Circular Furniture: 8 furniture designs made from circular materials

Circular Furniture is the future of eco-friendly design - We show unique pieces of furniture made from circular materials

Circular Furniture made from circular materials
Source & Copyright by The New Raw

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More and more designers are designing circular furniture pieces and launching products made from circular, renewable and recyclable materials according to the principles of circular economy. This change is a direct response to growing environmental concerns and increasing concern for the conservation of our natural resources. Sustainable furniture However, not only are products made from environmentally friendly materials, but they are also aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Why is circular furniture sustainable?

Furniture made from circular materials helps reduce the ecological footprint while minimizing the environmental impact of the furniture industry. Therefore, this type of furniture is crucial for several reasons:

1. Resource conservation: By using recycled or reused materials, valuable resources are conserved and the need for newly mined or manufactured raw materials is reduced.

2. Waste reduction: Furniture made from circular materials contributes to reducing the mountain of waste. Instead of throwing away old pieces of furniture, they make it possible to reuse materials and integrate them into new designs.

3. Circular Economy: This furniture promotes a circular economy in which products, individual parts or materials are returned to the production cycle at the end of their life cycle. This supports the sustainable use of resources.

4. Innovation: The use of circular materials requires creative approaches and innovative design solutions, which in turn promotes the development of new technologies and design ideas. This creative process drives progress in the furniture industry and opens up new possibilities for sustainable design.

5. Environmental Impact: Furniture made from circular materials often has a lower environmental impact because it requires less energy and resources to produce and generates less waste.

What are recyclable materials?

Recyclable or circular materials are materials that can be used in a closed loop system without creating waste or harmful effects on the environment. This means that these materials are designed to be reused, recycled or otherwise returned to the production process after use, rather than ending up in landfills or incinerators.

Examples of circular materials include recycled metal, recycled glass, bioplastics, wood from sustainable forests, recycled textiles and other materials designed to support circular economy principles. These materials are critical for reducing resource consumption, minimizing waste and reducing environmental impact in various industries, including furniture making, packaging, construction and more.

Overall, furniture made from circular materials is an important step towards a sustainable future. The promotion and use of circular materials in the furniture industry should therefore be a priority goal. We present 8 pieces of furniture that focus on circularity.

Best of Circular Furniture: 8 pieces of furniture made from circular materials

Overall, furniture made from circular materials is an important step towards a sustainable future. The promotion and use of circular materials in the furniture industry should therefore be a priority goal.

1. Superpop tables by Paolo Cappello for Miniforms

The Superpop tables from Mini shape are rounded and rectangular in shape and have a speckled surface. What makes them special is that they are made from recycled plastic, which creates the characteristic speckled appearance. These tables also offer great versatility and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, be it as a coffee table, bedside table or stool. They are also characterized by their lightness and durability. Once their service life has been reached, the tables can be easily recycled and thus make a lasting contribution to conserving resources.

Circular Furniture Superpop tables

 Source & Copyright by Miniforms

2. Veggro Collection by Interesting Times Gang and OBOS

The Veggro collection is the result of a creative collaboration between Interesting Times Gang design studio and the building cooperative OBOS. It includes screens or screens, including the Loom and Jugoso models. Loom is characterized by its bright surface mycelium, a network of cell walls. Jugoso, on the other hand, has a pattern-like color and is made from orange peel. Both products are made using 3D printing techniques and feature biomorphic patterns that showcase the natural materials from which they are made. These 3D printed room dividers are made from food waste and biomass and are therefore an excellent example of recycling waste products for circular furniture.

circular materials Veggro collection

  Source & Copyright by Interesting Times Gang

3. Alted H1 tiles by Berta Julià Sala for Alted Materials

The Alted H1 tiles are the result of a collaboration between the Spanish brand Old Materials and the product designer Berta Julià Sala. The tiles are made from cellulose waste, a byproduct of the paper industry, and are coated with a water-based sealant distilled from vegetable waste. They come in a variety of grooved patterns and earth tones and can be recycled after their lifespan. With a recycled content of 98% and 80% plant-based raw material, they are a sustainable choice for interior walls and ceilings.

