Unisex from head to toe - these are the brands to watch

Unisex is a movement on the pulse of time - away from categorizations and towards flowing boundaries. We show our top labels for unisex clothing

unisex brands by olderbrother
Source & Copyright by Olderbrother

Author: Elisabeth Klokar

According to Duden, the term unisex is made up of the words Unus - Latin for “one, one and only” and Sexus - Latin for “gender”. Translated, unisex means "one gender". From unisex to crossgender to gender neutrality - “nosex” is well received because Sneakers, Shirts, trench coats and Co. look equally good on women and men. But the unisexfashion is not as new as you might think: in 1968 Paco Rabanne, André Courrèges and Pierre Cardin showed the “Space Age” look - the focus was on the trousers, the overalls and the miniskirt. In addition, Coco Chanel revolutionized women's clothing like Yves Saint-Laurent did by bringing a fashion icon onto the market with “Le Smoking”. From 2013 onwards, unisex fashion hit the zeitgeist again, with fashion from Rad Hourani, Miuccia Prada and Vivienne Westwood. Now is unisex fashion and cosmetics available almost everywhere, we'll show them Top brands trending.

Unisex brands to watch - gender-neutral clothing and cosmetics:

  1. olderbrother
  3. Marfa Stance
  4. Official rebrand
  5. Wildfang
  6. Adidas x Stan Smith
  7. Laboratory perfume
  8. NUORI
  9. Vapor Beauty

Unisex clothing

1. olderbrother

Source & Copyright by Olderbrother
The olderbrother label sets new trends by mixing the boundaries of gender and design. The unisex fashion sees itself as an interface for men and women, play and sophistication as well as contemporary, nature-related design. Environmentally friendly textiles, natural coloring and local production are used for the collections. Sustainability is the top priority for olderbrother - a challenge that the brand has set itself and therefore consciously counts on "slow fashion".


Source & Copyright by OBLANC
The New York label was founded in 2017 and combines functionality with modern graphic designs. By recycling traditional work clothes, OBLANC produces sustainable streetwear and thus prevents the overproduction of fast-moving fashion. The clothes are not only gender-neutral, but also suitable for every body type. In this way, Olivia Oblanc revolutionizes not only gender, but also fashion standards.

3. Marfa Stance 

Source & Copyright by Marfa Stance
Marfa Stance jackets adapt to a modern lifestyle. Timeless pieces, made in Italy, combine a sustainable and seasonal approach with luxurious design. The system behind it: Modular parts and accessories can be individually combined with one another and thus adapted for every climate zone, season and occasion.

4. Official rebrand

Source & Copyright by Official Rebrand
The unisex brand stands for artistic expression and environmentally friendly production practices. Artist MI Leggett challenges social and fashion industry norms regarding immense waste production through upcycling. Instead of actually having disposed of fashion pieces in landfills, she enhances them with unusual drawings and paintings. So all pieces are unique and can be personalized on request.

5. Wildfang

Badass Women Style - women can wear what they want and be with who they want. The Wildfang label was founded in 2013 with this idea. Statement t-shirts are designed to remind people that equal rights apply to everyone. Sayings like "Wild Feminist" or "Come As You Are" get to the point. Jumpsuits, a 60 sec style, bottom-up shirts or casual blazers are part of the collection. There is even a clothing rental service here.

6. Adidas x Stan Smith

Source Stan Smith Instagram
In 1971, Adidas developed the tennis shoe model named after him together with Stan Smith. Since the professional tennis player won the Grand Slam title in Wimbledon in 1972, he has become the brand ambassador for it sneakersClassic. The Adidas x Stan Smith is still a perennial favorite and can therefore be seen as a representative of the unisex trend. In addition, top-class collaboration, such as with Pharrell Williams, Raf Simons or Stella McCartney, constantly brings new editions of the well-known unisex sneaker.

Unisex cosmetics

7. Laboratory perfume

Laboratory perfumes
Source & Copyright by Laboratory Parfumes
As you know, you have to smell good. The simple solution: two genders, one fragrance? The British brand Laboratory Perfumes has been creating unisex fragrances since 2011. Inspired by flowers, herbs and aromatic plants from Great Britain. Big plus: Because the diverse fragrance compositions are produced ecologically and without animal testing, the unisex perfumes are also skin-friendly, free of parabens and comply with the International Fragrance Association standards.


Source & Copyright by Nuori
The Danish brand NUORI* produces its entire product range without synthetic fragrances, preservatives or colors. Which means that you are wearing 100% natural ingredients on your skin. NUORI was born out of the ambition to integrate the ideal of freshness into skin care. Fresh skin care makes just as much sense as fresh food - it is more nutrient-rich and has fewer additives, says the founder.

9. Vapor Beauty

This Green Beauty brand offers products that are free of age, gender or origin, in order to show beauty in all its facets. Above all, this means a wide variety of products and color nuances. Here is an overview of our favorite green beauty brands. In general, unisex creates a dialogue between gender, identity and fashion. The idea behind the movement is not to want to force women and men into the same “uniform”, but to open up the freedom to wear what one likes.    
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