Cozy living: Timeless hygge design for sustainable home furnishings

Hygge furnishings have been a trend for years. But what exactly is it and how can you furnish in this style?

Hygge design

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The topics of environmental and climate protection are still firmly anchored in the minds of German citizens. This was the conclusion of a study on environmental awareness in Germanypublished in 2022. The study published by the Federal Environment Agency shows that environmental issues are one of the five most important political priorities among the population. 57 per cent, or just under half of those surveyed, stated that they were interested in them. It is therefore not surprising that sustainability aspects also play a role when it comes to living and furnishing.

Comfort and sustainability - does that go together?

From a political and social perspective, energy efficiency and sustainability are now important cornerstones when building a house. However, the situation is often different when it comes to furnishing your own home. A Statista survey conducted in 2022 revealed that only 24 per cent of participants pay particular attention to sustainable furniture when shopping. Just over 30 per cent are only slightly interested in this purchase criterion, while around 29 per cent are neutral towards it. There are many reasons for this, but one clearly stands out. Some people associate sustainable furniture with uncomfortable materials and designs.

However, climate-friendly interior design and living comfort are by no means mutually exclusive. This is demonstrated by a trend that has been going on for several years: the hygge style. The term "hyggelig", originally from Scandinavian and now Germanised, means something like "pleasant", "cosy" or "homely". It describes home furnishings in which colours inspired by nature, natural materials and a simple, elegant ambience predominate. At the same time, hygge stands for timelessness, which gives the living trend a sustainable character.

Furnish your apartment in a hygge and sustainable way - that's how it works

Hygge has been one of the popular interior design trends in Germany for years. In addition to the high comfort factor, the high-quality natural materials, the soft colors and the straight-line designs meet with goodwill. This interaction gives a hygge interior design a simple and at the same time comfortable aesthetic that does not require any great pomp. Rather, the trend, also known as “Skandi,” embodies “cozy minimalism.” If you want to bring this into your home yourself, you should pay attention to the following tips:

Natural materials are the be-all and end-all

A hygge-style home radiates tranquillity and naturalness. To create this impression, high-quality wooden furniture is usually chosen for the interior design. To pay tribute to the sustainability aspect, local woods are preferable to those from exotic corners of the world. Furniture made from oak, maple and larch is a good choice. Alternatively, BUND recommends ecological furniture made from red heart beech.

Instead of cheap chipboard furniture, high-quality solid wood furniture is ideal for sustainable hygge furnishings. In addition to their high-quality appearance, they have three decisive advantages. They are durable and easy to care for. They are also easier to renovate and refurbish than their inexpensive counterparts.

In addition to classic wooden furniture, pieces of furniture made from mixed materials complement the hygge furnishings. A comfortable lawn in the living room is suitable Lounge area with sustainable reference. This is removable and can often be cleaned in the washing machine at 40 degrees Celsius. Sofas and armchairs made of wood with fur cover also combine comfort and durability.

Design and decoration are limited to the essentials

An overloaded interior can quickly make a home look chaotic and uncomfortable. The hygge trend prevents this risk by reducing the interior to the essentials. The motto when buying furniture and decorative items is therefore "less is more". Nevertheless, nobody has to avoid the decoration department in the shop or online shop. After all, some accessories contribute to the feel-good factor in a cosy home:

  • fluffy high-floor or fur carpets
  • cozy pillows and blankets
  • High-quality pillar candles and lanterns made from organic beeswax

Furthermore, lanterns and fairy lights with LED lamps are conducive to both an atmospheric ambience and sustainable home design thanks to the indirect lighting. To bring nature into your own four walls at the same time, there is a wide range of easy-care houseplants to choose from. If sustainability is also important to you when buying them, opt for second-hand plants instead of visiting the DIY or plant market.

Colors embody naturalness and harmony

In addition to the splendour of plants in the home, the colours of hygge furnishings reflect the beauty of nature. Natural-coloured and white models are particularly popular for furniture. Soft natural tones such as grey, blue, green, beige and brown are suitable for upholstery, home textiles and accessories. Bronze, copper, gold and silver provide elegant accents.

Hygge means timelessness

A particularly important aspect of hygge interior design is the timeless design of the selected pieces of furniture. Tables, cabinets and shelves are characterised by a simple and straightforward look that ensures they never go out of fashion. Thanks to their shape and colour scheme, they are also easy to combine so that the interior can also be adapted to other furnishing styles. This saves you having to buy new furniture when redecorating your home, which is good for your wallet and the environment.

Hygge as an attitude to life

Hygge is more than just an aesthetic furnishing style - it embodies a profound attitude to life. The correct implementation of the hygge style alone does not automatically trigger the feeling of happiness associated with hygge. Rather, it is crucial that the style is not only designed, but also actively lived by bringing it to life through the presence of friends and family. The essence of hygge can be seen when people gather around a table to eat together or when they sit on the sofa and enjoy pleasant conversation. This is where the real magic of hygge lies - in the moments of togetherness and connection.


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