Berlin Fashion Week 2023: space for sustainability, innovation & diversity

Sustainable commitment of the Berlin Fashion Week 2023 positions Germany as a relevant player in international fashion 

Berlin Fashion Week 2023
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  • Berlin Fashion Week 2023 creates formats at the interface of creativity, diversity and sustainable progress
  • Sustainable concepts relating to design, runways and multipliers should arouse international specialist interest
  • The key themes of sustainability and diversity strengthen the competitiveness and influence of Berlin as a fashion metropolis

One key challenge is Berlin fashion week is back. The capital's fashion week is currently taking place from January 16th to 21st. And points to trend-setting developments in the German fashion cosmos. It's about sustainability, diversity, innovative strength and quality awareness. Sophisticated attributes that prove that Berlin is also a relevant fashion location in an international comparison. And proactively shaping the future of industry.

The support of the Fashion Council Germany and the Berlin Senate. Through careful curation and the launch of new platforms for innovative formats, the focus of the event is on promoting up-and-coming talent and strategies for the sustainable fashion industry. And since these are the buzz topics of the zeitgeist and the cultural and social discourse, the interest of the international specialist audience is in Berlin.

Berlin Fashion Week 2023 brings together changemakers from the political, creative and cultural scene

The opening ceremony of the Berlin Fashion Week took place in the Stilwerk KantGaragen in Charlottenburg. A historic multi-storey car park from 1930, which as a new stage is intended to symbolize the spirit of optimism at fashion week. A total of more than 350 invited guests from the political, cultural and creative scene came together. Christiane Arp, Chairwoman of the Fashion Council Germany, Franziska Giffey, Governing Mayor of Berlin, and Stephan Schwarz, Senator for Economics, energy and establishments. A clear statement for the connection between politics and fashion. As well as for the will to systemically steer the industry in a sustainable and ethical direction.

"Berlin stands for creativity, Diversity and progress. The Berlin fashion industry also played a large part in this. The Berlin Fashion Week creates a variety of spaces where designers combine fashion, design and innovation and thus provide important impetus for the future. This applies above all to key issues such as sustainability and diversity, for which our fashion location stands in particular," says Stephan Schwarz, Senator for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises.

Berliner Salon: Sustainable design talents generate international attention

However, the location was not only the scene of the kick-off of Fashion Week, but also the venue for numerous shows and events as well as the seasonal exhibition of the Berlin Salon. Since 2015, this has included a multi-day program of various salon events, with a curated selection of the most relevant design talents and brands of Germany and generate national and international attention. The prerequisite: the designers must be committed to the sustainable and contemporary development and production of their collection.


Source & Copyright by Finnegan Godenschweger / Fassbender @ Berlin Fashion Week

The focus of the event was the group exhibition, which was curated by the founders of the Berlin Salon, Christiane Arp and Marcus Kurz. The selected designers presented excerpts of their collections on this platform. Including brands like fassbender or PB 0110 - sustainable, of course. Ukrainian fashion houses such as Société Angelique and Jean Gritsfeldt also showed their creations. The fact that they are part of the program is an important sign of solidarity, according to Mayor Franziska Giffey.

The concept competition - stage for the pioneers of the fashion cosmos

Another - forward-looking - highlight of the event: the concept competition of the Berlin Fashion Week. A competition funded by the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Businesses and implemented by the Fashion Council Germany. Changemakers from the fashion scene could apply in advance for prizes in the categories "STUDIO2RETAIL (studio/atelier events)", "Berlin Contemporary (fashion shows)" and larger "BFW multiplier formats".

The aim is to highlight the potential of the German fashion scene, to bring Germany into the focus of international trade visitors and to establish Berlin as a relevant fashion location. "With Berlin Contemporary, we have succeeded in creating a format that gives up-and-coming talents the opportunity to put their creativity, their craftsmanship and their innovative strength in the spotlight during Berlin Fashion Week," says Scott Lipinski, CEO of the Fashion Council Germany .

Berlin Fashion Week S01

Source & Copyright by SF1OG / Tom Funk

A total of 29 concepts were awarded by the jury consisting of renowned industry experts. For example, the slow fashion brand Rianna-Nina with a collection of luxurious vintage fabrics. Or SF1OG with one Upcycling Collection. In addition, the 202030 Summit, a conference for holistic sustainability in the fashion industry, was honored as a "BFW multiplier format".

Berlin Fashion Week 2023 highlights synergy between sustainability and technology

In addition to the exhibitions and shows, panel talks and lectures on the subject of innovation and Sustainability this year's fashion week in the capital. For example, the conferences of the content platform Fashiontech or the Conscious Club showed that Germany has created relevant places for the interaction of the industry and the discourse about its future. Pointing the way: The sustainability of fashion - and thus a nature-related industry - can be significantly promoted through technological innovation and digital formats.

And now?

This year's winter edition of Berlin Fashion Week clearly stands for a cause. Germany wants to position itself as a pioneer, innovator and advisor for the sustainable development of fashion. And that is exactly why it gives up-and-coming talents and young voices a relevant platform to promote change. Formats such as the concept competition inspire and motivate people to think differently and develop new approaches. Guided by creativity, diversity, innovation and sustainability, the new generation of designers will thus become the mouthpiece and engine of the future of the fashion industry.


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