News: Nike launches “Refurbished” 2nd Life program for shoes

With its circular programme called Refurbished, the sportswear brand is giving shoes a second life

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  • Nike launches Second Life program Refurbished
  • Taking back and refurbishing new or lightly worn shoes
  • Moving towards circular economy with extended life cycles and less waste

New Life. Less waste.

With these words, Nike has launched its new 12nd life program on April 2th Refurbished . A commitment through which the sports fashion powerhouse is pursuing on its move-to-zero strategy and, alongside other responsible luxury brands, acting as pioneer for positive change .

Nike Refurbished - How does it work?

Simple and effective, Refurbished extends the life cycle of suitable Nike products. The principle: shoesthat are "like-new, gently worn and slightly imperfect" will be taken back and refurbished by hand, according to the sportswear's giant official statement.

As soon as the 2ndLife product goes to resale, they are marked with information about their history. Prices depend on style and condition. And while Refurbished is only starting in 15 stores in the United States, it is firmly planned to expand to additional stores by the end of 2021.

From refurbished to Nike Grind

Returned shoes that are not eligible for Refurbished become part of Nike Grind. Another circular programmewhich transforms waste into new designs through innovation. Shoes become rubber floors, outdoor floors or other shoes. In short: A closed loop.

Source & Copyright by Nike

Nike's future orientation

While Nike is not yet offering a reward for participating in the programme, by this way the Companies meets modern customer's needs. Those customer demand social and ecological responsibility. Thus, they are the reason for the recent rise of the Second hand market . The fact that Nike is picking up on this trend, proves that the brand is actively pursuing its sustainability mission . "When I think about the global climate crisis and the role of a company like Nike, I think about our mission and values," said Noel Kinder, Nike Chief Sustainability Officer. The sportswear manufacturer is one step closer to this goal with the new programme.

What's for sure: There are still open topics, especially when it comes to sustainable materials and labor rights. According to Noel Kinder, 75% of Nike products already containing recycled materials, but it takes more than that. Companies with a large resource pool like Nike in particular, have to invest more in the innovation of alternative and environmentally friendly materials from which the entire market can benefit. In addition, the strengthening of labor and human rights is and will remain one of the greatest tasks that the fashion industry has to tackle. However, this requires commitment, which Nike has demonstrated with the launch of Refurbished.



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