Eco Lingerie - The 10 most beautiful brands for sustainable underwear

 Ethical fashion also includes sustainable underwear - whether elegant and simple or sexy and playful, here are the most beautiful brands

Two women wear sustainable underwear from Erlich Textil
Source & Copyright by Wolford

Author: Sarah Marie Lau

Sustainable underwear is not sexy? We will show you that there is another way. Anyone who has dealt with sustainable fashion knows that the fashion world is one of the number one environmental offenders. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to make the better decision. Because while people like to turn to high-quality secondhand items for outerwear, they tend to buy new underwear for hygienic reasons.

In addition, sustainable lingerie is more likely to be labeled as boring, but there are also brands that are environmentally friendly and elegant. Smart textiles make it possible for lingerie not only to feel good on the skin, but also to be good for the conscience. The range of sustainable underwear is now broad. Manufacturers rely on different approaches and modern visions that honour every woman's body.

What should you look out for when buying eco lingerie?

When buying sustainable lingerie, it is worth taking a closer look at the materials used and the production methods. If you pay attention to high-quality natural materialsand the appropriate care of the fabrics, you can look forward to long-lasting and timeless designs - which are fashionable, skin-flattering and sustainable at the same time. Recycled materials and renewable raw materials also make beautiful lace possible. Sustainable lingerie is thus well worth researching. These brands for sustainable underwear particularly caught our eye.

Top 10 brands for sustainable underwear

  1. cosabella
  2. Aikyou
  3. underprotection
  4. Wolford
  5. Hanky ​​Panky
  6. Skin
  7. Honey Birdette
  8. Calvin Klein
  9. Understatement
  10. Erlich textile

1. Cosabella

For the Italian family business cosabella the beautiful things in life are of particular importance. The couple Valeria and Ugo Campello have been in business with the Cosabella brand for almost forty years. They are particularly proud of the fact that they can still produce in Italy. Local production makes supply chains shorter and more efficient.

Highlights: Sexy lingerie from traditional local production

Woman goes into a house and wears sustainable underwear from Cosabella

Source & Copyright Cosabella

2. Aikyou

Inspired by a Japanese woman's name, which stands for love and respect Aikyou acts on these very beliefs. The collection is produced in small editions. This creates a style that is fashionable but not short-lived. In addition to resource-saving manufacturing processes, the two designers are also concerned about animal welfare, which is why no animal components are used in production or packaging.

Highlight:Timeless and simple, without animal ingredients

Woman lies in bed and wears sustainable underwear from AIKYOU

Source & Copyright by Aikyou

3. Underprotection

For more than ten years, Underprotection from Copenhagen has been working with an important vision in mind: to combine sustainability with seductive fashion. The ultimate goal, according to co-founder CEO Stephan Rosenkild, is to make the future greener, even if sustainable production is not the best economic choice.

Highlight:Holistic sustainability and seductive

Woman sits on a staircase and wears sustainable underwear from Underprotection

Source & Copyright by Underprotection


With its goal of producing around 2025% of its range according to the "Cradle to Cradle" approach by 50, Wolford is focusing on sustainability. With its C2C ™ Gold certification, the Aurora collection already complies with this principle and is the reinterpretation of modern circular underwear. For this they use biodegradable yarn such as Tencel ™ Modal and ROICA ™ as well as the reusable yarn Econyl®.

Highlights: Circularity, certifications and innovative materials

Source & Copyright by Wolford

5. Hanky ​​Panky

Hanky ​​Panky makes recycling sexy and easy. Where other organizations say no to underwear donations, Hanky ​​Panky calls YES with her Lingeriecycle® program. This is how the brand makes the recycling of bras and panties possible. In addition, they use fibre-to-fibre technology for upcycling and avoid harmful substances in their fabrics.

Highlights: Fresh colors with recycling concept

Source & Copyright by Hanky ​​Panky


With a focus on natural fibers that soothe the body and bear social and ecological responsibility, Skin has developed a capsule wardrobe for sustainable underwear. Over 90% of the products are also manufactured in small, family-run factories that are committed to ethical standards. Thus, the brand relies on preserving the craft, but at the same time also on certified organic textiles.

Highlights: Crafts and certified textiles for the Capsule Wardrobe

Source & Copyright by Skin

7. Honey Birdette

The Honey Birdette range is seductive and responsible. Starting with the packaging, they use biodegradable clothes hangers, recyclable carrier bags and mailing bags made from recycled plastic. In addition, they reduce their waste with cutting plan technologies and use edge-to-edge fabric in their designs so nothing goes unused.

Highlights: Luxury lingerie on the way to zero waste

Source & Copyright by Honey Birdette

8. Calvin Klein

Even large corporations recognise the change. Calvin Klein's essentials are made from 60% sustainably sourced materials. The jersey used in the "CK One Collection" is made from recycled plastic bottles. This ensures a long-lasting reuse of the material that is already in the recycling cycle.

Highlights: Stretch made from recycled materials

Woman wears sustainable underwear from Calvin Klein

Source & Copyright by Calvin Klein

9. Understated

This underwear is made by women for women. The brand pays particular attention to climate-friendly textiles. In addition to recycled fabrics for swimwear, eco-friendly modal modal is used for loungewear. With production in Europe, the brand is also mindful of the carbon footprint of its supply chain and promises to continuously look for potential improvements.

Highlight:Climate-friendly fabrics, thereby body and generation inclusive

Source & Copyright by Understatement

10. Erlich Textil

Sustainable underwear that is made with high-quality materials and simply designed. This is what the young German brand stands for and therefore focuses on longevity and says no to fast fashionProduction. Erlich textile relies on organic quality and sustainable raw materials as well as the use of recycled materials. Thus, the underwear is not only good for people but also kind to the environment.

Highlights: High quality and certified materials

Two women wear sustainable underwear from Erlich Textil

Source & Copyright by Erlich Textil

Why sustainable underwear is worthwhile

Produced fairly, sustainably and pollutant-free, the sustainable lingerie not only feels good, but also keeps you healthy. Because far fewer or no pollutants end up in nature or on the skin. Even industry giants are increasingly recognising the signs of the times. We can only hope that the clothing industry will continue to focus on the environment and climate in the future and that a strong body awareness will have a positive effect on our planet.



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