Garden design ideas for the perfect late summer

Midsummer is here and with it the desire to spend more time outside. With these garden design ideas, your garden will become an oasis of wellbeing

Garden design a house with a very nice garden on the sides

Author: Katharina Healing

  • Garden design ideas are thought of in terms of shapes and lines
  • Small seats bring relaxation and style
  • Colors can also be gaudy

A beautiful garden is not just a very personal oasis of calm and a source of strength. It can also serve as a real eye-catcher - provided it is cared for and designed with love. Some tips and tricks, as well as special garden design ideas, help to create the dream garden. Often it's just a small change or a new way of doing it garden and looking at its shapes that make a world of difference.

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Top 6 garden design ideas

1. Shapes and lines

Garden design is not just about adding as many plants and flowers as possible to the garden, but also about shapes and lines. This gives the garden a more architectural style and makes it particularly interesting to the eye. This garden design idea can be implemented, for example, through paths in the garden, plants placed in rows or exciting plant shapes.

2. Horizontal considerations

That leads us straight to the next garden idea: consider the horizontal and vertical lines. A garden is not just made up of plants. It often also includes walls, roofs and balconies that form the horizontal line of the garden. There is space here for climbing plants such as ivy or grapevines.

3. Set accents with furniture

When it comes to garden design, there is no need to stop at furniture. While most garden furniture "camouflages" itself and becomes one with the background, you can make real statements here. Instead of choosing the usual green, brown, gray or black, bright blue or lemon yellow offer exciting contrasts. Existing furniture can be spiced up with bright pillows.


Image source & copyright by Exportmim

4. Casual seating

Not only statement colors are ideas for garden design that provide more joy and liveliness. To really enjoy the garden, small seating areas such as benches, chairs or even stones are a good idea. These do not necessarily have to be on the terrace, but can be placed where there is the most beautiful view. So also a free-standing and modern hammock in the middle of the flower meadow or by the pool!

5. Play of light and shadow

A luxurious garden design arises from the play of light and shadow in addition to the plants and furniture. This interplay creates exciting moments and helps to create cozy spaces. Some plants also thrive particularly well in the shade or soak up any sunlight because they live from its warmth.

6. Be creative

Last but not least, diversity is probably the most important aspect of a beautiful garden. There are no limits to creativity with garden ideas. A garden lives from diversity as well as the joy of nature - which are certainly not neglected with these garden design ideas.


Solar lights for the garden Image source: Sunstone Farm and Learning Center

Garden design ideas with shapes, colors and relaxation

These garden design ideas bring more variety and luxury to the garden: Anyone who thinks in terms of shapes and lines, dares to use bright colors and creates small seating that is in the middle of the garden and appreciates the view, is at the forefront when it comes to garden styles .



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