High-end meets convenience: Hardly Ever Worn It starts collaboration with Amazon in Europe

From now on, Amazon presents a selection of second-hand designer pieces from the London company HEWI

Hardly Ever Worn It
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  • Amazon is partnering with British resale company Hardly Ever Worn It to offer never-to-be-worn luxury fashion through Luxury Stores at Amazon
  • The collaboration aims to make high-quality, circular fashion accessible to a wider audience
  • The partnership is an important step by Amazon towards sustainability, although challenges still lie ahead

Second-hand luxury fashion is currently experiencing a remarkable boom. Consumers rely on individual pieces, cheaper prices and a high level of sustainability. The result: More and more conventional companies have to include this trend in their business model in order to survive in the long term. The industry giant Amazon is also adapting to the second-hand boom. In a partnership with British resale website Hardly Ever Worn It, both companies are uniting to make sustainable luxury fashion accessible to a wider audience.

Products initially available in selected countries

This partnership will feature never-to-be-worn women's clothing, shoes and accessories from Hardly Ever Worn It. The products are initially available in countries such as the UK, Germany, Spain, France and Italy. Hardly Ever Worn It continues to rely on strict quality controls when sold via Luxury Stores at Amazon. This is to ensure that only high-quality products are offered.

Second hand within the high-end industry

Tatiana Wolter Ferguson, CEO of Hardly Ever Worn It, emphasizes the importance of this collaboration: "The launch of Hardly Ever Worn It at Luxury Stores at Amazon marks a new level of visibility for luxury resale. Our collaboration with Amazon is an evidence to our commitment to bringing high-quality, circular fashion to a diverse and wider audience." To celebrate the new addition, Luxury Stores at Amazon launched a new spring campaign. Under "luxury finds, loved before" Ikram Abdi and Noel Capri present a colorful collection of established high-end brands.

Sustainability requires more

With this step towards sustainability, Amazon is taking an important and right path. But despite this positive development, there is still a lot of work to be done: Amazon continues to work with environmentally harmful companies, which casts a shadow over their current sustainability efforts. Given their collaborations with sustainable companies, Amazon should continue to aim to be environmentally responsible in other aspects of their business. This includes, for example, the reduction of packaging waste, better returns management and more ethical working conditions. This is the only way the e-commerce giant can fully exploit its potential as a pioneer in sustainable consumption.

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