Sustainable wallets: How to store your money with style and sustainability

We reveal what you should pay attention to when choosing a sustainable wallet and which brands you can invest in with a clear conscience

Sustainable wallet
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Functional, fashionable and sustainable – a wallet has to do more than offer enough storage space for cash, receipts and credit cards! After all, it is one of the most important accessories that we carry with us every day. A wallet is like a business card that reveals something about its wearer at first glance and underlines their style. Anyone who chooses sustainable wallets is making a very special statement. Because it shows without words that values ​​such as quality and consistency, ethics, fairness and responsibility have a high priority in our lives. Even though high-quality and sustainable wallets are often more expensive than conventional wallets, the investment is worth it!

Why should you prefer sustainable wallets?

Durability and ethical manufacturing with consideration for people and the environment are what distinguish sustainable wallets from conventional wallets. Finally, a common problem with conventionally manufactured wallets is that they are made of chrome-tanned leather or plastic-based imitation leather. When tanning with chromium salts, workers and the environment are exposed to extremely toxic chemicals. The process is also very water-intensive. Loud Peta, A chrome tannery uses around 56.000 liters of water for every ton of hides it processes. In addition, toxic waste such as lead, cyanide, formaldehyde and chromium is produced during production.

The production of plastic-based imitation leather, unless it is recycled artificial leather, is also a major burden on the environment. Heavy metals, petroleum and other pollutants are used in production. According to a study by Project MainStream, a global initiative launched by the World Economic Forum and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, plastic production accounts for around 6% of global oil consumption. This roughly corresponds to the oil consumption of the global aviation sector.

In addition, imitation leather made of plastic often has a low durability and quickly becomes brittle. This is a big problem, especially with wallets, as the material is exposed to a lot of stress due to frequent use. Conventional wallets therefore have to be thrown away and bought new more often. Disposal is also problematic. If plastics end up in the environment, microplastic particles are created through aging and decay processes. Although these become smaller over time, they can be loud Federal Environment Agency in many cases they are never completely broken down. When these tiny particles enter the food chain, they make a loud noise Plastic atlas BUND is suspected of being responsible for diseases such as breast cancer, allergies or diabetes.

What should you consider when buying sustainable wallets?

If you are looking for a sustainable wallet, you should keep in mind that both the environment and social aspects are taken into account during production. This checklist will help you make a conscious decision:

  • Ecological materials: Sustainable wallets are made from environmentally friendly raw materials such as recycled artificial leather, chrome-free tanned leather, organic cotton or vegan, biodegradable ones Leather alternatives manufactured. Care is taken to minimize waste and overproduction.
  • Responsible manufacturing: When producing sustainable wallets, the focus is on craftsmanship and traditional techniques. This ensures that the wallets are long-lasting and hard-wearing and that the look is also high-quality. Animal-friendly practices as well as safe and fair working conditions for employees are standard.
  • Long life cycle: Wallets that are responsibly produced are made to last for many years. They are repairable, so if there is minor damage we don't have to buy a new wallet straight away. In addition, sustainable wallets are designed so that they can be completely recycled without any problems.

Which brands offer wallets with a good eco-balance?

Are you looking for a great brand for sustainable wallets? Then you are sure to find what you are looking for in our hand-picked selection of brands. Because these labels not only offer exquisite craftsmanship and timeless design, but also take a responsible approach to production. From recycled materials to... ethical production They make a positive contribution to the environment without compromising on style and quality.

Our 9 top brands for sustainable wallets

  1. Chloé
  2. Totems
  3. Loewe
  4. Sézane
  5. Allegory
  6. Chylak
  7. Stella McCartney
  8. heureu
  9. Melanie Bianco

1. Chloe

For the Parisian Maison Chloé, social and ecological sustainability are among the fundamental values. The luxury brand's portfolio includes a ready-to-wear collection, shoes, accessories and a perfume line. The fashion company, which has been operating as a since 2021 B Corp is certified, not only impresses with its timelessly feminine designs, but also sets a clear focus on transparency and responsible behavior. In addition to environmentally friendly and fair production, the focus is particularly on supporting women and the goal of a circular economy. In order to extend the life of its products and conserve resources, Chloé also maintains a partnership with the luxury resale platform Vestiaire Collective. Here we find a carefully curated selection of used Chloé items that are looking for new owners.

