Cleaning stone: The environmentally friendly all-rounder for a clean home

Cleaning made easy: A cleaning stone is suitable for the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. Everything about the environmentally friendly all-purpose cleaner and how to use it.

Cleaning stone

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One cleaning product for everything? This is what a so-called cleaning stone offers. Whether in the kitchen for the work surface, in Bath for the tiles or in the bedroom for the windowsill, it can be used everywhere. Find out everything about the environmentally friendly all-purpose cleaner here.

Everything about the cleaning stone at a glance:

What is a cleaning stone?

But what is a cleaning stone? A cleaning stone is a product used to remove stubborn stains and dirt from various surfaces. Using such a stone is simple: you use a wet sponge to pick up a little product and then apply it to the surface to be cleaned. It works like all well-known all-purpose cleaners.

What can you clean with a cleaning stone?

A cleaning stone is particularly versatile and can therefore be used on many different materials. These include, for example, walls, tiles, plastics, glass and ceramics. It is particularly useful for removing stubborn stains or discoloration without damaging the surface. Of course, when using it, the manufacturer's instructions should be followed closely to ensure that the surface is only cleaned and not damaged. In addition, a small test area should always be cleaned, especially before use on sensitive materials.

Goldkind cleaning stone

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The best cleaning stone tricks

A cleaning stone not only cleans all surfaces, it also provides additional functions that go beyond normal cleaning:

1. Clean baking trays:

If your baking trays have developed stubborn dirt that conventional detergents can no longer remove, the cleaning stone is your savior! Simply apply generously to the baking tray and leave for a few hours. Rinsing with hot water afterwards leaves the baking tray looking flawless and free of burnt-in stains.

2. Time-saving polishing:

There is hardly anything more time-consuming in the kitchen than polishing cutlery. You can speed up this process significantly with a cleaning stone: simply clean the dishes with the stone before drying them. Drying them normally is usually enough and your dishes will shine like new again.

3. Bright White for Shoes:

The cleaning stone is not only a helpful addition to the household, but can also help to make white shoes shine again. Just moisten one sponge, rub it into the product and then use it to the shoes to clean. Once dry, your white shoes will be clean and look like new again.

Is a cleaning stone sustainable?

Yes, a cleaning stone can be completely sustainable, especially if it is based on natural ingredients. Many manufacturers already use mineral and natural ingredients. These materials are both effective at cleaning and biodegradable. In addition, a cleaning stone is usually particularly durable because the cleaning product is tightly compressed and pressed into the container. Because it is often used in concentrated form, only a small amount is required for effective cleaning. This reduces the need for frequent repurchases and thus further minimizes the waste.

Buy plaster stone: The 4 best brands

Cleaning stones can now be found in many drugstores and online markets. These manufacturers offer particularly sustainable and effective models:

Jean & Len14,98€Vegan, natural clayIn selected drugstores and in Jean&Len online shop
Golden child19,90€Biodegradable, recycled plasticIm Goldkind online shop
Fun slippers16,90€100% plastic-free, 100% natural materialsIm Funslippers online shop
Hero green19,95€Natural ingredients, biodegradableIm Heldengrün online shop

Convenient and thorough: cleaning stones are helpful in every home

Cleaning stones are a true all-rounder among cleaning products and definitely belong in every home. They are an effective remedy for stubborn dirt, be it on baking sheets, tiles or cutlery. In short: a cleaning stone is indispensable for a sparkling clean, radiant and, last but not least, sustainable apartment.


What can you clean with a cleaning stone?

A cleaning stone can be used to clean a variety of surfaces such as stovetops, ovens, tiles and porcelain.

How do you use a cleaning stone?

You use a cleaning stone by applying it directly to the surface to be cleaned and wiping off the dirt with a sponge.

Are plaster stones sustainable?

The sustainability of cleaning stones depends on the specific composition; some may be more environmentally friendly than others. However, there are certainly companies that offer environmentally friendly models.


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