Tomás Saraceno x Maison Ruinart: AR Art in the rhythm of nature

Declaration of independence from fossil fuels: Tomás Saraceno's "Movement" installation for Ruinart brings sustainability, art and AR technology into harmony

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Source & Copyright by Ruinart

Author: Lara-Sophie Buckow

It is a fact that climate change exists and that measures to protect the planet, biodiversity and global society must be implemented proactively. Despite this awareness, concrete action measures still represent a challenge. The reason for this is that climate impacts apart from concrete threats are not visible or tangible for many. There is therefore a lack of motivation to act. The Champagne House Ruinart has understood this and, in collaboration with the artist Tomás Saraceno, now offers an aesthetic and effective solution.

"The history of Maison Ruinart is rooted in the Enlightenment Age in which we were founded. Our passion for culture is not new. We believe that art has the power to connect people and make the world better, more sensitive and more intelligent."

- Frédéric Dufour (President of Maison Ruinart)

Artistic expression on behalf of climate protection

Triggered by the collective concern about the effects of climate change, Ruinart works with the Argentine performance and installation artist Tomás Saraceno and his Aerocene Foundation. An NGO, dedicated to community building, scientific research, artistic experience as well as education. The result of the creative-innovative cooperation: The permanent installation Movement, the central element of which is the aerosolar sculpture.

Source & Copyright by Ruinart

The aerosolar sculpture is an inflatable, balloon-like art object, which rises into the atmosphere by only one degree difference between the ambient air and the air enclosed in the object. Heated by the sun and moved by the wind, the sculpture drifts through a site-specific trajectory without physical support. Every movement leaves traces in the sky of the vineyards of Maison Ruinart, visible through sensory recordings within the Aerocene app. An augmented reality tool, which extends our environmental vision through visual impulses.

Tomás Saraceno: Visionary art in harmony with nature

By means of his artistic collaborations, Saraceno wants to renew the relationship between earthly, atmospheric as well as cosmic realms. This thinking is reflected in the movement of the aerosolar sculpture: The art is moved by the natural wind currents. Conversely, their visual reproduction is reproduced using innovative technologies.

In this symbiosis between nature and technology, the artist traces the aerosolar movements in order to give them a presence in human consciousness. Therefore, Movement shows how the ecosystem becomes unbalanced due to human impact. The aerosolar sculpture is said to be a sign of a new era, free of fossil fuels, batteries, lithium, solar cells, helium, hydrogen and carbon emissions. In short: a planetary declaration of independence from fossil fuels.

Source & Copyright by Ruinart

What does 1 degree mean?

There is a reason that this installation was commissioned by Ruinart. In the Champagne region, global warming disrupts the natural ripening process of the grapes. The average temperature there has risen by 30 degrees over the past 1,3 years. The consequence: faster ripening of the grapes and ever earlier harvests. To an extent that poses a threat to the quality of the product: an additional degree of temperature can have an enormous influence on the texture and aromas of the wines, says Frédéric Panaïotis, cellar master at Maison Ruinart.

Step by step holistic at Maison Ruinart

In addition to the new collaboration with Saraceno, Ruinart has already established a sustainable commitment in the recent past. From sustainable viticulture practices in the sense of species protection, to the conversion of its supply chains, to less environmentally harmful modes of transport. In addition, the second skin bottle cover that embodies an essential part of a contemporary packaging vision as an expression of eco-design. The dialogue between art, nature and technology is always the main focus. And thus, the implementation of sustainable practices within the framework of the aesthetic. By the 300th anniversary of Ruinarts in 2029, nine more works of art are to be installed within the heart of the maison's historic terroir.

Source & Copyright by Ruinart

What else?

The collaboration illustrates the importance of the 1.5 degree target of the Paris Agreement. Even changes that are only perceived "slightly", have tangible, serious, ecological as well as economic effects. Accordingly, Tomás Saraceno's installation for Ruinart can be cited as a productive example for the clarification of climate-political issues through public visualization. For more social awareness and interdisciplinary collaboration to generate added value.

You can find more information about the installation and the sustainable actions of Maison Ruinart in two podcasts: Thomas Saraceno and Frédéric Panaïotis.



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