News: Tom Ford launches the world's first 100% recyclable luxury watch

With the Tom Ford Ocean Plastic Watch, the high-end designer launches the first 100% recyclable premium watch made from marine plastic

Tom Ford sustainable watch
Source & Copyright by Tom Ford

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The pollution of our oceans is one of the most discussed problems and one of the greatest sustainability challenges. Increasing exponentially, around 11 million tons land every year Plastic waste in any body of water worldwide. However, there is the courage to hope: More and more innovative processes for cleaning the oceans are being developed across industries. Recycling, upcycling, Fundraising through proceeds - You name it. And especially in the Fashion industry there are always more High-end productswhose exclusivity is convincing not least because of their big brand names and quality craftsmanship, but also because of their contribution to environmental protection. Symbol of this trend: the Tom Ford 002 Ocean Plastic Watch - one pm made from 100% recycled marine plastic.

The holistic sustainability commitment of Tom Ford

According to his own statements, the US-American fashion designer has been dealing with the topic of sustainability for several years. He's privately from plastic- switched to reusable glass or metal products. And he has also banned single-use plastic bottles from the office, Ford said in an interview Spindrift. No wonder that social and ecological responsibility have become an integral part of his design philosophy.

"Sustainability is key in our lives right now" - Tom Ford

In einer Official press release Ford personally describes ethical luxury as the greatest luxury of all. On the customer and company side, he demands a heightened awareness of the responsibility that each individual has towards the planet and its protection. His own approach is clear: to increase the appeal of a high-quality product by doing something directly for the betterment of our planet by simply owning it.

tom ford

Source & Copyright by Tom Ford

The "Tom Ford Ocean Plastic Watch"

With the Tom Ford Ocean Plastic Watch, the fashion designer is launching the world's very first luxury watch made from 100% marine plastic from the ocean, coastal areas and uncontrolled landfills. In short: It is exclusively about ocean plastic and therefore no virgin or ocean-bound plastics. Every timepiece made in Switzerland permanently removes the equivalent of 35 bottles of plastic waste. In total, for every 1000 watches sold, the ocean will be saved from 490 pounds of plastic waste.

Tom Ford's sustainable project also extends along the entire supply chain: the packaging is recyclable, production and CO2-neutral transport take place in cooperation with developers and suppliers who are also committed to solving the global plastic problem and the entire processing is operated with solar energy.

The "Tom Ford Plastic Innovation Prize"

As part of its environmental commitment, Ford was working with 52HZ - an advisory service from the marine conservation organization Lonely Whale Tom Ford Plastic Innovation Prize brought to life. Building on the pioneering work of the organization, the vision of a clean ocean now finds a prominent voice in Tom Ford in the discussion about plastic pollution. The aim of the award is to develop efficient and creative innovations in everything to do with thin-film plastics. This is intended to create a historical, societal turning point in the name of the fight against global plastic pollution. The main mission: to educate, create awareness and promote acceptance of new products.

The prize money of 1 million US dollars serves as an incentive to activate the global community and to motivate it to develop innovative, alternative materials. Materials, that fulfill the same purpose as plastic without damaging the environment. The entries will be judged by industry-leading jury members. These check the introductions and assess their positive effects as well as their market maturity and scalability by 2025. Submissions are possible from January 2021.

All in all, Tom Ford's commitment proves how crucial the lasting commitment of a prominent, iconic voice can be for the positive development of our planet. So this development promises hope and inspiration for our society and its representatives.


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