Luxury home gym: train at home in style

The training options have also moved home in the past few months. But not only in times of a pandemic: With these devices you can create your own luxury home gym 

Luxury home gym
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Author: Talisa Moser

Get fit at home? For many, it is difficult to motivate oneself to exercise within their own four walls. But at the latest since the lockdown remains Fitness- Enthusiastic nothing else. So: high time for an in-house studio! We'll show you how to use your luxury Home Gym furniture can.

There are many benefits to exercising at home. You are in your familiar environment, do not feel disturbed or pressured by other people who train, and you can do your exercises in peace. The devices are always free and you also save monthly membership costs. In addition, you no longer have to travel and can train regardless of opening times, traffic and time of day.

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Sustainable equipment

Fitness equipment is often associated with large and bulky metal bars, cross trainers with plastic facings or kitschy, colorful dumbbells. Aesthetic and high-quality fitness equipment that is also sustainable is not always easy to find. What you should therefore pay attention to:

  • If possible, use devices made from natural materials such as cork and wood or other renewable raw materials
  • First look for second hand items - there are many devices to buy used in very good condition
  • Make sure that the devices are produced fairly. At best, the company has a completely sustainable background
  • Less is more: Invest in high-quality products instead of a lot of low-quality equipment
  • Multifunctional devices save resources and space, for example adjustable dumbbells
  • Disinfecting and cleaning fitness equipment is important, but make sure you use environmentally friendly cleaning agents
  • Often you don't need a separate device for intensive exercises - the dead weight is often completely sufficient

What can you train with in the home gym?

Exercising without a gym atmosphere therefore not only has disadvantages. But many people who otherwise spend their time in the gym do not even know which equipment they need for which training unless instructed to do so.

Depending on the space and size, there are different options for exercising at home. The permanent availability of the training equipment makes it possible to integrate the exercises into the daily routine. Here are some ideas on how to keep fit in the home gym.

1. Classic and space-saving: the fitness mat

Many exercises can be performed at home without additional equipment. A padded surface in the form of a fitness or yoga mat is all you need here. A mat can be stowed in the closet to save space and only needs to be rolled out. In addition, small dumbbells or Pilates bands can be used, for example.

Tip: Yoga mat or fitness mat? A mat should be selected according to which exercises you want to perform on it. The exercise mat is characterized by a relatively thick structure and high elasticity - perfect to be used as an all-rounder.

Matching fitness mat:

Fitness mats are often made of plastic, which not only looks unsightly, but is also bad for the environment and unsanitary. The Yoga mats from MAATÏ MAATÏ are made of cork, so naturally water and dust repellent and biodegradable. The company from Berlin produces environmentally friendly yoga articles in the EU. 10% of the proceeds from the items sold go to a Portuguese aid project that protects the cork oak fields in particular.

2. Cardio equipment

A dedicated cardio machine is ideal for athletes who primarily want to train their endurance. This can be a bicycle or a treadmill, for example. In contrast to running and cycling on asphalt, these guarantee soft cushioning that protects the joints.

Tip: Make sure that the cardio machine is stable and secure. The best indicator for this is its own weight.

Suitable cardio bike:

The Company Peloton wants to revolutionize the fitness world. With high-tech devices like that Peloton bike sports enthusiasts can train effectively at home. Equipped with a 21 inch screen and sturdy black frame, the Peloton Bike offers a stylish cardio machine for every home.

3. The rowing machine

Rowing machines take up a little more space, but are a good purchase if you want to train both endurance and muscles and at the same time want to protect your joints. The devices work against resistance, which is created either by water or air, hydraulics, magnetism or friction.

Tip: The resistance that the user trains against is different for each device and should be adapted to their own level of stress. A device with magnets is particularly suitable for beginners, because it can be individually adjusted - depending on the desired load.

Suitable rowing machine:

Steel frames were yesterday: this is a real eye-catcher WaterRower rowing machine. The timeless design made of wood adapts to any living space. The WaterRower even offer an individual design of the WaterRower - so that everyone can design their own training device. The device is operated with real water resistance. It is sustainably produced by hand and on request.

4. Weight bench powerhouse

A weight bench is particularly suitable for athletes who want to build up their muscles. The possible uses are almost unlimited and, above all, they offer stability and support when training with weights. In this way you can specifically train the mobility and strength of your muscles.

Tip: Safety is particularly important for a weight bench because heavy weights are sometimes used here. So always make sure that everything is properly locked in place and that the weight bench is secure.

Matching weight bench: 

The Bench Press from NOHrD In addition to the natural design made of real wood, it offers flexible setting options for personalized training. The weight bench can be personalized as you wish, for example with a cover made of real or synthetic leather. In terms of design, it is also particularly attractive in combination with other It sports pieces such as the WaterRower. This turns your home gym into a true all-rounder.

Matching dumbbells: 

Of course, weights also belong to a weight bench: That LOVA ™ Luxury dumbbell set  consists of European walnut wood and steel. The materials not only look good, the type of wood also has naturally antibacterial properties and is therefore particularly suitable for weight training.

5. Boxing yourself fit

It hasn't been a brutal martial arts for a long time: boxing has even developed into a true trend sport in recent years. Endurance and strength are trained - and it's also really fun. For the boxing station at home, you primarily need a punching bag, boxing gloves, wrapping bandages and a skipping rope.

Tip: You shouldn't do without the bandages, especially as a beginner, because they are easy on the joints. Those with Velcro are particularly practical - they can be put on and taken off again quickly.

Matching punching bag:

The Punching bag from Fight Camp is a networked fitness device that tracks your successes for you and trains them with you in a targeted manner. Digital coaches give instructions and use their technique to determine what they can improve. With the help of an app, Fight Camp also offers boxing workouts and compares your own performance with other users in your class.

6. Digital helpers: personal training at home

Not for access to training equipment, personalized coaching can also be relocated to the home gym through smart devices and apps. With computer-controlled weight lifting systems or interval apps, you can stay fit even without a personal trainer.

The best fitness apps:

Fitness apps are another way to get inspiration and instructions for home workouts. These five uses are particularly good:

  1. Freeletics
  2. Headspace
  3. Nike Training Club
  4. YogaEasy
  5. Gymondo

1. Freeletics

An intelligent fitness and nutrition coach with a diverse training program. Instructions and tracking make training easier and a mind coach helps you switch off after a hard training session.

2 Headspace

Switching off is also the keyword for the Headspace app. Here everyone can learn meditation and mindfulness with the help of guides and integrate them into everyday life.

3. Nike Training Club

The Nike app offers several hundred workouts and training programs for various fitness goals.

4. YogaEasy

An app all about yoga: Here you will find a large selection of videos for different levels - from beginners to advanced.

5. Gymondo

Diverse fitness programs from cardio to Zumba to strength. Choice of over 80 programs and 1000 workouts.

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Who is a luxury home gym suitable for?

  • People who want to keep fit at home too can consider setting up a home gym
  • Having a gym at home is especially beneficial during pandemic times when gyms are closed
  • You can train in your own gym without being bound by opening times
  • If you don't want to share the fitness equipment in the gym, you can think about buying your own parts
  • A home gym may require a lot of space - not everyone has it at home


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