Powder to liquid hand wash | No Plastic | 100% natural

With its powdered hand wash, Forgo aims to solve the problem of plastic packaging in the cosmetics industry. 100% natural ingredients that only need to be mixed with water. It also uses a reusable and handmade soap dispenser as well as recyclable packaging material. This generates around 85% less CO2 emissions compared to buying a conventional soap.


Forgo sustainable soap
sustainable soap


Reduction of plastic in cosmetics

Every year, more than 120 billion cosmetic packaging is produced worldwide. Most of the packaging produced is made of plastic, which takes more than 500 years to decompose. Less than 10% of the plastic ever made has been recycled. Most plastic waste remains in landfills, waters and soil. When these synthetics breakdown, they become mircroplastics and thus harm our nature. Forgo is fighting these facts.

Innovative hand detergent in powder form

The first hand washing powder comes plastic-free. The powder is made from 100% natural ingredients and only needs to be mixed with water. The formula was developed by a laboratory based in Canada - vegan and without animal testing. It also comes in a reusable glass bottle as a soap dispenser, handmade by a small manufacturer in Portugal.

Nature-based ingredients and recyclable packaging

The subscription-based personal care product offers three fragrances made up of six main ingredients, extracted from wood and citrus residues. This generates around 85% fewer Co2e emissions compared to buying conventional soaps. These are calculated over the life cycle of the durable product, so that the compensation of the production starts after about one year. The packaging material is both recyclable and compostable and goes from plastic waste, with less than 10% recycling chance, to renewable paper with 70% recycling chance.