Coachtopia creates transparency with documentary series “The Road to Circularity”

The sub-brand of the company Coach has released a documentary series showcasing the complete manufacturing process of Coachtopia products titled "The Road to Circularity"

The Road to Circularity
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Author: House of Eden

The fashion world is a key driver of the precarious circumstances surrounding climate change. According to the European Parliament, the average person's consumption of textiles alone results in around 270kg of CO2 emissions per year. With a share of 10%, the fashion industry thus contributes significantly to global CO2 emissions. One cause of this problem is the fast fashion industry, which produces large quantities of textiles under unworthy conditions for people and the environment. It is therefore time for renowned brands to strive for an environmentally friendly transformation. Fashion brand Coach, a member of the luxury conglomerate Tapestry, is also taking the first steps towards sustainability. With their sub-brand Coachtopia, they are committed to sustainable change in the fashion industry. A first development in the sustainable transformation is to recycle leather remnants. In order to give consumers a deeper insight into the fashion industry, the sub-brand is now publishing a documentary series that documents the manufacturing process of its products in detail.

The most important facts at a glance:

  • Coachtopia strives for a sustainable transformation in the fashion industry, in particular by transforming waste from bag production into new resources for the circular economy.
  • Generation Z activists and designers are inspiring greater transparency in the fashion industry, prompting Coachtopia to launch a documentary series entitled "The Road to Circularity".
  • The series aims to highlight current problems and solutions in the fashion industry and the associated challenges for the circular economy.

Coachtopia on the way to a circular economy

Coachtopia has been working on sustainable transformation in the fashion industry since it was founded. The focus here is primarily on the existing waste from bag production, which is to be brought back into the circular economy as a new resource. The company therefore aims to make its production process as circular as possible. To keep the brand up to date, the beta community provides inspiration for Coachtopia's content, products and initiatives. Consisting of activists, designers and creative minds from Generation Z, the beta community criticised the lack of transparency in the manufacturing process in the fashion industry. The response: a documentary series to make the fashion industry more transparent than ever.

"The Road to Circularity" for more transparency in the fashion industry

"This is a story about changing mindsets, but also about the people who work at the centre of our mission," says Joon Silverstein, Director of Coachtopia. "The Road to Circularity" explores current problems and solutions in the fashion industry. Aditi Mayer, sustainable fashion writer, climate activist and member of the Beta community, accompanies viewers as a storyteller along the entire value chain around the world. From the leather scrap yard to development and production. In the course of this, Aditi Mayer comes into contact with a variety of personalities who explain the manufacturing process of Coachtopia products from their perspective.

The fashion industry needs change

Considering the pressing climate issues and the precarious circumstances caused by the fashion industry, it is imperative that renowned fashion brands such as Coach strive for a profound and sustainable transformation. In its documentary, Coachtopia shows that we have everything we need to advance the circular economy. These changes are not only a business imperative, but also a moral obligation to future generations. Now is the time when style and responsibility must go hand in hand to create a sustainable future for the fashion industry.


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