Upcycling meets high fashion in this capsule collection

The new collaboration between The Outnet and ELV Denim ensures an elegant combination of high-end fashion and sustainability

The Outnet x ELV Denim
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Author: House of Eden

  • The London label ELV Denim and the online retailer The Outnet present a limited collection with 50 pieces made from deadstock materials, including classic denim styles, tailored suits and leather items
  • The capsule collection sets an example for sustainable high-end fashion by combining style and environmental awareness
  • Anna Foster, the founder of ELV Denim, emphasizes the shared beliefs of ELV Denim and The Outnet

Recycling, upcycling, zero waste. These keywords are becoming increasingly important, especially in the fashion industry. And rightly so: an average person from Europe needs up to 270kg of CO2 per year just through textile consumption. The luxury industry is also increasingly recognizing the urgency of acting more sustainably. High-end fashion brands are already using vegan raw materials or clothing made from recycled materials. But clothes made from never-used clothing, so-called deadstock, are also becoming increasingly popular. Above all, a very special collaboration will be launched this year: a capsule collection between the online retailer The outnetand the London label ELV Denim, which is based entirely on deadstock materials.

Sustainable pieces made from deadstock materials

ELV Denim has focused on upycycling in the fashion industry since its founding. Her garments can be summarized as handmade, upcycled and luxury and are particularly characterized by their all-denim look. These features are also taken up in the limited collection in collaboration with The Outnet: It includes 50 limited pieces made of deadstock materials from The Outnet's warehouse and were all handmade. In addition to the classic denim styles, the capsule collection also includes tailored suits, knitwear and leather items made from these recycled materials. “We have the same beliefs that just because a garment isn't loved the first time it doesn't mean it can't be loved a second time,” says Anna Forster, founder of ELV Denim. To complete the sustainability aspect, the swing tags are equipped with a digital ID including a QR code. Each tag contains detailed information about material, styling and care instructions.

High fashion and sustainability belong together

High-end fashion is no longer responsible for simply setting trends. Large companies in particular have a responsibility towards the environment, as they not only shape future movements but also environmental influences. The integration of deadstock materials brings a variety of positive impacts - from reducing CO2 emissions to lower water consumption and effectively reducing waste. The 50 limited pieces in the capsule collection are not only a statement of style, but also an example of how more environmentally friendly practices can be implemented in the fashion industry. The collection will be available worldwide from January 25, 2024 on www.theoutnet.com.


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