Care products free of critical ingredients - this is what the clean beauty trend stands for. Shampoos, creams and the like that you can use without hesitation.


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About beauty care that combines sustainability, spirituality and luxury

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LIV Botanics

100% Lab Diamonds, Recycled Gold, Recycled Packaging

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Clean beauty by law

Clean beauty is on everyone's lips. But what is behind this is not clear to many. In many countries, including Germany, cosmetics have to be “clean” by law. This means that some ingredients are banned here. In the USA, for example, this is not the case. Here the clean beauty label refers to the abandonment of certain ingredients.

It won't be cleaner

Critical ingredients are therefore not used in the composition of clean beauty products. These ingredients are one in clean beauty products absolute no-go: Cyclic silicones, synthetic fragrances, parabens, mineral oils, PEG, phthalates, oxybezone, sulfates, formaldehyde or even ethanol. In addition, the hair and face care products must not be tested on animals. So they are cruelty-free too.

Synthetic vs. Naturally

Clean Beauty is designed to help consumers make purchasing decisions. It doesn't matter whether the products are synthetic, natural or vegan. Synthetic ingredients can be just as sustainable and harmless as natural ingredients can be unsustainable and harmful.

This is how you recognize clean beauty products

Clean beauty products are intended to provide consumers with simple information and facilitate the purchase decision for cosmetics with a simple design. Certain seals on the products also indicate that they contain no questionable ingredients. These include the BDIH seal, which identifies 100% controlled natural ingredients, the CCPC seal certifies organically and sustainably produced cosmetics, the nature seal represents natural product compositions or the seal of the Natural Products Association, which identifies products that are not artificial Ingredients get along.