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Waterproof solid wood composite material from almost climate-neutral production - the Woodio Soft40 received the special mention of the German Design Awards 2021 in the category "Eco Design"

Woodio Soft40 washbasin

Design Story


Woodio Oy

Winner product


Design feature

Natural, innovative, lightweight


  • Main component made of solid wood as a renewable raw material
  • 80% fewer emissions than conventional comparable ceramic products
  • Low energy and water consumption during production
  • Naturally degradable raw materials minimise landfill waste
  • Mostly regional sourcing of the wood raw material
  • Light design for less transport emissions

Source & Copyright by Woodio

Brand philosophy

Sustainable life cycle through natural materials

The Finnish brand develops near-natural products made of waterproof solid wood. Made from 80% regionally sourced wood chips and resin-based adhesive, it is an almost climate-neutral alternative to conventional ceramic products. Within the entire supply chain, attention is paid to a sustainable approach, so the products can be incinerated after use in an energy-saving way due to the natural materials.

Unique design for the bathroom and kitchen

Each piece is unique due to the different properties of the wood and the always different composition. The resistant adhesive also makes the washbasins maintenance-free. The lightweight design contributes to the fact that fewer emissions are caused during transport. Thus, the greenhouse potential 80% (GWP - Global Warming Potential) is lower than that of comparable ceramic washbasins.