The best tips for a zero-waste renovation

Transforming a space without creating waste can be challenging. We show the best tips for a zero-waste renovation

Zero waste renovation

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The construction sector needs a sustainable revolution because it currently requires a lot of energy and resource-intensive building materials. Environmentally friendly, long-lasting construction methods and material-saving practices are the first steps towards becoming more and more sustainable in the construction sector.

Nevertheless, many rooms need a new coat of paint after a few years. But can you renovate your home without producing more mountains of waste? The answer: It's not easy, but it's still possible. There are now plenty of ways to redesign various interior furnishings with as little waste as possible.

The most important facts at a glance:

  • The construction sector needs a sustainable revolution due to high energy requirements and the use of resource-intensive building materials.
  • Renovating without waste is challenging but possible. In addition to sustainable materials, it also requires resource-saving practices. Planning plays a crucial role here, as does the use of used materials
  • In order to live sustainably in the future, energy-efficient furnishings should also be used

The best tips for a zero-waste renovation

A waste-free renovation is also needed sustainable pieces of furniture and materials also resource-saving practices. With these tips, your next renovation will be much more sustainable:

Planning is the be-all and end-all

Proper planning is essential, especially when it comes to renovation. Which rooms should be renovated? What are the dimensions of the affected areas? How much material is needed? Impulse purchases and quick starts quickly lead to an idea that can't be fully implemented.

Used renovation supplies

If the renovation is a little larger, you will of course also need materials such as colour or wallpaper. In order to avoid trash as much as possible, it is best to purchase these utensils used. Internet platforms such as classified ads or regional ads on Facebook are ideal for this. When painting and wallpapering yourself, it is best to cover the floor with used materials instead of purchasing environmentally harmful painter's fleece.



One of the most important parts of the zero waste movement is using materials you already own. Keyword: upcycling. Maybe the old wardrobe can be converted into a wall shelf?

String Furniture

Source & Copyright by String Furniture


Once you have noted down the appropriate dimensions for the room to be renovated, it is definitely worth taking a trip to a second-hand dealer who offers either used design classics or beautiful vintage models. In order to expand the selection a little, you can also choose from various internet platforms for used furniture like 1stDibs, UsedDesigns or eBay.

Sharland England side table

Source & Copyright by Sharland England


Internet platforms are of course not only suitable for buying, but also for selling: If you no longer have any use for a particular piece of furniture, you can give it a new life by reselling it. Websites like classifieds or Etsy offer the perfect opportunity to sell furniture or renovation items.

Energy Efficiency

If you want to renovate rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom, you should consider an Energy efficiency to the rooms. Water-saving showerheads and faucets as well as energy-saving lamps ensure that the space remains sustainable even after the renovation.

Constanze Ladner kitchen

Source & Copyright by Constanze Ladner

Long-lasting changes

Of course, a renovation produces the least waste if it doesn't take place in the first place. Always keep in mind that sustainable renovation also involves adaptability and flexibility. Irreversible decisions should therefore be made carefully.

Renovating without waste is definitely possible

A zero-waste renovation brings a number of advantages: you save money, resources and CO2 emissions. Nevertheless, such a renovation can be quite challenging. With the right measures and actions, it is possible to limit waste production to at least a minimum. And not only that: through a zero-waste renovation you can create individual and innovative furnishings that make your home even more personal.


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