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Petit port de Monaco, Monte Carlo, Monaco

Author: Hanna Lina Werner

The lock-down is over for the time being and the sunny weather encourages dreaming more than ever. Seized by wanderlust, the question now arises as to which travel destinations should be explored this summer. We show you where your next city break in Europe should definitely take you. The most sustainable cities in Europe are an insider tip.

City trip Europe, but where to? Why not choose a green travel destination

Numerous cities in Europe have a real pioneering role in sustainability. They inspire their visitors with innovative concepts that pave the way for a more sustainable future. Northern European capitals in particular, such as Stockholm or Copenhagen, are the perfect destinations for a sustainable city break. Those who prefer to spend their weekend trip in Mediterranean flair, with lots of sun and close to the sea, have the chance to experience an exciting mix of breathtaking coastal flair and modern sustainability in Portugal's capital Lisbon or in Monaco.

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The top 5 most sustainable cities for a city trip in Europe

1. Copenhagen - short trip to the world's first CO2-neutral capital

The Danish capital welcomes its guests with a very modern and dynamic atmosphere. No wonder Copenhagen is known as one of the most sustainable cities in Europe. The goal is to become the world's first CO2 neutral capital by 2025. This makes it the perfect destination for a sustainable city break in Europe.

For public transport, Copenhagen relies on solar powered boats and electric buses, so that travellers can definitely get from A to B in a sustainable way. If you want to see as much of the city and the Danish ambience as possible, you can explore the city by bike on perfectly developed cycle paths. Copenhagen is also making a strong case for waste reduction with its growing Zero Waste movement. At LØS Market, zero waste enthusiasts can shop packaging-free to their heart's content.

city ​​trip europe where copenhagen

2. Lisbon - city break in Portugal's green capital

Lisbon is greener than ever and invites its visitors to linger with numerous green oases. 85% of their residents have green spaces for recreation in the immediate vicinity of 300 meters from their place of residence. The Portuguese serenity can also be found in the charismatic capital, making it one of the most popular destinations for city trips in Europe.

City travellers in Lisbon can also get around on electric bicycles or e-scooters which can be charged at countless charging stations. Sustainability and shopping are not mutually exclusive. The LX Factory, with its numerous fashion boutiques featuring vegan and sustainable brands, offers the perfect space for sustainable shopping.

city ​​trip europe where to portugal

3. Monaco - city trip full of innovation & sustainable design

While Monaco used to be mainly known for luxury and wealth, the charming coastal city is now making a name for itself in terms of sustainability. Environmentally friendly local transport, with electric shuttle boats and buses powered by biodiesel. An e-bike sharing program also guarantees sustainable mobility during the city trip.

y 2025, Monaco plans to create an eco-district called Materra, which will be open only to pedestrians and feature sustainable design and many public parks. To protect endangered coral species, Monaco created artificial reefs using 3D printers in 2017. At "Elsa", the first 100% organic and sustainable Michelin restaurant, travellers can enjoy healthy and environmentally friendly food in a maritime ambience on Monte-Carlo Beach.

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4. Ljubljana - sustainable city break with a focus on zero waste

Slovenia's capital Ljubljana is the perfect place for a sustainable city break in Europe. It welcomes your visitors with extremely fresh air and inspires with a clean cityscape. All roads are cleaned with rain or recycled water only, so less drinking water is wasted.

The Slovenian capital was also the first European city to commit to a zero waste target. Zero Waste fans can use zero waste vending machine to fill shampoo into their own containers during their city trip in Ljubljana. Since 2008, Ljubljana's city centre has been completely closed to car traffic. So strolling around the beautiful heart of the Slovenian city is an absolute must on a short trip to Ljubljana.

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5. Stockholm - on the trail of innovative ideas on a short city trip

The Swedish capital delights its guests with a modern Scandinavian atmosphere. Electric city buses or an extremely well-developed network of cycle paths allow not only residents but also holidaymakers to get through the city quickly and green. Stockholm aims to achieve complete climate neutrality by 2045 and is well on the way to achieving this.

Innovative approaches will certainly contribute to the successful achievement of this goal. Such as covering up to 10% of the city's heating needs by locating data centres. Numerous green spaces as well as a 27 square kilometre park offer enough space to relax in the middle of Stockholm and recharge your batteries for further sightseeing during your city trip.

city ​​trip europe where to go

Where is the next city trip in Europe going?

Europe's capital cities definitely have a lot to offer in terms of sustainability. Due to the diverse concepts as well as their different geographical locations, everyone can find the right destination when planning their next sustainable city break in Europe. Whether Copenhagen, Stockholm, Lisbon, Monaco or Ljubljana - all of the European capitals have their own special charm and present innovative approaches to sustainability that are worth discovering during a city trip.



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