of EV charging - can this be sustainable?

The infrastructure of new mobility concepts must move away from insular thinking towards economically efficient, ecologically sustainable and socially fair standards. Column by Prof. Nikolaus Hafermaas, Graft Brandlab

Take action: This is how you can help those suffering in Afghanistan

Emergency supplies, protection and hope for Afghanistan. We show which organizations they can support to help Afghanistan

Mobility trends 2022: Changes under the sign of the automotive reset

Mobility Trends 2022: Digitalisation, drive alternatives as well as inclusion and diversification are the focus of mobility trends

Aging as an opportunity for intergenerational design

Nikolaus Hafermaas calls for sustainable cultural change and shows why intergenerational design is more than a mere design concept. Column by Prof. Nikolaus Hafermaas, Graft Brandlab

The future of urban cities: Empathic buildings and intelligent mobility

Prof. Nikolaus Hafermaas, Managing Partner Creation of the Berlin agency Graft Brandlab, on the sustainable development of architecture, urban planning and mobility By Prof. Nikolaus Hafermaas, Graft Brandlab

News: GREENSTYLE Fashion Summit in digital format

The promising topic of sustainable fashion will be brought to the digital stage under the motto “Act now - now more than ever”

What we can expect from the future new work culture

A shift in values ​​towards collaboration, creative solutions and agility will result in the humanisation of future work

Activism for more justice, compassion and courage

Activism promotes positive change in our society. We show personalities who inspire us to become active ourselves

Renting furniture - now the hype of the metropolises comes to us

Always modernly furnished with the megatrend of renting furniture: Stylish home upgrade at any time. And environmentally friendly

Circular economy - a concept from nature secures our future

Circular economy is currently the most sought-after concept for a sustainable future. About a concept that brings together continued prosperity and the preservation of resources

Sharing is caring ... also for the environment

The sharing economy - also share economy - stands for business models, platforms and communities that provide space for each other and enable the systematic lending of objects. The core of this concept is community consumption and the associated opportunities to minimize negative environmental impacts such as CO2 emissions. We will show you which brands, personalities and platforms are part of the sharing community and how you can participate in collaborative consumption.

The sharing economy promotes conscious consumption

The sharing economy phenomenon can significantly transform modes of production and consumer behavior. And in a sustainable direction. Companies can produce less, but higher quality, while consumers can consume in the sense of the circular economy and distance themselves from the throw-away mentality. In this way, the desire for variety can be served without harming the environment. You can find out where you can go to and which sharing model suits you here.

The agony of choice: Temporary loan from an unlimited selection of exclusive luxury objects

In addition to sustainability and variety, the sharing economy offers consumers access to authentic, high-quality luxury goods. What the watch industry has been doing for some time now also works in other segments: Temporary loan of premium models. This means that timeless vintage products and exclusive limited editions can be worn for a specific time. Be it designer bags, haute couture or jewelry creations - there are numerous platforms that make this possible. And with us you always stay up to date, who they are.