Vintage furniture: timeless, high quality and sustainable

Discover the vintage trend, real vintage furniture and its advantages for sustainability, quality and style

Vintage furniture

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Nowadays there is a clear trend to return to the interior design styles of the past - to the vintage style. Furniture is no longer just everyday objects, it has become an expression of our personal attitude to life and our furnishing style. Our interior design is a reflection of our taste and personality. Vintage furniture is the focus because it has character and often tells its own story. Although they exude an antique charm, they embody modern and contemporary living.

What is vintage furniture?

Vintage furniture is this popular that products are now intentionally designed to look old. Although these imitations have a used look, they are not true vintage pieces. But what exactly is real vintage furniture?

The term "vintage" is derived from the Latin "vinum", meaning wine vintage, and refers to something of high quality and prestige, similar to fine wines. Real vintage furniture can be used or unused, but must do justice to the luxurious and high-quality character of the vintage term.

All pieces of furniture that come from the period between 1920 and 1980 can be described as vintage. Pieces that were previously made and are therefore over 100 years old are called antiques. Vintage furniture is often handmade and made from high quality materials, which is giving an excellent quality.

Is vintage furniture sustainable?

There are various reasons for buying second hand Design furniture make it a sustainable choice:

  • No new production: Buying used furniture prevents the waste of new resources because there is no need to create new pieces of furniture.
  • Longer lifetime: Vintage pieces are of extremely high quality and will last for many years.
  • Investments: They can increase in value and, if well cared for, be sold again for the same price or more.
  • Robust: Due to their high quality, the pieces of furniture can withstand much more than pieces of furniture from conventional furniture stores. Therefore, the furniture can even survive several moves without any problems.

Buy vintage furniture

There is a wide selection of vintage designs on the market. Many dealers offer restored pieces that shine in new splendor. The range is constantly changing, as each piece is a rarity in itself.

However, you don't necessarily have to go to flea markets or antique shops to buy this beautiful furniture. There are many shops and Furniture second hand Shops that specialize in vintage. One example is Whoppah, an online platform where sellers from all over Europe can offer their treasures. The company reviews the advertisements and facilitates the purchase and transport of the furniture.

Versatile living ideas for your next interior design project

In summary, it can be said that vintage design is an advantageous choice in many ways. They help protect the environment, can reduce the financial burden in the long term and give the individual furnishing style a special touch. The market offers second hand furniture in different price ranges, designs and quality conditions. More Second hand furniture online shops Click here to consider vintage for your next decor.


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