New Heritage - Put an end to the throw-away mentality

We want products for eternity. Things that are so well done that we can still pass them on to our grandchildren

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It is an annoying circumstance of our time that more and more junk is being sold. Clothes are made so cheaply that they barely last longer than one season, furniture falls apart after the first move and we do not even want to start with costume jewelery. What can be done about it? Either fall for the never ending shopping spree - or opt for very conscious, sustainable shopping, which not only protects the wallet, but ultimately also the environment.

This is easier said than done, especially at the upcoming Christmas season. There are cheap little things everywhere with which we should make our loved ones happy. The sad truth is, however, that hundreds of thousands of gifts will be exchanged again this year, forgotten after a few days or simply transported directly to the garbage can. Living sustainably is different.

new heritage

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Shopping with heart and mind - at the New Heritage!

New Heritage no longer wants to contribute to this throwaway mentality and that's why it launched the New Heritage Festival - for beautiful and enduring, authentic and timeless pieces. A place where you will find new and old favorites, small factories and large companies, tradition and genuine craftsmanship. Buy better, give better, live better. That you love your possessions so much that you want to cherish, maintain and repair them instead of throwing them away. Because they are worth accompanying you for decades.

At the fair you will meet about XNUMX exhibitors who manufacture their goods with passion and ambition, who value craftsmanship, carefully select raw materials and insist on fair working conditions. Get in touch with them and let them explain how they make, feel, smell and taste their products, which means quality. A promise: You will not find fast-moving trends and mass-produced goods on the New Heritage. Because the organizers are convinced that less is more and that high quality will always prevail in the end.

Disposable mentality, New Heritage

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Shop high-quality Christmas gifts in the Böhler area

On the 07. and 08. In December, the New Heritage Festival will be held for the third time in the Böhler area in Düsseldorf. Discover selected leather goods, accessories and jewelery, timelessly beautiful men's and women's fashion, unique home decor, leisure and personal care items. In addition, exciting invite Workshops and lectures from renowned experts to delve deeper into the world of quality. The WDR upcycling expert Stefanie Treiber and the style expert Bernhard Roetzel will be guests this year. Delicious street food and fine drinks appease hunger and thirst, and with handmade beats, the evening ends in style.

All this and much more can be experienced at the New Heritage Festival in Düsseldorf. They still exist, the good things - you just have to know where to find them. Book tickets here.

New Heritage - December 07th & 08th 2019 in the Areal Böhler Düsseldorf


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