When designing the sustainable women's purses, Chloé pays particular attention to ensuring that those who wear them can enjoy them for a long time. The French high fashion brand's wallets have everything a modern classic needs. Their design is timelessly elegant and they are elaborately handcrafted from high-quality, environmentally friendly leather, which becomes even more beautiful with small traces of time.

Headquarters: Paris, France

Sustainability factor: B Corp Certification

Materials: Sustainably produced leather according to the standards of Leather Working Group

Love piece: Alphabet Small Tri-Fold

Price: € € €

Where to buy: via

sustainable wallets Chloé

Source & Copyright by Chloé

2. Totems

The Swedish fashion brand Toteme stands for sustainable Scandi style and responsible luxury. The fashion house's line includes ready-to-wear, shoes and accessories. Each design embodies the essence of minimalist elegance, timeless style and the highest level of craftsmanship. Based on the ethos of purposeful design and enduring quality, each Toteme work is a testament to longevity and timeless chic. But the brand's commitment to sustainability goes beyond the durability of its own products and includes ethical responsibility along the entire value chain. Inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Toteme integrates these principles into its environmental, social and governance framework, which focuses on design innovation, environmental impact and charitable activities.

With their functional, puristic design, Toteme's sustainable wallets are an investment with future potential. Each piece is made by hand from high-quality, ecologically produced leather. As a member of the Leather Working Group, Toteme supports responsible leather production worldwide and only uses leather hides for its wallets that are a by-product of the food industry and do not come from areas where rainforests have been cut down for livestock farming.

Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden

Sustainability factor:  Member of the Scandinavian Textile Initiative for Climate Action (STICA)

Materials: responsibly manufactured leather based on the LWG Commissioning Manufacturer Standard

Love piece: Pocket leather pouch milk

Price: € €

Where to buy: via

sustainable wallets totems

Source & Copyright by Toteme


Loewe, the legendary Spanish luxury fashion house, is famous for its iconic leather designs. The heart of Loewe's philosophy is the combination of the highest quality and responsibility for the environment. The Maison combines traditional craftsmanship with innovative research and the latest technology in order to constantly minimize its ecological footprint. From material procurement to design and manufacturing to packaging, Loewe pursues a sustainable approach across the entire value chain.

The brand also relies on high quality and environmentally friendly materials when producing its wallets, with factors such as traceability, fair conditions for workers and animal protection playing a central role. For example, the leather for Loewe wallets comes exclusively from tanneries that are LWG certified. In addition, environmentally friendly materials such as recycled or organic materials are increasingly being used. This allows Loewe to combine timeless elegance with sustainable commitment.

Headquarters: Madrid, Spain

Sustainability factor:  Supporter of the LIFE (LVMH Initiatives for the Environment) program

Materials: Durable leather from animal-friendly farming with LWG certification

Love piece: Pebble cookie key holder in shiny nappa calfskin

Price: € € €

Where to buy: via

sustainable wallets Loewe

Source & Copyright by LOEWE

4. Sezane

The French brand Sézane proves that great quality and sustainability can also be affordable. The brand relies on the use of high-quality, preferably natural materials in its fashion and accessories line in order to maximize the durability of its garments and reduce the ecological footprint. Sézane also subjects its production partners to regular social audits to ensure ethical standards in production. In this way, the brand manages to build a bridge between timeless design, quality and social responsibility and to offer customers a sustainable and affordable alternative to fast fashion.

