Wall design inspired by historic villas and châteaus

The wall design can give the living space a completely new effect. With its historical colors, Little Greene creates a plague world of styles for your own home

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Source: Little Greene

The wall design can do that Living space give a completely new effect. It speaks for the character of the host, determines the mood of the living space and colour also known to affect our emotions.

Living Coral and statement wallpapers are the wall design trends in 2019

The color institute Pantone has set the color of the year 2019 with "Living Coral". A lively orange with a coral undertone, inspired by the Creative industry, society and popular travel destinations. After “Greenery” and “Ultra Violet” in 2017 and 2018, Pantone has chosen “Living Coral” for the twentieth time as the color of the year.

If that is too glaring, you can also switch to the so-called "Ice Cream Colors". Pastel shades in pistachio, strawberry and mango are this year's trend in the interior sector. The designs bring a certain variety in the four walls and can be very beautifully combined.

Little Greene

Source: Little Greene

Even so-called statement wallpapers will resurface at least since this year. Eye-catching wallpapers with large patterns put statements in our home and can even replace decorative elements.

Place emphasis on quality and longevity when choosing colors

Whether trendsetter or the classic white, it is important that the colors chosen for the design do not harm our health. Particular attention should be paid to the ingredients. Harmful chemicals, solvents, preservatives and softeners are not allowed on the list.

In some cases, these substances can cause allergies, skin rashes, respiratory problems and headaches, or even be carcinogenic in the long term. In particular, attention must be paid to a low VOC value (volatile organic compounds).

Little Greene as a pioneer of eco-friendly colors without compromise

Little Greene is a pioneer in sustainable paint production. The English paint manufacturer is committed to the social and environmentally friendly production of high quality paints and wallpapers. The history of the family-run traditional company goes back to 1773.

little greene

Source: Little Greene

In a traditional paint factory at the foot of Mount Snowdon in North Wales, the colors are crafted with craftsmanship, high-quality raw materials, intelligent formulas and complex color formulas. Almost zero VOC and using sustainable raw materials to achieve color depths and underlying hues that subtly change in different lighting conditions.

Little Greene and the National Trust create historic colors for modern living spaces

Since the beginning of 2018, Little Greene has been working with the National Trust - the organization dedicated to preserving English Heritage. The aim of the joint color research project is to find the original colors that were used in the National Trust homes and gardens back then, reviving people's stories.

A real synergy in terms of preservation, restoration and reinvention. The National Trust takes care of more than 250.000 acres of land, 775 km of coast and hundreds of special properties throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Source: Little Greene

"With access to 350's historic interiors, managed by the National Trust, we had the unique opportunity to immerse ourselves in a prestigious and eclectic mix of decorative styles," said Little Greenes Managing Director, David Mottershead. Clare Brown, National Trust's Head of Brand Licensing, adds, "We are delighted to be working with Little Greene to help bring the national cultural heritage to their own homes."

little greene

Source: Little Greene

The sale of each Little Greene paint can also benefit from a small portion of the proceeds of the National Trust's work to ensure that historic buildings and landscapes can be preserved as open spaces for future generations.



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