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At a time when environmental awareness plays an increasingly crucial role, sustainable sweaters are a great option to contribute to an eco-friendly lifestyle. The stress caused by conventional sweaters is significantly reduced by sustainable alternatives.

Why sustainable sweaters?

Conventional sweaters pollute the environment by using resource-intensive materials such as conventional cotton. The associated water consumption and use of pesticides damage ecosystems and contribute to soil erosion.

Sustainable sweaters, on the other hand, rely on environmentally friendly materials such as organic cotton or recycled fibers. These not only reduce the ecological footprint, but also offer higher quality and durability. Consumers not only choose sustainable fashion, but also support companies with transparent supply chains and ethical production practices.

However, it is crucial to emphasize that sustainability is not just about choosing sustainable products. Truly sustainable purchasing behavior means allowing clothing to last as long as possible. With care and appreciation, every piece of clothing can be worn for a long time.

Sustainable sweaters - important purchasing criteria

When purchasing sustainable sweaters, it is essential not only to consider warmth and style, but also to consider the ecological impact and social responsibility. Below are crucial factors that are important when choosing sustainable sweaters:

  • Materials: Sustainable materials such as organic cotton, recycled fibers or innovative fabrics, for example Tencel, have a smaller ecological footprint and promote environmentally friendly production.
  • Supply chain transparency: Brands should ensure a transparent supply chain. For companies that disclose their production processes, you can independently check whether they meet ethical standards and environmentally friendly practices.
  • Certificates: Recognized certificates, such as GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), guarantee sustainable manufacturing practices and social responsibility.
  • Longevity: The sweaters should not only be sustainable, but also of high quality. High-quality sweaters have a long service life, which helps reduce the need for new purchases.
  • Corporate philosophy: Brands that are committed to fair working conditions and social commitment should be preferred. Companies should offer fairly traded products and also be committed to social or economic initiatives.
  • Design: Care should be taken to select timeless designs that will remain relevant across multiple seasons. A classic sweater is not only worn longer, but also reduces the desire to quickly buy new ones.

Overview - What types of sweaters are there:

The selection of sustainable sweaters is extremely diverse, with different models, materials and designs. The table shows the individual sweater models and explains their style:

Sweater models

ModelStyle description
HoodieCasual and sporty, perfect for a relaxed look.
LightweightLightweight and versatile, ideal for layering or milder temperatures.
Line sweaterElegant and warm, suitable for formal occasions or chilly days.
V-neckClassic and versatile, suitable for different occasions.
turtleneckModern and warm, perfect for a chic and contemporary look.
Hooded PulloversSporty and practical, with hoods for extra comfort.
CardiganVersatile and open, perfect as a throw for a casual elegance.
PonchoCasual and voluminous, a fashionable companion for special accents.
Zip sweaterPractical and adjustable, with zip for individual styles.

Material types of sustainable sweaters

Now that you've gotten a glimpse into the different sweater styles, let's take a closer look at the materials that make sustainable sweaters an eco-friendly choice:

  • Organic cotton: Natural material, organically grown, reduces the use of pesticides. Good for everyday use.
  • Recycled fibers: Recycles materials and reduces waste. Contributes to the circular economy.
  • Tencel/Lyocell: Derived from wood pulp, biodegradable, soft and breathable. Ideal for different sweater styles.
  • Wool: Natural, biodegradable, keeps you warm. Pay attention to ethical practices in wool production.
  • Hemp: Robust, grows quickly, requires little water. Environmentally friendly but less soft than other materials.

Sustainable sweaters - our 10 top brands

  1. Reformation
  2. The Standard Stitch
  3. dedicated.
  4. Patagonia
  5. Everlane
  6. pact
  7. Eileen Fisher
  8. Amour Vert
  9. prAna
  10. Mila.Vert

By deliberately choosing environmentally friendly clothing, we actively contribute to creating an improved world. The variety of sustainable sweaters in this selection offers a suitable option for every taste and every budget:

1. Reformation

The women's fashion label Reformation aims to make sustainable fashion accessible to everyone. The company began selling vintage fashion in 2009 and quickly expanded its range with its own sustainable products. The range includes a lot of knitwear, both as cardigans and turtlenecks and in many other variations.

  • Origin: Los Angeles, USA
  • Material: Mainly recycled cashmere and organically grown cotton
  • Target group: women
  • Price: €€

Sustainable sweaters - Reformation

Source & Copyright by Reformation

2. The Standard Stitch

The Standard Stitchwas founded out of the belief to shake up the fashion industry and pursues the vision of creating clothing that is kind to both the earth and people. The brand's range of sizes stands out particularly positively, ranging from XS to 5X.