circular furniture Alted H1 tiles

Source & Copyright by Alted Materials

4. Ovetto bin by Gianluca Soldi for SoldiDesign

The Ovetto waste bin from SoldiDesign is a futuristically shaped trash can in the style of an egg. It is made of recycled ABS and polypropylene. While the matt black model is made from 100% sustainable materials, the other color variants have a recycled content of 40% to 70%. This innovative waste bin is divided into three compartments that make sorting and disposing of waste easier. In addition, it has been designed to last a long time, which helps reduce the amount of waste. The design of the Ovetto waste bin aims to make an otherwise often hidden piece of furniture an integral part of the house or room.

circular furniture: Ovetto trash cans

Source & Copyright by SoldiDesign

5. Liberty Ocean Chair from Humanscale

The Liberty Ocean chair, manufactured by the office furniture brand Humanscale, is a remarkable example of sustainable office furniture. Up to a kilogram of this chair is made from used and recycled fishing nets, whereby the chair helps to relieve pressure on the oceans. Despite its sustainable materials, it offers the same personalized comfort and effortless functionality as all of the brand's other products. The Liberty Ocean chair is a positive product, meaning it meets the strictest sustainability criteria in terms of climate, water and energy.

circular furniture Liberty Ocean chair

Source & Copyright by Humanscale

6. Ermis Chair from The New Raw

The Dutch brand is behind the innovative Ermis chair The New Raw, which specializes in creating unique and eco-friendly furniture. This chair stands out not only for its unique shape, but also for its manufacturing method. The New Raw creates it in a 3D printer from plastic waste. The design of the Ermis chair is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. It presents a stunning color gradient from light brown to blue, reminiscent of the colors of a beach. Another outstanding aspect of the Ermis chair is its sustainability. It is 100% circular, meaning that it can be recycled at the end of its life and converted into new products.

Sustainable furniture: Ermis chair

Source & Copyright by The New Raw

7. Burnt Cork Dining Table by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance

The Burnt Cork Dining Table from Made In Situ is a fascinating piece of furniture that reflects the creativity and resource conservation of the French designer Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance. To produce this table, Duchaufour-Lawrance used an unusual but extremely sustainable source: discarded materials cork. The designer specially burned the corks and then converted them into durable pieces of furniture. The table is part of the impressive Burnt Cork furniture series. The series offers a wide range of color gradients as well as grains for its parts. By using recycled corks as the primary material, the Burnt Cork Dining Table not only demonstrates a respectful use of resources, but also gives a new and elegant purpose to an otherwise often overlooked waste product.

Sustainable furniture: Burnt Cork Dining Table

Source & Copyright by Made In Situ

8. Black Paper Chair by Kibardin Design

The Black Paper Chair by Kibardin Design is a remarkable accent chair that stands out for its sustainability. Each copy of this circular furniture design is unique, which gives it a special, individual touch. The special feature of the Black Paper Chair lies in its material. These pieces of furniture are made from recycled cardboard and are therefore cardboard furniture. Cardboard furniture is not only environmentally friendly, but also offers surprising stability and durability, despite its perceived fragility. Another characteristic feature of the Black Paper Chair is that the designer Vadim Kibardin makes it by hand. This highlights the attention to detail and commitment to high quality craftsmanship.

Sustainable furniture: Black Paper Chair

Source & Copyright by Kibardin Design

Circular Furniture - New designs made from circular materials

These eight circular furniture designs made from circular materials show that sustainability and design can go hand in hand. From the Superpop table, made from recycled plastic, to the Black Paper Chair, made from recycled cardboard, these furniture pieces offer innovative solutions for sustainable interior design. Additionally, they are durable as well as unique, and many of them are handcrafted works of art.


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