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Flaxseed mucilage
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Flaxseed slime is the latest trend for 2024. No wonder: the small seeds are full of healthy fats and fiber. No matter whether in beauty-or nutritional area, the novel composition is a holistic nutrient bomb for the body. But what does the well-known flaxseed slime consist of? Very simple: made from flaxseed and ten times the amount of boiling water. The seeds are then boiled for 20 minutes until a slime forms. We show the best tips and tricks for using flax seeds.

Everything about flaxseed slime at a glance:

  1. What are flaxseeds?
  2. The best instructions for flaxseed slime
  3. Flaxseed slime as a natural laxative
  4. Flaxseed slime for heartburn
  5. Flaxseed mask for skin and hair
  6. Use flaxseeds sparingly

What are flaxseeds?

But what exactly are the little grains? Flaxseed, also known as linseed, refers to the seeds of the so-called flax plant. Flaxseeds have a particularly high fat content, mainly from so-called omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are wonderful for human metabolism. Since our cell membranes are also made of fats, omega-3 fatty acids also help with their maintenance. Whether ingested or applied externally: flaxseed supports all of the body's useful functions.

Flaxseed mucilage plant

Flaxseed slime is versatile: The best instructions

To make it, linseeds are boiled with ten times the amount of water for 20 minutes until a slime forms. If it becomes too solid, you can add a little more water as desired. But how and for what do you use linseed mucus?

Flaxseed slime as a natural laxative

Flaxseed mucus can be very helpful for constipation. The mucilage it contains is primarily responsible for its consistency. These mucilages also have a binding effect in the body. The volume of the intestinal contents is bound, thus digestion is also stimulated. For this purpose, the linseed mucus is taken once a day with plenty of water. If you want to weaken the digestive stimulation a little, you can use unground linseed.

Flaxseed slime for heartburn

Mucus from flaxseed can also relieve the symptoms of inflammation in the body, such as heartburn. This is due to the omega-3 fatty acids it contains, which have an anti-inflammatory effect. If you have heartburn or other gastrointestinal complaints, you can make the linseed mucus as usual and then put it in a sieve, so that the linseeds are separated from the mucus itself. Now put the mucus in a thermos flask and drink it warm several times a day.

Good for skin and hair: the linseed mask

Both in food intake and for use on the skin: flaxseed mucus supplies all cells in the body with important nutrients. To make a flaxseed mask, simply make your flaxseed slime using 50g of flaxseed and 500ml of boiling water and let the mixture simmer for 20 minutes. Then apply the mask to the desired area, which can be done either in face or on other dry parts of the body . In addition, the linseed mask can also be used in hair . After leaving it on for 20 minutes, the linseed mask can be rinsed off.

Use flaxseeds sparingly

Flaxseeds make a valuable contribution to a balanced and healthy diet. Whether for promoting heart health, improving digestion, controlling blood sugar levels and weight management, they are a real beauty all-rounder. But as with all foods, the dose makes the poison: When consuming it, it is very important to drink enough fluids. In addition, you should consume the mucus from linseed in a manageable amount because, in addition to all the healthy ingredients, it also contains hydrogen cyanide, which can even be fatal if consumed in excess. However, if you pay attention to a balanced diet, the small grains are a perfect addition to everyone's everyday life.


What does flaxseed slime do?

Flaxseed slime can promote digestion and provide nutrients to skin cells. Flaxseeds are also good for the hair because of the omega-3 fatty acids they contain.

How do you prepare flaxseed slime?

To do this, simply pour ten times the amount of water over flaxseeds and boil the seeds until the desired consistency is achieved.

How healthy is flaxseed slime?

Slime made from flaxseed is considered very healthy because it is rich in fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, which in turn have positive effects on health.


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