Project213A: Contemporary design meets sustainability and fairness

How Project213A implements a modern design aesthetic, timelessness and individualization with the help of sustainability and fairness

Source & Copyright by Project213A

Author: House of Eden

  • Project213A stands for contemporary design - made with the help of traditional craftsmanship
  • All processes are designed for local action and on-demand to ensure sustainability and fair working conditions
  • Each item of the collective combines timeless design with a personal touch of the customers

More and more brands for interior and living accessories are setting resource protection and sustainability as top priorities in their corporate agenda. After all, the production of their designs is linked to negative environmental impacts. keywords CO2 emissions, extraction of raw materials and waste - just to name a few. Despite this awareness, the holistic implementation of a sustainable agenda still represents a major challenge for the majority of the industry. It is therefore all the more important that there are innovative brands and talents that prove themselves Sustainability and integrate ethics into processes. Or what new processes need to be created. A trend-setting example: Project213A. A design studio founded by a group of fellow creatives who are gradually building a design portfolio that is as exciting as it is sustainable.

Project213A makes statements for collaboration, craftsmanship & appreciation

Project213A represents a new generation of companies that are aware of their economic and social responsibilities. Therefore, the design collective tries to build close relationships with different stakeholders in order to align their own needs with theirs. The result of this philosophy are low production quantities and stocks, little waste and ensuring fair working conditions.

Project213A craftsmanship

Source & Copyright by Project213A

Particularly important for the success of this approach: local production. Project213A works exclusively with suppliers Artisans in Porto together. The region in which the design studio is also located. More specifically, the collective approached small Portuguese family businesses directly. And first had to convince them of his unusual design concepts. However, the initial skepticism quickly turned into trust, so that the craftsmen: inside produce the contemporary designs today using their traditional know-how. Guaranteed fair conditions and wages to secure a living.

Project 213A promotes sustainability through regionality & on-demand

Due to the close cooperation with artisans: inside there is something unique behind every product from Project213A - storytelling and individuality. The designers themselves describe their signature as timeless and playful. In addition to this strong brand DNA, they always want to give their customers - whether business or private - room for a personal touch. And they make this possible through flexibility: The handmade ceramic pieces are individually designed depending on the desired color and even size. In this way, Project213A ensures on the one hand that customers really love their items and keep them for a long time in the interests of sustainability - Impulse purchase excluded. On the other hand, they create an atmosphere of exclusivity, since the pieces are valuable one-offs.

Project213A glass chair

Source & Copyright by Project213A

The vision of making all processes as sustainable as possible is not only implemented with regard to home accessories, but also to furniture. That's why the furniture collective only produces on demand - a clear statement against overproduction. And from predominantly regional materials such as Wood, ceramics and stone. Project213A customers should understand that there is a story behind every item. From the procurement of environmentally friendly materials to manual processing. Ultimately, the design studio produces long-lasting, qualitative and timeless pieces whose careful manufacture should be treated with appreciation.

When values ​​become a differentiator

Project213A is a trend-setting example of how holistically traditional values ​​can be combined with modern design and demands. It's about aesthetics, storytelling, respect for all stakeholders, sustainability and individualization. And it is precisely this synergy that makes Items Project213A an object of desire in a time of abundance and endless possibilities.


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