Interior trends at imm cologne 2024

From sustainable innovations to natural design and minimalist sophistication - the imm cologne presents the future of interior design

imm cologne 2024
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At the beginning of the new year, Germany's largest interior trade fair, the imm cologne in Cologne, presents the trends of the coming furnishing season. This international furnishings trade fair serves as a business event, trend barometer, international communication forum and creative idea center for the industry. Up-and-coming companies Start-ups to established brands present their furniture and furnishing ideas, with the topic of sustainability being a contemporary focus.

The most important facts at a glance:

  • The imm cologne 2024 presents the future of interior design, characterized by sustainable innovations, natural design and minimalist sophistication.
  • The trade fair brings together groups of buyers from all over Europe and offers a platform for the latest industry developments with the Home, Sleep and Pure segments.
  • The three defining trends are sustainability, with a focus on product cycles, closeness to nature through the integration of natural elements, and minimalism, which relies on the principle of omission.

Industry leader attracts European buyers and top brands

The imm cologne , as the world's leading trade fair organizer for the living, contract and public spaces sectors, is bringing together groups of buyers from all over Europe this year. Including prominent names such as IKEA, Tchibo, Alliance and JYSK. With 750 registered exhibitors, 640 of which are international and 110 national companies, the trade fair offers an impressive platform for the latest developments in the field Interior industry.

Imm cologne 2024: Innovative design in Home, Sleep and Pure segments

With "Connecting Communities", the trade fair presents a newly designed format that is divided into the three segments Home, Sleep and Pure. The approach was already partially integrated into the trade fair last year and will now be fully implemented for the first time at the imm cologne 2024.

In the home segment, various brands present a range of intelligent furniture systemsfor contemporary living through to elegant interiors for sophisticated living comfort. This area of ​​the trade fair serves as an outstanding business platform for import and export within the furnishings industry. In the sleep area, the focus is on innovative concepts for restful sleep and harmonious sleeping environments. High-quality products such as accessories, textiles and avant-garde designs were presented. The Pure area, on the other hand, presents an exclusive high-value sector where leading premium brands present their first-class products.

Trends in interior design:

The furniture industry is experiencing a revolution through sustainable, natural designs and the ongoing minimalism trend. These three will be at the imm cologne 2024 the trends of interior design:

1. Sustainability: Furniture with an eye to the future

The sustainability movement has reached the furniture industry and is increasingly shaping the selection of furniture and its design. The industry is increasingly focusing on optimizing the use and lifespan of furniture. This shifts the focus product cycles and environmentally friendly materials, including reused waste and organic materials. The introduction of environmental certificates offers consumers guidance when choosing sustainable furniture.

The german manufacturer Rolf Benz presents an outstanding example of sustainable furniture design. He not only shows the versatility of sofas that can be put together from modules. He is also presenting a new sofa under the motto “live, repair, recycle” that is both repairable and complete recyclable because the materials can be completely separated.

Rolf Benz sofa

Source & Copyright by Rolf Benz

2. Natural design: The integration of nature into the living ambience

Another trend can be derived from society's increased love of naturalness. The integration of natural or nature-inspired furniture and accessories gives the interior a refreshing naturalness. Colors and shapes of furniture are based on the Nature. The use of natural tones such as Algae- or earth colors are particularly popular in current designs. In addition, soft and organic shapes should create a harmonious connection to the furniture and surroundings. Also the materials and the generous use of green plants tend towards security and calm, tactile designs.

Trend - natural look

Source & Copyright by imm cologne

3. Minimalism: “Less is more” in furnishings

The current attitude to life is expressed by a desire for simplicity, which is reflected in a slimming down of the furnishings. New furniture increasingly relies on the principle of omission by creating graceful and elegant shapes. Minimalism creates pieces that can be effortlessly integrated into any room. At the same time, a colorful counter-trend relies on strong colors to create a lively ambience and thus give the simple approach a fresh touch.

Trend - minimalism

Source & Copyright by imm cologne

Discover trends at imm cologne 2024

From January 14th to 18th, 2024, the Cologne exhibition center will offer exclusive insights into the groundbreaking trends and innovations in the furniture and furnishings industry. This unique preview of the future of interior design emphasizes the key principles of Sustainability, closeness to nature and minimalism. It is worth noting, however, that these insights are exclusively reserved for trade visitors. All other interested parties sould inform themselves by the media.


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