The best brands for stylish hemp jeans and clothing

Hemp is an underrated natural fiber that has found its way into the fashion industry: Here are the benefits for hemp clothing and the best brands for hemp jeans, jackets and more

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As an alternative to cotton More and more brands are discovering hemp for theirs Textile fabrics. Hemp jeans, pants, tops and much more can be made from the wonder fiber. However, hemp currently only accounts for 0,1% of the global fiber market. Choosing hemp clothing is a small, simple act that however is the fashion industry could have a positive long-term impact.

These advantages speak for clothing made from hemp fibers:

  • Hemp is one of the strongest natural fibers and therefore very robust
  • It has good anti-bacterial and UV-resistant properties
  • Hemp clothing is cooling because the fiber absorbs moisture and releases it quickly
  • The fiber is also 100% biodegradable
  • The natural can be cultivated without using pesticides or fertilisers
  • Hemp requires 50% less water than conventional cotton
  • Produces twice as much fabric per acre compared to cotton
  • Visually, hemp has a natural and silky shine

So the result is an environmentally friendly choice. That's why we've put together the best brands for stylish hemp jeans and clothing:

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5 stylish brands for hemp jeans and clothing


Levi's hemp clothing

The brand has introduced Cottonized Hemp, which is made from hemp yarn but feels like soft cotton. They are made with a cotton and hemp blend, so you don’t have to worry about natural fibre and synthetic fibre being blended either! The hemp jeans made with cottonized hemp in their Wellthread collection is also finished using the Water<Less technology that uses less of our world’s precious natural resource. The brand has further partnered with the California surfer brand Outerknown Out. Where to buy: Levi's Store

2. Youngmaven

Hemp clothing Jungmaven

This US brand was founded by Robert Jungmann, he is also a founding member of the Hemp Industries Association which led the passing of the Farm Bill that legalised going hemp in the US. The brand’s determine to get the industry and the public to recognise both hemp’s potential to the planet and to become a fashion-forward textile. Their pants are woven for easy wrinkle recovery. Fabric is blended with organic cotton so it’s durable and soft. Where to buy: Jungmaven store

3. Taylor stitch

Taylor Stitch hemp clothing

Taylor Stitch is committed to building the best possible clothing while pledging to limit their environmental impact. The brand uses recycled or regenerative fibres whenever possible to lower the usage of water and chemicals. Their hemp is grown without pesticides, synthetic fertilisers or GMO seeds. 1% of all sales are donated to the Golden Gate National Park Conservancy and their mission to protect the parks for the future. Where to buy: Taylor stitch store

4. Tentree

Tentree hemp clothing

This Canadian brand’s mission is to guide the customers on their journey and empower them to do their best for the environment, and plant 2030 billion trees by 1. For every purchase the brand plants 10 trees. Tentree is certified BCorporation, they are legally required to consider the impact of their business on their workers, customers, society and the environment. Their garments are designed and made in Canada. Where to buy: Tentree Store

5. Patagonia

Patagonia hemp clothing

With its Hemp Clothing Collection, Patagonia has launched a whole collection of hemp clothing with an industrial look. Last year the brand expanded around 68 of its product styles with hemp textiles. No wonder, because this material is ideal for sports and hiking clothing. Not only pants, but also jackets, shirts and accessories can be found here made of hemp. Where to buy: Patagonia Hemp Collection

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What to look for when buying hemp clothing and which seals help

Synthetic blend

The recycling process for natural fibres like cotton and synthetic fabrics like polyester is different. Because of this reason, recycling blended fabric is difficult and no technology so far has managed to recycle blended fabrics in a big scale and cheaply. If you are conscious about the product’s whole life-cycle, until it’s disposed, blended fabrics are not ideal. Prefer clothing made of hemp, or blend of hemp and other natural material such as cotton or linen.

Organic hemp

Although hemp requires nearly no chemicals to grow, it doesn’t mean that all the hemp clothes you see are organic. Many farmers still use environmentally damaging fertiliser. So when choosing hemp, make sure it’s organic. And if you want to take one more step further, choose certified organic hemp.

Natural dye

The artificial dyes are comprised of chemicals which include mercury, lead, chromium, copper, sodium and more. The waste water contaminated with these chemicals from dyeing facilities are often dumped into the river and cause massive environmental damage and harming people who live nearby. Natural Dyes are therefore to be preferred, having much less environmental impact, as made of natural ingredients. You can recognize this by clothing with the Oeko-Tex standard.

Ethical production

“Sustainable Fashion” means fashion that is environmentally friendly and made in an ethical manner. Common ethical concerns in the fashion industry include paying fair wages, safe work environment, exploitation, working conditions and more. One way to make sure that the jeans you are about to buy is made ethically, is to look for hemp jeans and clothing with Fair Trade certification, which means they are produced in accordance with Fair-trade International’s rigorous environmental, economic and social standards.



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