Morgan Freeman - A ranch against bee mortality

More than just honey - How actor Morgan Freeman fights bee mortality with his ranch and what each and everyone can do against it

Morgan Freeman, bee dying

Bees are not just living things that provide humans with honey, but are moreover important links in our ecosystem. As pollinators, they are indispensable for plants. They increase the biodiversity as well as the harvest yield. Despite all these advantages, bees are a threatened species. However, everyone can get involved and do something about bee mortality. Prominent example: actor Morgan Freeman.

Morgan Freeman against bee mortality

The well-known US actor Morgan Freeman is particularly committed and actively campaigning against bee mortality. To him, it is clear that bees are the basis of our lives and responsible for the vegetation and growth of our planet. That's why he turned his 124 hectare ranch in Mississippi into a bees paradise.

Together with his gardeners, Morgan Freemann cultivated clover, lavender, large flowers and more than 140 magnolia trees in order to give the buzzing little animals a new habitat. By now, 26 bee colonies live on his ranch. He himself, as he emphasizes again and again, often feeds his bees without a beekeeper hat and suit.

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Bee dying: Why it is happening and what you can do against it

Bee dying has different reasons. On the one hand, pesticides which are often used in agriculture are dangerous for bees. On the other hand, nesting sites are lost due to the cultivation of agricultural land. If you, personally, want to fight bee mortality but do not have the capacity for a bee ranch like Morgan Freeman, you should pay attention to the following suggestions.

Save bees with Urban Gardening

  • Buy organic products that are unsprayed and pesticide free.
  • Do not use pesticides in your own garden and sow wildflowers or set up a bee hotel.
  • If you only have a balcony, you are already helping to plant herbs. Herbs like thyme, mint and basil are loved by bees and are an excellent source of food.
  • There are now many community gardening initiatives in cities that work for bees and, for example, grow gardens on roof terraces. There you can actively participate as a city beekeeper or gardener.
  • As a bee sponsor you support a beehive and receive the honey for it.

Today, the honeybee is the third most important livestock after cattle and pigs. Worldwide, bee colonies are used for the high-quality and economical production of fruits and vegetables as one-third of human food comes from plants that are pollinated by bees. Moreover, pollination does not only increase the quality of the corps but also the harvest yield.



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