The sustainable women's wallets from Sézane impress with their classic style and their fair price. They are manufactured in certified factories in the European Union. Transport takes place overland to save CO2 emissions. Whenever the color and texture of the item allows the process, vegetable tanning is used for the leather of the wallets. The leather goods in Sézane's "Héritage" line are 100% vegetable tanned. The brand is also continually researching new plant-based tanning methods (e.g. with rhubarb) to further reduce the environmental impact.

Headquarters: Paris, France

Sustainability factor:  Société à Mission and B Corp certified

Materials: high-quality leather, vegetable tanned if possible

Love piece: Grand Milo wallet

Price: €

Where to buy: via

sustainable wallets Sézane

Source & Copyright by Sézane

5. Allegory

Responsible design made in New York: Allégorie is a young accessories brand from the Big Apple that is committed to the sustainable use of food waste. The brand uses these innovative materials like apple or mango leather and transforms them into unique bags and wallets. The accessories are made by local makers in the heart of New York's Garment District according to the rules of traditional craftsmanship. In this way, Allégorie promotes the regional community and guarantees the highest quality in workmanship. The label succeeds in combining craftsmanship with environmental awareness and creating products that are not only stylish, but also carry a social and ecological message.

Made from fruit and vegetable leather, Allégorie's wallets are perfect for anyone who follows a vegan lifestyle. Anyone who buys one of the sustainable wallets can look forward to a fashionable and practical all-time favorite that was manufactured with a lot of know-how and attention to detail. Great extra: For a unique finish, Allégorie wallets can be personalized with hand-painted initials.

Headquarters: New York, USA

Sustainability factor:  USDA bio-based materials certification, PETA certification, WFTO fair trade certification and OEKO-TEX certification

Materials: Apple, cactus, pineapple and mango leather obtained from food industry waste

Love piece: Black Gala Bifold Wallet

Price: €

Where to buy: via

sustainable wallets allegory

Source & Copyright by Allegorie

6. Chylak

The Polish brand Chylak specializes in timeless leather bags and accessories at affordable prices. Creative director and founder Zofia Chylak's designs are made from high-quality leather that is made and embossed in Italy. Production takes place at local manufacturers in Poland. This keeps delivery routes short and guarantees fair working conditions and the highest quality standards in handcrafted production. Production takes place in small batches to avoid overproduction. Each piece in the collection is also provided with an individual serial number, which underlines the unique character of the products.

With a wallet from Chylak you acquire a very special favorite piece that is made to last a lifetime. To reduce waste, Chylak wallets are made exclusively from leftover leather from handbag production. The cowhide used here is a by-product of meat production. The majority of this leather is tanned using a traditional vegetable technique, using chestnut, mimosa and quebracho tree extracts. This is how Chylak manages to minimize the ecological footprint while offering high-quality, timeless wallets that combine style and responsibility.

Headquarters: Warsaw, Poland

Sustainability factor:  The Italian tannery Chylak works with has a "silver" rating in the Leather Working Group's environmental assessment.

Materials: Italian leather of the highest quality, mostly vegetable tanned and naturally dyed

Love piece: Big Classic Wallet “black pebbled leather”

Price: €

Where to buy: via

sustainable wallets Chylak

Source & Copyright by Chylak

7.Stella McCartney

She is the pioneer when it comes to sustainable fashion and accessories: the British high fashion brand Stella McCartney. After all, since its founding in the early noughties, the brand has been redefining modern luxury by creating desirable products that leave a minimal environmental footprint. The brand completely avoids using animal raw materials such as leather, fur or feathers. Instead, Stella McCartney develops advanced materials that offer luxurious quality without compromising ethical principles. The brand also attaches great importance to responsible procurement and high social standards throughout the entire supply chain. It only works with suppliers who are committed to humane working conditions, animal welfare and environmental protection. With this clear vision and consistent implementation of her values, Stella McCartney has inspired a new generation of consumers and designers to establish sustainability as a fundamental part of the fashion industry.

