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Foldable stool made of PET felt meets the requirements of modern life and is the winner of the Iconic Award: Innovative Interior 2021

TakeoSeat folding stool

Design Story


Kloeber GmbH

Winner product

TAKEoSEAT - folding stool

Design feature

Simple, light, agile


  • Folding stool pressed from a piece of PET molded felt
  • Felt material consists largely of recycled plastic bottles
  • After the service life, sorted return to the recycling cycle
  • Pressed and shaped using a specially developed process
  • Environmentally friendly produced in Germany

TakeOSeat innovative interior

Brand philosophy

For agile working environments and modern living spaces

Kretho, a Klöber brand, develops furniture for agile work and life. The German company develops sustainable furniture that is supposed to make life easier. The Kretho team is inspired by the ideas of its community and would like to meet the requirements of new living environments. The aim is to develop sustainable furnishing solutions from recycled materials or renewable raw materials.

Environmentally friendly & sustainably produced

The first product of the young brand is the TAKEoSEAT folding stool made of PET molded felt. A material that is 100% recyclable and is largely made from old plastic bottles. Pressed and shaped using a newly developed process, the result is a light but stable product that can be used flexibly in everyday life or at work.