The top 5 glamping locations - camping close to nature with a comfort factor

Rediscover travel. Find out what makes the glamping trend so attractive and which exclusive places you should not miss.

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Author: Sidney Kadziolka

Whether before or during the pandemic, glamping has been an ongoing trend in sustainable tourism for years. The word combination of "glamorous" and "camping" stands for travel in harmony with nature without having to forego comfort and luxury. Gone are the days when camping meant spartan amenities and modest accommodations. Because modern glamping offers a variety of exclusive accommodation from cozy tents with lambskins and spectacular terraces to spacious huts with stylish kitchenettes to exquisitely designed tiny houses with breathtaking views of untouched nature.


These 5 places allow you high-class glamping - pure nature and luxury

  1. Tree house in Raray, France
  2. Luxury yurt in Abruzzo, Italy
  3. Luxury Cabins in Galicia, Spain
  4. Tiny houses in Halikidiki, Greece
  5. Wild West tents in Colorado, USA

1. Tree Houses in Raray, France

This cozy tree house in a warm wooden design makes honeymoon dreams come true. Secluded in the forest, you can let your soul dangle from the heights. With a double bed, fully equipped bathroom, running water, heating and electricity, the guest does not have to do without anything. On the contrary: bathing in the whirlpool on the terrace with candlelight and a view of the stars makes your stay unforgettably romantic.

2. Luxury Yurt in Abruzzo, Italy

This charming yurt in the middle of an olive grove belongs to a small organic farm and can accommodate two people (optionally with cots). It also has, among other things, air conditioning, internet and a cozy fireplace. From spring to autumn, a private whirlpool and grill on the terrace sweeten the outdoor experience. Two bicycles and a swimming pool can also be used.

3. Luxury Cabins in Galicia, Spain

These spacious "cottages" are located in a breathtaking oasis of well-being of 40.000 m2 in A Coruña, in the north of Spain. A beautiful boho style made from sustainable materials (hammocks, woven trims and wooden furniture) extends across the kitchen, living room, bathroom and terrace. On the upper floor there is also a chic room with its own terrace and whirlpool.


4. Tiny houses in Halkidiki, Greece

The spacious rooms of the three tiny houses offer a high level of comfort for up to four people. They feature wide sliding glass doors that offer stunning views of a private beach. The modern interior consists of a fully equipped bedroom, living room and bathroom as well as a kitchen with a dining table and an extendable living room couch.

5. Wild West tents in Colorado, USA

The Dunton River Camp with its eight glamping tents is located in the middle of mountains, between trees and the river bank. Here the visitor is spoiled for choice between tents in an upscale, rustic style or in a sophisticated, chic design. Large beds, charming bathrooms, cozy stoves and amenities like towel warmers are included.

Travel trend glamping combines nature and comfort

The new travel trend "Glamping" makes it possible to switch off from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and to relax in the countryside. Get out of the comfort zone? Yes, because the traveler experiences fascinating nature intensively - but not too far, because comfort and stylish minimalism can continue to sweeten the holiday. Shivering toes and thin insulating mats are a thing of the past here.

You can find more glamping accommodation on the online platforms, among others Glamping hub or Getaway House.


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