Sustainable Advent calendar 2023 for an environmentally conscious pre-Christmas period

Sustainable Advent calendars with environmentally conscious gifts are a special joy and attention - Discover the top 15 ideas for 2023

Sustainable Advent calendar 2023

December 1st is approaching and so it's time to open the door. A sustainable Advent calendar is filled with beautiful surprises year after year and always brings joy. Most conventional Advent calendars just overfill people's cupboards with unnecessary products and often even end up in the trash after use.

Above all, the plastic molds it contains generate a lot of waste. According to deutsche Bundesregierungthus increase the scraps to Christmas by around 20%. How good that there are numerous alternatives to the traditional chocolate calendar.

A nice option for sustainable Advent calendars are of course homemade Christmas calendars. However, if you don't have time for crafting, you can also get refillable and therefore reusable calendars and use them with personal gifts. In addition, many companies now offer sustainable Advent calendars and pay attention to responsible products.

Sustainable Advent calendar 2023 - Our top 15

These 10 Advent calendars are suitable for a sustainable pre-Christmas period.

1. Sustainable advent calendar with natural cosmetics

Cosmetic products in the advent calendar are a varied idea. Natural cosmetics for 24 daily care and wellness rituals. Lots Natural cosmetics brands Therefore, we offer ready-made calendars especially for Christmas. These include, for example, La Mer, dr Barbara Sturm, Aqua di Parma, Dr. Hauschka or Lush.

Dr Barbara Sturm Advent calendar

Source & Copyright: Dr. Barbara Sturm

Dr Hauschka sustainable Advent calendar

Source & Copyright: Dr. Hauschka

2. Sustainable advent calendar as a scented candle

An Advent calendar that conjures up the scent of Christmas in your home every day. Ferm Living offers an advent calendar candle. This “Kalendarlys” has long been a tradition in Denmark. Simply light it every day and count the days until Christmas.

Fermliving Advent calendar candle

Source & Copyright: Ferm Living

Another way to equip the Advent season with winter scents is an Advent calendar with scented oils or Soy wax candles. The Ava & May Advent calendar For example, offers a variety of vegan scents for the Christmas season.

Ava & May Advent calendar

Source & Copyright: Ava & May

3. Charity "Gute Taten" Advent calendar

The “Gute Taten” advent calendar is a calendar that promotes social projects worldwide. Behind every door there is a project that is implemented by purchasing the calendar. Thus you support with 24 euros, worldwide projects in the categories health, environment, education and supply.

24 good deeds

Source & Copyright: 24 Good Deeds

4. Sustainable chocolate calendar

If you want chocolate, make sure you choose sustainable chocolate. The Advent calendar classic, for example, is available from Amanase. It is vegan, fair and also compostable. Also the chocolate from Tony's Chocolonely is sustainable: The company cares about fair working conditions and environmentally friendly production.

sustainable chocolate advent calendar

Source & Copyright: Amanase

Tony's Chocolonely Advent Calendar

Source & Copyright: Tony's Chocolonely

5. Sustainable snack advent calendar

Of course they are also suitable as Advent calendar gifts Snacks, because you need them every day. You can pay attention to responsible production and environmentally conscious content. Vegan snack advent calendars are also becoming increasingly popular with consumers. The Advent calendar from Koro For example, only includes vegan products.

Koro Advent Calendar Vegan

Source & Copyright: Koro


Vegan Advent calendar from Vegan Box

Source & Copyright: Vegan Box

6. Sustainable socks Advent calendar

You also need socks every day, which is why it is not harmful to the environment if you own a few of them. The Advent calendar from Jungfeld includes socks made of organic cotton without pesticides, and the products are GOTS certified and produced according to Oeko Tex standards.

Sustainable sock advent calendar

Source & Copyright: Jungfeld

7. Sustainable tea advent calendar

In the cold season, the body often craves warm drinks. With an environmentally conscious tea advent calendar you can try a variety of teas without having to buy a whole pack. For example, the teas consist of Better in the glass or Pukka from controlled organic cultivation.


