Natural make-up set: 5 tips for the minimalist look

A minimalist makeup collection for more natural beauty - these 5 steps lead to the perfect minimalistic look 

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Author: Vivien Vollmer

A minimalist makeup collection makes us shine

Through the lockdowns and the time spend in home office, our makeup routine has changed a lot and many are now leaning towards the no-makeup-makeup-look. This style focuses on emphasizing our natural beauty with less beauty products. This also includes reducing our makeup collection in order to reduce personal clutter and lower our collective environmental impact.

Creating a natural makeup kit is more than just cleaning out your makeup collection. Because naturalness is less about a specific definition and more about a comprehensive philosophy. Minimalism in practice means living with less. Less unnecessary products and items as well as less consumption. When this philosophy is applied to makeup, it's about taking care of yourself. This means looking after your skin as well as your mind. Less makeup layers, more natural beauty.

What are the benefits?

  • In a minimalist makeup collection, all products have an added value
  • Products do not become obsolete or go bad because they are not used
  • This avoids unnecessary waste
  • Classic and timeless looks are conjured up in no time at all
  • Everyone finds their own style
  • Easily save time in the morning

5 steps into an easier minimalist makeup routine

To bring together a minimalist makeup collection, little tricks in the makeup routine are helpful. Versatile cosmetics not only make application faster, but also reduce the number of products. Multifunctional makeup items allow for a lot of creativity. It is also important to invest in the right products. A good, moisturised base is the start and foundation of any beauty routine. Here are 5 steps for the minimalist look.

  1. Prime to shine
  2. Flawless foundation
  3. Glow and highlight
  4. Full eyebrows for the power expression
  5. Long, curled eyelashes

Step 1: Prime to shine

The right care is the secret to an optimally natural makeup look. To round off the base after the moisturiser, a moisturising, smoothing primer is used. Products that take care of both skin care and makeup are recommended for this purpose.

ILIA: True Skin Radiant Priming Serum

ILIA Clean Beauty's True Skin Radiant Priming Serum bridges the gap between makeup and skincare by diminishing fine lines while improving skin texture. In doing so, it creates a smooth base for makeup afterwards.

Source & Copyright by ILIA

Step 2: Flawless foundation

The right foundation can become a good friend, especially on bad skin days. A stick foundation is particularly suitable for the minimalist look. The direct application on the skin and on the brush, these are less wasteful, because the amount can be better coordinated.

Gucci Westman Atelier: Vital Skin Foundation Stick

The foundation and concealer stick moisturizes and reduces redness with its plant-based substances. It is also vegan, without animal testing, without silicone, without parabens and without synthetic fragrances.

3rd step: Glow and highlight

Radiant, healthy skin is not only found in advertising. But the blush is the star among the multitaskers. If it is applied not only to the cheeks, but also to the eyes and lips, you get a natural and even look. With 2 in 1 products, you can even save the highlighter for the face and inner corners of the eyes.

Wander Beauty: On-the-Glow Blush and Illuminato

The 2-in-1 stick for face and cheeks is a good multitasker for a minimalist makeup bag. While the blush gives a youthful glow with just a small amount, the highlighter provides a touch of subtle shine.


Source & Copyright by Wander Beauty

Step 4: Full eyebrows for a power expression

The eyebrows are part of a strong expression. That's why a minimalist makeup collection doesn't leave out the eyebrows. With a powder, the intensity can be varied and different looks can be created with one product.

RMS Beauty: BackXNUMXBrow Powder and BackXNUMXBrow Brush Kit

Non-toxic, GMO-free and caring. The powder is formulated with natural ingredients such as cocoa seed butter. The brush is double-sided with a plush, dense structure to apply the powder evenly. On the other side is a spiral brush, which helps to distribute the powder, shape it and blend it further.

Source & Copyright by RMS Beauty


Step 5: Long, curled eyelashes

Mascara is one of the fastest consumed products and therefore causes a lot of cosmetic waste. For this reason, it makes sense to pay attention to brands and products with recyclable packaging and sustainable ingredients.

Vapor Beauty: Mesmerize Mascara

The Mesmerize Mascara is formulated without artificial fragrances, petroleum, formaldehyde, paragons or irradiated pigments and activated with untreated botanical ingredients. The brand also offers its customers a recycling program for empty packaging.

Source & Copyright by Vapor Beauty

How to reduce your makeup collection

Only keep the essential products that support your 10-minute look in the morning. A good place to start is to check the expiration dates of all of your products and to throw away or recycle items that have expired. A minimalist makeup collection is essentially about "less is more", which brings the focus to what is really important.

If you only have the products that add value to your life, you will appreciate the things you own more. To complement your minimalist makeup collection with natural beauty products, you can reduce your consumption and also reduce waste and at the same time support brands that do good for the environment and society.


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