“Mission to Net Zero”: The Greentech Festival celebrates its 5th anniversary

Green technologies, future-proof knowledge & global synergies for transformative change - that's what the Greentech Festival 2023 promises

Green Tech Festival
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  • The Greentech Festival celebrates its 5th anniversary
  • Green and progressive technologies under the motto "Mission to Net Zero"
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Thought leaders, leaders, activists and companies will come together from June 14th to 16th to present, discuss and celebrate green technologies. The occasion is the 5th anniversary of the Green Tech Festival - Europe's largest festival for sustainability. Under the motto "Mission to Net Zero", the area of ​​the former Tegel Airport will become a meeting point for visionary personalities and organizations who are driving disruptive innovations for a consistent path towards net zero emissions.

Greentech Festival: Center to tackle the urgent challenges of climate change

Recap The Greentech Festival was founded in 2018 with the vision of "offering companies, innovators and politically active interest groups a global platform to present new technologies, bold approaches and implementable solutions for sustainable change and to expand their network", says Founder Marco Voigt. This year's claim "Mission to Net Zero" also underlines the uncompromising recognition and active support of the Paris Climate Agreement. And with it the conviction that green technologies can not only be a relevant engine, but also part of the solution to achieve net-zero emissions before 2025.

That is why the GTF presents technological transformation in all industrial sectors and offers a stage for international research institutions, start-ups and industrial companies. As a non-partisan entity, the Greentech Festival promotes discourse and enables synergies in order to achieve ambitious climate goals together with constructive and controversial approaches. Since its inception, the global event has been able to create the exchange of knowledge, experiences and perspectives for a broader awareness of sustainable technologies and the need for environmentally conscious change.

Greentech Festival 2023's Agenda

The line-up and agenda of the GTF is fitting for the occasion of the 5th anniversary. A total of over 190 exhibitors, around 120 speakers from politics, business, society, science and the media, and over 15.000 visitors are expected. This portfolio of international visionaries gathers to engage with progressive future thinking, networking and Knowledge transfer to participate in the forthcoming transformation of our society. Specifically, the program includes the Green Awards, the GTF Exhibition and the GTF Conference.

Greentech Festival Stage 2

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Exclusive Start: Green carpet for the game changers of the future

The Green Awards mark the kick-off of the three-day sustainability festival on the evening of June 14th. And honor the most innovative projects and pioneers in the categories of innovation, start-up and youngster. These include these pioneering solutions:

  • Brilliant Planet, nominated in the Innovation category, has found a solution to bind carbon permanently and quantifiably with the help of algae. This process not only contributes to the health of the air but also of the ocean.
  • As the construction sector is responsible for 60% of waste and 40% of CO2 emissions worldwide, Concular is developing a digital ecosystem for circular construction. By digitizing materials and reusing them in new constructions since 2020, the start-up has created closed material cycles. These help reduce global CO2 emissions by up to 15% and waste by up to 30%.
  • Youngster Angela Busheska was nominated for her application EnRoute. A machine learning based program that helps people reduce their daily carbon emissions.

Regardless of who ultimately wins the titles, one thing is clear: The Green Awards are an exclusive homage to the leading sustainable ideas worldwide.

Progressive ideas for the future: The GTF Conference promotes awareness, innovative strength and knowledge transfer

On June 15th and 16th, the GTF Conference will be the scene of inspiring discussions and the exchange of ideas. The conference format includes panels and panel discussions on various stages, including the Main Stage and the Deep Dive Stage. Here, around 120 renowned speakers will open up different perspectives on sustainable innovations. And discuss these in connection with climate protection as well as social and political framework conditions.

Among the speakers are personalities such as the Swedish climate researcher Johan Rockström and Kate Brand, Chief Sustainability Officer at Google. But political representatives such as Federal Minister of Finance Christian Lindner and the spokeswoman for women's policy and federal chairwoman of Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, Ricarda Lang, also take part.

It is worth mentioning the KOA female career festival,which is taking place for the second time during the Greentech Festival. This event focuses on HR topics related to female empowerment and offers inspiring talks and interactive panels for visitors.

GTF Exhibition: Hub for trend-setting solutions and products

The Greentech Festival Exhibition is the leading platform for the latest developments in green technologies. Visitors can discover state-of-the-art solutions and products and learn from the exhibitors how sustainability can be thought of in an innovative way and the "Mission to Net Zero" can be consistently implemented. Around 190 start-ups, established companies, institutions and ministries will present their strategic projects. Among them this year are, for example, the German Aerospace Center, the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection, Audi, BCG, Beiersdorf, Meta and Planted.

Greentech terrain min 3

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An additional highlight will be the GTF Driving Experience. It aims to provide new perspectives on the future of mobility This will open up and make them more real and tangible. How? Just try. Various e-cars, e-motorcycles and e-bikes will be available on the routes in the outdoor area. These include an exclusive Audi track and Audi off-road course as well as a bicycle course. E.ON, Škoda, Hyundai, Cake (e-motorcycles) and Livewire (e-motorcycles) are also contributing to the experience.

What's next? Greentech Festival goes Global!

The line-up of the Greentech Festival 2023 promises a constructive discourse, forward-looking knowledge transfer and, above all, progressive technologies that can drive the urgently needed transformation of society. As a hub that brings together established organisations, up-and-coming start-ups, hidden champions and those who are just interested, the GTF makes a relevant contribution to mobilizing not only common but also undiscovered potential. And we do it collectively and on a global scale, so that synergies are created and ideas can be scaled. Appropriate for this vision: The GTF Berlin marks the starting signal for this year's GTF World Tour, which has stops in Los Angeles (September 2023) and Singapore (November 2023).

Anyone interested in discovering green technologies, gaining future-proof insights and proactively shaping the transformation can register now Secure a ticket for the Greentech Festival and with the code "HVE-15" 15% on the Conference passes receive. These allow access to the GTF Conference and GTF Exhibition.


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