Sustainable sunglasses: The fashion statement for 2023

2023 is not only about stylish, but also about sustainable sunglasses: These materials, models and brands are experiencing a boom


Sustainable sunglasses
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Sunglasses are essential for anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors or wants to give their outfit a stylish upgrade. And in every season. When choosing the right pair of sunglasses, however, it should not only be about the aesthetics of the model, but also about environmental protection. After all, it is often a matter of mass-produced goods made from environmentally harmful materials under questionable conditions. That is why more and more consumers are consciously choosing sustainable sunglasses made of wood, recycled plastics or bio-acetate.

Sustainable sunglasses: The stylish must-have

Whether snowboarding in the Alps or having a sundowner on the Amalfi coast - In many situations, sunglasses are one of the essentials for enjoying a day to the fullest. However, they can not only help to protect your own eyes, but also the environment. To do this, they have to meet one criterion: sustainability.

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Unlike conventional models, sustainable sunglasses are not made from limited resources or toxic materials. They are made of environmentally friendly materials such as wood, recycled plastic or biomaterials. Choosing environmentally friendly sunglasses can therefore make a significant contribution to reducing the need for new plastics, curbing overproduction and consumption through quality and durability, and reducing the overall environmental impact.

Vegan sunglasses: These materials are recommended

Sustainable sunglass brands value environmental protection, fair trade practices and ethical working conditions. For many, this also means supporting animal welfare and producing not only sustainably, but also vegan. Although most eyeglass frames are made of non-animal materials such as metal, they sometimes contain components of animal origin. Including dyes or adhesives.

Even if many conscious brands use the term sustainable and vegan sunglasses synonymously, it is therefore worth asking just to be on the safe side. In general, consumers can rely on the following materials with a clear conscience:

1. Wood

Wooden frame sunglasses have gained popularity thanks to their uniquely organic look. Their feel is light while their quality is high - often through ethical and responsible practices such as craftsmanship. As a result, many brands of sustainable wooden sunglasses offer a wide range of different styles, shapes and also types of wood.

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2. Recycled plastic

To conserve resources and promote a circular industry, more and more brands are offering designs made from recycled plastic. An innovative example: Dutchman Boyan Slat's Ocean Cleanup Project. It has been collecting since 2013 plastic waste from the oceansto recycle it and turn it into sunglasses. This concept proves that accessories don't have to have a drastic ecological footprint and can move seamlessly into the circular economy.

3. Bio-Acetate

Environmentally friendly material innovation: bio-acetate instead of chemical acetate. This consists of a sustainable material based on cellulose, obtained from renewable plant sources. As such, it is biodegradable and has a significantly reduced environmental impact compared to conventional acetate.

Spoiled for choice: These models are trending for environmentally friendly sunglasses in 2023

The search for the perfect pair of sunglasses is determined by various factors. Particularly important in addition to sustainability: the design. From round to square or transparent to playful - the selection of different models seems endless. However, clear trends are emerging in 2023.

Sustainable sunglasses such as retro classics, wooden frames, minimalist elegance and sporty performance eyewear are leaving last year's it-pieces behind. And translucent tones, oversize chic and colorful accents also determine the agenda of trend-setting fashion houses and magazines. However, it is of course important to focus primarily on your own taste and quality, instead of relying on short-lived trends. This is the only way to combine fashion, sustainability, individualism and appreciation.

In addition, the most coveted models of the 80s - whether Chanel, Gucci or Dior - are trending Vintage platforms like Vestiaire Collective and make trend-related models seem obsolete. The second-hand boom is not stopping in the sunglasses sector either, and proves that sunglasses can also become beloved heirlooms.

Sustainable sunglass brands: These labels pave the way

Many sustainable sunglass brands have their own online shops that give consumers direct access to their collections. Buying from the brand's official website has two important advantages: authenticity and the opportunity to learn more about the brand's values ​​and initiatives. These brands lead by example:


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  1. WIRES GLASSES: The London label WIRES focuses on zero waste and organic sunglasses. These are made from a single wire and bio-plastic made from castor beans and are handmade in Italy.
  2. Colorful Default: Produced responsibly and fairly in our own production facility in Portugal. Similar to the fashion of the brand, the models are simple, elegant and timeless, since he neither believes in trends nor in seasons.
  3. Afends: The responsible brand is based in Australia and paves the way for hemp fashion. Inspired by nature, streetwear and surf culture, she has made it her mission to raise awareness of climate change through innovation and activism.

Eco-friendly sunglasses for women

Eco-friendly sunglasses for women offer the perfect symbiosis of style and sustainability. With eco-friendly materials, reliable UV protection and ethical production, they are one Win-win choice for conscious womenwho don't want to compromise when it comes to fashion.

Ecological sunglasses for men

An ideal choice for men who value responsible consumption and want to express their personal style with a clear conscience. Appearance of a gentleman these days is not only about an elegant look, but also about a value system that protects the planet.

Organic sunglasses for children

More and more brands are expanding their range to include sustainable sunglasses that are especially suitable for children. They rely on environmentally friendly materials and child-friendly designs in order to meet the needs of the youngest generation. Grech & Co., Koala Glasses, Babiators and WeeFarers are just a few examples of the diversity of these brands. Parents who choose them can make their children happy with colorful models and at the same time make a contribution to environmental protection.

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Protect the environment and buy regionally: Sustainable glasses from Germany, Switzerland & Austria

Sustainably produced glasses from Germany, Switzerland and Austria are becoming increasingly popular, since regionality is a decisive criterion for environmental protection. Keywords CO2 emissions and supply chains. In addition, strict guidelines apply to the observance of human rights. Examples of brands from the DACH region include Munich Eyewear from Germany, Götti from Switzerland and Rolf Spectacles from Austria. These use recycled materials, renewable raw materials such as bamboo and bio-acetate and rely on environmentally friendly processes.

Conclusion: what are the advantages of sustainable sunglasses?

Sustainable sunglasses offer a variety of benefits for the environment and consumers. They are made from eco-friendly materials such as recycled plastic, bio-acetate, bamboo or wood, reducing dependence on non-renewable resources. Because they are made from recycled or biodegradable materials, less waste is produced. The use of energy-efficient production processes helps to minimize CO2 emissions.

They also do without harmful chemicals and offer the same high-quality UV protection as conventional sunglasses. Through conscious consumption Consumers support companies that take social responsibility and respect the rights of workers. With their stylish design and ethical manufacturing, sustainable sunglasses are an eco-friendly and responsible choice for fashion-conscious consumers who help steer the fashion industry in the right direction.

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