Better in a glass sustainable Advent calendar

Source & Copyright: Besser im Glas

Pukka Advent calendar

Source & Copyright: Pukka

8. Sustainable tableware advent calendar

During the Christmas season, many guests come to your own apartment. With sustainable tableware you can create a Christmas atmosphere. The Advent calendar from Motel a Miio offers 24 sustainably produced ceramics, all of which are color coordinated.

Motel a Miio Advent calendar

Source & Copyright: Motel a Miio


9. Seed Advent calendar

So that you can also benefit from the Advent calendar in the coming year, a seed Advent calendar from, for example, is suitable Flortus or dill man. You plant it once and can enjoy vegetables fresh from the garden throughout the year. Choose an organic seed advent calendar to protect the environment and your own health.


Flortus seed advent calendar

Source & Copyright: Flortus

Dillmann seed Advent calendar

Source & Copyright: Dillmann

10. Sustainable gadgets

To make your zero-waste resolution easier for next year, use sustainable and reusable gadgets such as reusable cotton pads or beeswax cloths. The Adventsome Advent calendar offers a wide selection of utensils, but also sustainable snacks and drinks. It also includes four donations for charitable projects.

Adventsome Advent calendar

Source & Copyright: Adventsome

11. Coffee Advent Calendar

In addition to all tea variations, a coffee advent calendar is of course also suitable. For example, the calendar includes from Coffee Circle 24 coffees from sustainable production.

CoffeeCircle Advent calendar

Source & Copyright: Coffee Circle

12. Muesli Advent calendar

To make a healthy start to the day particularly quick and easy, a cereal Advent calendar with 24 Christmas flavors is ideal. My muesli For example, offers a large selection of organic mueslis.

My Muesli Advent calendar

Source & Copyright: My Muesli

13. Spice Advent Calendar

Especially during the Christmas season, you spend a lot of time cooking for your loved ones and inviting them over. There is one for this Advent calendar with organic spices a good choice.

JustSpices Advent calendar

Source & Copyright: Just Spices

14. Inspiration Advent Calendar

You can also spend the pre-Christmas period educating yourself a little bit every day. The smartest Advent calendar in the world provides historical context, useful general knowledge and wisdom from famous people such as Astrid Lindgren or Charlie Chaplin.

The smartest Advent calendar in the world

Source & Copyright: Down to Earth

15. Mindfulness Advent Calendar

The term “mindfulness” defines the conscious perception of the senses. This concentration on the essentials is intended to contribute to relaxation and mental health. A Mindfulness Advent calendar accompanies consumers through the pre-Christmas season with personality development, psychology and mindset tools in everyday life.

Mindful Advent calendar

Source & Copyright: Vegan Box


Gift ideas for filling sustainable Advent calendars

Of course, it is also particularly sustainable if you choose the small gifts yourself and can therefore be sure that everything is really needed. But what can you fill the calendars with? It doesn't always have to be sweet, there are many sustainable gift ideas for more variety and also in the spirit of zero waste.

ferm Living Advent calendar narrow, dark green

Source & Copyright by Ferm Living
  • Treats & delicacies: Spices, nuts, cookies, tea, coffee or even a little muesli sweeten the start of the day. Or could it also be a bottle of gin or wine for the evening?
  • Decorative elements: A traditional wooden star, porcelain Christmas bells or a glass Christmas ball will delight the recipient for years to come. Candles and tea lights are an equally beautiful alternative.
  • Cosmetics & Wellness: Small cosmetic and wellness products such as lip balm, face masks or bubble baths are not just for women.
  • Activities: Drinking punch at the Christmas market or watching a Christmas movie together. Every recipient is really happy about this.
  • Sustainable gadgets: To keep sustainable living alive even after the Christmas season, you can also use reusable baking paper or glass straws.

Sustainable Advent calendar for a contemplative pre-Christmas season 2023

A sustainable Advent calendar offers a significant opportunity to make the holidays more environmentally conscious while maintaining the magic and anticipation of Christmas. The use of ecological materials, the promotion of local and ethical production and the integration of reusable elements help create an environmentally friendly alternative.

This trend reflects consumers' growing awareness of sustainability and offers companies the opportunity to offer innovative, environmentally friendly products. With a focus on quality, creativity and sustainability, the sustainable Advent calendar for 2023 promises not only joy, but also a conscious contribution to protecting our environment.


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