News: Y/Project launches sustainable “Evergreen” collection

 The "Evergreen" Capsule Collection by Y / Project is made of the most popular pieces of the Parisian label. Now, however, they are produced sustainably in order to promote environmental protection

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  • The Paris label Y / Project puts a new focus on sustainability
  • The launch of the "Evergreen" Capsule Collection marks the kick-off of this project
  • New sustainable designs will be added to the "Evergreen" Collection each year sustainable designs can be added

While the culmination of fashion shows for men's Spring/Summer Collections was supposed to take place in Paris at the end of July, the entire schedule was ultimately canceled due to COVID-XNUMX restrictions. Instead of moping around or relaxing, however, some brands put the time gained from the quarantine to productive use. Such was the case with Y/Project, as the Paris-based label developed the "Evergreen" Capsule Collection.

Y / Project - A label at the intersection of streetwear and extravagance

Modern, unique, unbridled. Skillfully, the high-end label's creative director Glenn Martens fuses voluminous, luxurious silhouettes with energetic street styles. This is to emphasize individuality and independence, and reinterpret masculinity and femininity through the versatility of the eccentric unisex looks.

y project

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This progressive interpretation of social and industry trends not only helped the brand win the coveted ANDAM Fashion Award Paris. In addition to awards and collaborations with industry giants such as UGG, Y/Project's contemporary design has also secured it a firm place in the luxury segment and is represented at more than XNUMX high-end retailers worldwide. And that offline as well as online.

Sustainable commitment

In light of the quarantine, Y/Project has now used the time to reposition itself - with a clear focus on sustainability. The luxury of having time to reflect entitles the brand to new responsibility, Martens said in an open letter to the press. With this heightened sense of responsibility, the label's priority now is to inspire change and shape a sustainable future for the fashion industry. The first result of this endeavor: the 100% sustainable "Evergreen" Capsule Collection.

Y / Projects Evergreens Go Green

In keeping with the meaning of an evergreen - a thing that is timelessly popular - the twelve-piece collection consists of the luxury brand's most beloved pieces. No wonder, therefore, that the majority of the designs are characterized by asymmetrical shapes, extravagant silhouettes, playful proportions, as well as materials such as denim. This is in fact the conceptual signature style of Y/Project.

y project

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Each design of the collection is manufactured with the consideration of newly defined standards of sustainability as well as ethics. And along the entire value chain: from production to packaging, shipping and materials. In fact, the materials are a combination of natural and recycled fabrics, the processing of which takes place exclusively in the EU. While this approach meets claims of CO2 reduction and circular economy, the donation of part of the proceeds to an ecological charity testifies to Y/Project's holistic sustainable as well as ethical approach.

In addition, the collection will be sold every season as well as supplemented with new sustainable pieces. This guarantees the timelessness of the pieces. In terms of price, Evergreen is in line with the label's traditional collections. According to Creative Director Martens, sustainability should not represent an additional cost for conscious consumers.

y project

Source & Copyright by Y / Project



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