  • Origin: California, USA
  • Material: almost exclusively organic cotton and recycled cotton
  • Target group: women
  • Price: €

The Standard Stitch

Source & Copyright by The Standard Stitch


2006 dedicated. was founded as a response to the lack of combination of style and sustainability in fashion. With a clear focus on transparency and values, the brand strives to offer a more responsible alternative in the fashion industry. The range includes both classic and modern eye-catching designs.

  • Origin: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Material: largely recycled wool and organic cotton
  • Target group: men, women and children
  • Price: €

Sustainable sweater - Dedicated.

Source & Copyright by Dedicated.

4. Patagonia

Patagonia is an outdoor clothing brand that has developed a strong reputation for its commitment to sustainability. The company emphasizes the durability of its products and offers repair services to ensure that they can be worn for as long as possible. The designs of sustainable sweaters are often kept rather simple.

  • Origin: California, USA
  • Material: recycled wool, organic cotton and recycled polyester
  • Target group: men, women and children
  • Price: €€

Patagonia sweater

Source & Copyright by Patagonia

5. Everlane

Everlane is characterized by exceptional quality, sustainability and radical transparency. The brand partners with ethical factories worldwide, uses high-quality materials and shares the stories and costs behind each product. With timeless designs and an environmentally friendly approach, Everlane offers a sustainable alternative in the fashion world.

  • Origin: California, USA
  • Material: preferably natural fibers, but also recycled synthetic fibers if they have a performance and/or durability advantage
  • Target group: women and men
  • Price: €€

Everlane - Sustainable sweater

Source & Copyright by Everlane

6. pact

Fashion that puts the earth and people first defines pact in their priorities. Through certifications and responsible packaging initiatives, the brand emphasizes its values ​​of sustainability and social responsibility in every facet. The sustainable sweaters are mostly designed in monochrome.

  • Origin: Colorado, USA
  • Material: organic cotton
  • Target group: women and men
  • Price: €

pact - sweater

Source & Copyright by pact


Eileen Fisher is a renowned fashion brand distinguished by its timeless designs, sustainable practices and a clear focus on ethical manufacturing. The brand is committed to social responsibility and runs initiatives to promote environmental protection and fair labor practices. With a contemporary approach to fashion, Eileen Fisher offers sustainable sweaters that combine elegance with a deep sense of responsibility.

  • Origin: New York, USA
  • Material: mostly organic cotton, Tencel Lycoell and cashmere
  • Target group: women
  • Price: €€€


Source & Copyright by EILEEN FISHER

8. Amour Vert

With a focus on timeless design and sustainable practices Amour Vert, also known as the "Green Love" in French, is committed in environmental protection. The “Buy a Tee, Plant a Tree” campaign helps ensuring that every time you purchase a T-shirt, a tree is planted in North America in collaboration with American Forests.

  • Origin: San Francisco, USA
  • Material: mostly organic cotton, but also sustainable Tencel, ethical wool, merino wool, recycled cashmere and other fabrics
  • Target group: women
  • Price: €€

Amour Vert

Source & Copyright by Amour Vert

9. prAna

The brand is a pioneer in sustainable fashion and specializes in eco-friendly, ethical clothing with a focus on sustainable materials and fair production. PrAna strives to offer stylish and functional clothing. The range includes simple, sustainable sweaters with elegant and timeless cuts.

  • Origin: California, USA
  • Material: Mainly Recycled Polyester, Recycled Wool, Recycled Nylon and Organic Cotton
  • Target group: women and men
  • Price: €€

prAna sweater

Source & Copyright by prAna

10. Mila.Vert

With a clear focus on ecological responsibility Mila.Vert relies on timeless design, sustainability and ethical manufacturing practices. The brand offers a diverse selection of sustainable clothing that is not only stylish but also supports a conscious lifestyle.

  • Origin: Kočevje, Slovenia
  • Price: 330 - 390 €
  • Material: Organic Cotton, European Linen, Tencel and Recycled Wool
  • Target group: women
  • Price: €€€

Sustainable sweaters - Mila.Vert

Source & Copyright by Mila.Vert

Buy sustainable sweaters

In this comprehensive article, we have not only highlighted the ecological disadvantages of conventional sweaters, but also presented a variety of sustainable alternatives. This selection spans across different brands, allowing you to consider one of these eco-friendly brands for your next sweater purchase. The diversity of this selection underlines that sustainable fashion is not only available to a specific target group, but to everyone who wants to make conscious decisions.


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