News: German Design Award 2022 celebrates 10 years of visionary design

On the occasion of the 10th German Design Award 2022, the German Design Council honours the winners and their design innovations in an exhibition at the MAK Frankfurt

German Design Award 2022
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Author: Sarah Marie Lau

  • German Design Award 2022 - The biggest prize of the German Design Council celebrates its tenth anniversary
  • From February 11th to 27th, the Museum Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt is exhibiting a cross-section of design visionaries and trends
  • The Newcomer of the Year proves the creative potential to address social and ecological problems through design

10 years of German Design Award, 10 years of groundbreaking design. For more than a decade now, visionary designers have been honoured with the internationally recognised and largest award of the German Design Council. To mark this anniversary, the Design Council is organising an exhibition from the 11th to the 27th of February at the Museum Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt. Under the motto "How designers think", the winners of the German Design Award 2022 will be exhibited and honoured. In addition: A cross-section of the most valuable design trends as well as the development of design innovations in the course of the last 10 years.

More precisely, the exhibition shows the high level of competence of the designers at the interface of design, customer orientation and innovation in different subject areas such as "Excellent Communications Design", "Excellent Product Design" or "Excellent Architecture". However, special attention will be paid to honouring the Newcomer and the Personality of the Year.

German Design Award 2022 Newcomer of the Year

The German Design Council wants to open up future perspectives with the Newcomer Award. It promotes talented young designers and offers them a platform, visibility and a unique international network. In addition, the financial aspect also makes it easier for up-and-coming talents to get a kick-start in the competitive design industry: the award is endowed with 15,000 euros. This year, Anne Bansen won against 5 competitors to become the German Design Award 2022 Newcomer of the Year.

A bachelor's degree in Industrial Design and design-innovative internships such as at the Fraunhofer Center for Responsible Research & Innovation grace Anna Bansen's academic portfolio. Her unique potential, however, comes from her focus on universal design and user experience. The Newcomer of the Year sets addressing and solving social problems and human needs as her highest priority. And thus proves that design potential and talent go beyond pure aesthetics. Design must be functional in its aesthetics, solution-oriented and in tune with the spirit of the times.

Design as the origin of social solution potential

The premise of safety guides Bansen in her design process. And that is exactly what her works prove. The "Emergency Monster NoMo" playfully helps people learn first aid measures, the smart pillbox "Pillbuddy" makes it easier to take medication and "Tast(e) Food" is a groundbreaking alternative to the conventional MHD. How? The design innovation is a packaging that signals the tolerability of food by changing its surface structure. Means: inedibility as well as health risk visible and noticeable.

The design innovations of the newcomer make it clear that designers must use developments in research and technology. Progress can be promoted through value-generating design. Especially with regard to social megatrends such as sustainability. Problem areas can be viewed from a different perspective through innovative thinking, so that new approaches to solutions emerge. So, what is needed are creative ideas that are in harmony with society and the environment.

German Design Council Personality of the Year

Sir David Chipperfield won the Personality of the Year category of the German Design Award 2022. After studying architecture at the Kingston School of Art and the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London, Chipperfield worked with renowned architects such as Richard Rogers and founded his first office in London in 1985. Locations in Berlin, Shanghai and Milan followed as the award-winning architect continued to develop his distinctive style. Today, his architectural quality is iconic, characterised by a clear, Japanese influenced, minimalistic formal language as well as a confident handling of light, space and material. No wonder the Personality of the Year Award is not the first prize to honour Chipperfield for outstanding design.

What's next? Shaping the future with design.

Anyone visiting the exhibition at the Museum Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt can be much more than just inspired. Visitors, interested parties and aspiring as well as established designers can become part of the world's leading competence center for knowledge transfer and exchange in the field of design, brand and innovation. Of particular relevance is that the discourse provides valuable impulses for the global economy, society and the way we deal with the future. Also with regard to the area of sustainability. Technological development and innovation in particular can be used to break with rigid structures, modify the given and consciously create better alternatives. This is exactly what newcomer Anne Bansen has proven and can thus set an example for the future to use competences in a solution-oriented way to improve the world.


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