Sustainable sneakers - these brands wear the stars

Sustainable sneakers that are stylish - these are the luxury objects of our time. Many stars already rely on fair trade shoes from Veja, McCartney and Co

Sustainable Sneakers Adidas Parley
Adidas Parley plastic shoes in the sea

This is how sustainable fashion and new luxury works today

Nowadays, sneakers are no longer just comfortable sneakers for everyday use, but stylish all-rounders that are perfect for the luxurious LIFESTYLE fit. Many stars are already showing how it works - and above all, they are wearing it sustainable sneakers, which were produced in a fair and resource-saving manner. Many even arise from Upcycling Processes. For example fish fished from the sea plastic.

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Sustainable sneakers - these 8 labels carry the stars

  1. Allbirds
  2. Vegan it-pieces: Veja
  3. Stella McCartney & Adidas Stan Smith
  4. Adidas Parley
  5. Stella McCartney
  6. Rombaut
  7. Ethletic has
  8. Ecoalf

1. Sustainable comfort: Allbirds

Sustainable Sneakers Alllbirds

Allbirds Woolrunners

The American brand Allbirds - in which, by the way, actor Leonardo DiCaprio is investing - produces sustainable sneakers made of eucalyptus tree fibers and fair sheep's wool. The minimalist designed Allbirds are not only fair trade but also very comfortable, breathable and can even be washed in the washing machine. Now the Allbirds are finally available in Europe. Prominent fans of the Allbirds include Emma Watson and Barack Obama.

2. Veja

The shoes of the fair trade label Veja not only look good, they are also produced sustainably. These sustainable sneakers are made from organic cotton, natural rubber and canvas. Are also produced fairly in Brazil. The packaging is also fair trade and is delivered in recyclable cardboard boxes. Coming from France, the English one Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, a big fan of this fair trade sneaker.

3. Stella McCartney x Adidas Stan Smith

Sustainable Sneakers Adidas Stell McCartney

Stella # Stan Smith Adidas

Known for high-end ethical fashion Stella McCartney has now created her own version of the famous Adidas Stan Smith model: environmentally friendly materials were used in this sustainable sneaker. The sneaker, for example, is vegan and produced without animal leather, the polyester used is 100% recycled. Kanye West and Usher love this shoe. Even Emma Thompson can no longer do without: She even wore the model at her ceremony in Buckingham Palace.

4. Adidas Parley

Sustainable Sneakers Adidas Parley

Adidas Parley

In terms of sustainability, Adidas is going even further in cooperation with the Parley for the Oceans organization: With its Parley running shoe, the second pair of fair trade shoes comes onto the market. What exactly is Adidas doing here? Every pair of shoes prevents eleven plastic bottles from ending up in the trash. As the? Parley is made from recycled plastic yarn. These sustainable sneakers are particularly popular with prominent athletes. A star investor in plastic yarn producer Bionic Yarn is Pharell Williams.

5. Stella McCartney

This year, Stella McCartney has again signed up to Adidas as creative director and, in addition to sportswear, is designing sustainable sneakers and shoes for the upcoming spring / summer collection. The latest highlight in terms of fair trade sneakers: a shoe completely with a crochet look. This Alpha Edge 4D shoe is way ahead in terms of technology and style. The loop sneaker, on the other hand, was designed in such a way that no glue was used and the upper material and sole can be recycled separately at the end. Her latest collection relies on casual rainbow colors.

6. Rombaut

Sustainable SNeakers Rombaut

Rombaut Boccaccio Rose

The Belgian label Rombaut not only creates sustainable sneakers under designer Mats Rombaut, but also completely new vegan slippers. Which - following the green idea - also look like a green lettuce leaf. The other shoe models are also vegan and consist, for example, of rubber, tree bark or cellulose. Prominent wearers of the Rombaut sneakers are Haley Baldwin and Bella Hadid. The latter has been seen many times with the ankle-high Boccaccio model, for example.

7. Ethletic

Starting with sustainably produced soccer balls, Ethletic has developed into a sneaker company that produces completely vegan shoes. The German company also uses organic cotton and rubber for its sustainable sneakers. The style is reminiscent of Converse or Vans, with Ethletic being even more upbeat in the colors.


8. Ecoalf

The Spanish company Ecoalf was founded by Javier Goyeneche because he wanted to create a fashion series that is just as fashionable and qualitative as non-recycled products using recycled material. With his “Because there is still Planet B”, Ecoalf meets the ravages of time. The sneakers, too, are of course fair trade: The sole is made of algae, the material is made of recycled plastic bottles. Buying sustainable sneakers, doing good and minimizing waste - stars like Gwyneth Paltrow also love the concept.

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