The 5 best denim brands - sexy & sustainable jeans

The denim trend is an indispensable part of the fashion world. With the production of denim fabrics however, there come enormous harmful effects on our environment. We show the 5 best brands for sustainable jeans

Closed sustainable jeans
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The clothes with the casual jeans look are omnipresent, durable and versatile. What few people know is that the manufacture of jeans fabrics has a harmful effect on our environment like hardly any other clothing material. Starting with the one used Cotton about the addition of toxic chemicals, genetically modified seeds to enormous Water- and energy consumption. Hence ask Brands more and more sustainable jeans.

But there are more and more brands that reduce the environmental impact of biological and recycled Significantly reduce substances and sustainable production.


These brands offer sustainable jeans

  1. ELV Denim
  2. Hiut Denim
  3. MUD jeans
  4. Closed
  5. Outland

1. ELV denim

ELV denim is 100% zero waste. By upcycling the denim brand jeans that are already destined for landfill, no new resources are used or environmentally harmful production practices are implemented. Rather, the purchase of jeans from vintage warehouses in Great Britain guarantees short delivery routes, the smallest possible CO2 footprint of a pair of jeans and support for local businesses. In a holistic sense, even the buttons and leather patches on the jeans are products that have been upgraded through upcycling or sustainably produced. Social and ecological sustainability are at the heart of the company.

2. Hiut Denim Co.

In the year 2002 the largest denim factory in Great Britain was closed in Cardigan. The production was moved to Morocco for cheap wages. Around 400 jobs were lost, which corresponded to every tenth inhabitant of Cardigan. 2006 David and Claire Hieatt founded the sustainable jeans brand Huit Denim Co. In response to this event, they wanted to continue the production in Cardigan to save jobs and, above all, to keep the heritage of craftsmanship alive: jeans "Made in Wales" ,

Huit Denim's eco-conscious trousers are a favorite of Duchess Meghan Markle: she helped bring the sustainable jeans brand to the forefront of the British fashion scene. With organic cotton, a sustainable production and free repairs, the brand ensures a long life of the limited edition jeans models.

3. MUD jeans

MUD Jeans offers sustainable jeans and vegan denim pieces. Based on the principles of the circular economy, MUD relies exclusively on recycled materials. This means that all jeans products are made from 100% recycled denim. In addition, the leasing of jeans is offered as well as the recycling of old jeans for a 10 euro gift voucher.

4. Closed

The German brand Closed produces innovative and environmentally friendly jeans. At Closed you can see exactly where the product was made, washed and woven. In addition, the company relies on water-saving processing methods, such as bio-enzyme washes. For the production of sustainable jeans, the brand is also constantly developing new techniques to improve its own life cycle assessment.

5. Outland

The Outland brand uses only eco-friendly raw materials: from organic cotton to recycled packaging. In addition, the company relies on high transparency within the supply chain. Outland Denim also supports female survivors of the trade in Cambodia by employing these women as seamstresses.




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