Stella McCartney's range also includes sustainable wallets that impress with a high style and sustainability factor. All of the brand's wallets are made from completely vegan materials. Stella McCartney prefers to use imitation leather made from water-based and solvent-free polyurethanes, which require less energy and water and are safer for workers than conventional plastics. Renewable and recycled polyurethanes are also used, as are innovative oil-free and plant-based raw materials. For example, wallets made from Mirum®, an innovative material made from bio-based ingredients such as natural rubber, natural fibers and vegetable oil, a completely plastic, fossil and water-free alternative to models made from animal leather.

Headquarters: London, UK

Sustainability factor:  Member of the Ethical Trading Initiative

Materials: Imitation leather made from water-based and solvent-free polyurethanes, Mirum®, mushroom, grape and apple leather

Love piece: Sexy Robot Graphic Grained-Texture Shoulder Bag

Price: € € €

Where to buy: via

sustainable wallets Stella McCartney

Source & Copyright by Stella McCartney

8. Heureu

Heureu combines tradition with modern design. The brand's shoes, bags and small leather goods are made in Spain by family-run manufacturers who pass on their craftsmanship over generations. The aesthetics of Heureu are also determined by the region's traditional sewing and weaving techniques. The brand places emphasis on environmentally friendly materials such as organic cotton and vegetable-tanned leather to minimize its environmental impact. Each Heureu piece reflects the individuality of the craftsmen who create these unique pieces.

Heureu's wallets are also individual eye-catchers that impress with their elaborate workmanship and top quality. The accessories are made from Spanish or Italian leather that meets The Leather Group's ethical standards. Heureu only uses leather from by-products of the meat industry. We can store our money with style and sustainability in the sustainable wallets from the Spanish brand.

Headquarters: Barcelona, ​​Spain

Sustainability factor: Cotton with GOTS certification and leather according to “The Leather Group” standards

Materials: vegetable tanned leather and organic cotton

Love piece: Bombon Mini Purse

Price: €

Where to buy: via

sustainable wallets Heureu

Source & Copyright by Heureu

9. Melanie Bianco

The Los Angeles brand Melie Bianco offers affordable luxury. The family-run brand has expanded to... vegan handbags made of high-quality artificial leather, but also offers a matching fashion range. An essential part of the company philosophy is the protection of animals. Melie Bianco rejects real fur, animal hair and leather products of animal origin. In addition, the brand's product batches are limited per season in order to reduce textile and material waste. Melie Bianco attaches great importance to compliance with ethical standards. For example, suppliers must adhere to strict policies regarding working conditions, pay, non-discrimination and job security. This philosophy is reflected in every product designed and manufactured by Melie Bianco.

Melie Bianco's wallets are characterized by a high trend factor and unique designs. The colorful color palette of the wallets is a symbol of typical California chic. The sustainable wallets are made of vegan leather that uses high-quality polyurethane. Not only do we protect animals and the environment, but we can also look forward to a long-lasting companion that we would never want to give up again.

Headquarters: Los Angeles, USA

Sustainability factor: PETA Approved Vegan

Materials: Polyurethane

Love piece:  Tara Yellow Vegan Card Case Wallet

Price: €

Where to buy: via

sustainable wallets Melie Bianco

Source & Copyright by Melanie Bianco

Sustainable wallets are a good investment

Anyone who buys a sustainable wallet is making an investment in the future. Because the wallets from brands like Chloé, Toteme, Loewe, Sézane, Allégorie, Chylak, Stella McCartney, Heureu or Melie Bianco are made to stay by our side for a lifetime. During production, these brands not only rely on fair working conditions, but also on the highest quality and professional workmanship. Vegan or recycled materials as well as environmentally friendly tanned leather serve as the basis. These raw materials protect our planet's resources. So every single sustainably manufactured wallet not only helps us to store our money well, but also helps protect the environment.


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