Hippie, chic and something different: The Boho Style at Home

Natural colors, different materials and textiles for an imperfect look: This is the boho style

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Natural colors, different materials and textiles for an imperfect look: All of this is combined in the “Boho” interior style. For those who feel just as comfortable in the big wide world as they do in their own home and who set no limits when it comes down to decoration.

Whether in fashion, art, lifestyle or interior, traces of the boho style can be found almost everywhere. It is made for free spirits and people who just want to live a little bit different: Balanced, close to nature and yet very comfortable.

The “Bohème”, from which the term “Boho” is derived, describes a counter-bourgeois subculture that reached its peak at the end of the 19th century. Marked by an artistic and intellectual way of living, far away from any conventions. Exactly this approach can be found in the boho style.

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Source & Copyright by Ralph Lauren Home

The boho style cannot do without a mix of styles and colors

Mixtures of styles and vintage furniture are just as common as accents set with bright colors. However the base should always be set by earthy tones, such as brown, beige or olive. Afterwards build on with accessories in turquoise, bordeaux or lavender.

Decoration is very important in the boho style. Cushions and blankets with fringes, colorful wall accessories or figures with depictions of animals are a great choices, which adapt to the otherwise rather calm environment.

Shrill and colorful meets natural and grounded

Patterns in particular can be wonderfully integrated in the boho style. For example ethnic patterns, patchwork pieces or batik are very suitable, but also folkloric and oriental patterns find their place in the boho style.

The boho style lives from its variety of materials. Basically, you should use natural materials such as wood, leather, rats or linen. Dried flowers and feathers are also a great match, for example in organically shaped vases.

Conclusion: If you are attracted by the unconventional and if you feel comfortable in a diverse environment, you should take a closer look at the boho style. But it doesn't always have to be all or nothing: Individual boho pieces can also be nicely integrated into other
furnishing styles.

Step by step boho style guide:

  1. Create a calm base, by using light and natural colors, such as a white couch or a beige wall color.
  2. Use a lot of textiles, which bring colors and patterns into the room. Many pillows on the sofa, blankets with fringes or a tapestry in an ethnic pattern are great options.
  3. Use natural materials! So work with wooden furniture, linen pillow cases or raffia baskets.
  4. Use vintage pieces too: Perfect for that are for example, a vintage chest of drawer from the antique shop or a rattan armchair from the flea market.
  5. Don't make it too perfect, as a little bit of chaos makes the boho style really cozy.


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