The ultimate X-Mas guide for sustainable Christmas gifts

Whether for him or her, these are the best ideas for stylish and sustainable Christmas gifts that will bring joy for a long time

sustainable Christmas gifts ideas and inspiration

Christmas is the time to give away. With this we show our affection and give a thank you to our loved ones. However, if you are not in the mood for ephemeral gifts, then here is the ultimate list for stylish and sustainable Christmas gifts. Elegant and ethical ideas that bring joy beyond the Christmas season and are guaranteed to be something special.

Here's our ultimate guide - 15 sustainable Christmas gifts:


1. Berlin designer bag from Jérome Studio

The Berlin designer brand offers luxurious leather bags made of organic leather. This means 100% vegetable tanned leather, with a tanning agent from olive tree leaves, which are a by-product of the olive harvest. Jerome Studio combines classic craftsmanship with innovative processing methods. It is therefore a statement against the fast fashion trend.

Sustainable Christmas gifts: brown leather bag from Jerome studio

2. Friendly Hunting cashmere scarf

For the cold winter days a high quality cashmere scarf from Friendly hunting. The German family company offers luxurious cashmere scarves handmade in Nepal. The sustainable brand on a long-term and trusting cooperation with the local manufacturers. Made with mindfulness and respecting local traditions.

Sustainable Christmas gifts: Woman with a scarf from Friendly Hunting in the desert

Source & Copyright by Friendly Hunting

3. Ruinart in the second skin look

A gift with a very special packaging. This is launched with the "Second Skin" cover Champagne house Ruinart a symbol of the contemporary and environmentally friendly understanding of luxury. Consisting of recyclable paper, the cover replaces the conventional gift box and is an elegant eye-catcher. The design is inspired by the famous chalk cellars of Maison Ruinart.

Sustainable Christmas gifts: two bottles of Runiart Chmpagner

Source & Copyright by Ruinart

4. Yoga and activewear from Ultracor

The revolutionary activewear from Ultracor combines luxury, fashion, performance and sustainability. A patented manufacturing process enables an extraordinary fit to define the body. In addition, more calories are burned. The rich trend colors and patterns ensure an absolute eye-catcher due to the special printing technology.

You can find the most beautiful brands for sustainable yoga and activewear here

Sustainable Christmas gifts: woman with yoga klamatton


5. Clean perfume from Sana Jardin

A seductive perfume is always a nice gift. Choose a clean perfume this year: Sana Jardin, for example, offers natural fragrances for positive change. The brand primarily stands for female empowerment. Through its "The Beyond Sustainability Movement" it promotes the economic and social empowerment of women along the production process.

You can find the top 10 brands for clean perfumes here

Sustainable Christmas gifts: sana jardin perfume box
6. Skincare by Bioeffect

Do you also want innovative cosmetics? BIOEFFECT Skincare was founded by three Icelandic researchers, consisting of the plant-based replica of body-identical growth factor (EGF). The advantage: a gift idea for him or her. The product has also received international awards for its effectiveness and consists of just 7 ingredients.

The brands in the Green Glam Trend can be found here

Bioeffect EGF Serum in a black box as a sustainable Christmas present

Copyright by Bioeffect


7. Second Life-Cycle Gold from Capolavoro

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend. Jewelry is one of the classic gift ideas, especially for lovers. Emotions and memories are often related to a piece of jewelry. In the jewelry industry in particular, ethics is becoming an increasingly important issue. So put on this year Ethical gold as well as fair gemstones.

Sustainable Christmas gifts from the family business, for example Capolavoro. Its gold comes exclusively from second life cycle gold and thus recycled precious metals. All gemstones and diamonds also come from Fairtrade mines.

capolavoro gold bracelet and wrist of woman

Copyright by Capolavoro

8. Lab Grown Diamonds from KBH Jewels

Those who like it innovative rely on the jewelry store KBH Jewelery from USA. The young label only uses laboratory diamonds. This means that all diamonds are grown in the laboratory using an innovative technological process. This makes the designs luxurious and modern.

kbh jewelery as a sustainable christmas present

Copyright by KBH Jewels


9. Custom-made luxury watches by Baume

The luxury watch brand Baume has set itself the mission to create "designs for a better tomorrow". Transparency, careful design and social commitment are particularly emphasized. For every watch sold, Baume also donates 2% of the value of the goods to the Waste Free Ocean organization. With a made-to-order approach and the use of sustainable materials, the brand also minimizes its carbon footprint.

Sustainable Christmas gifts: Baume M clock in blue and black

Source & Copyright by Baume & Mercier

10. Premium Gin from Boar

A nice gin for the gentlemen to enjoy. Those who have the choice are spoiled for choice, because the selection of German premium gins is now large. So choose the award-winning Boar Gin from the small family distillery in the Black Forest. The recipe for success: The gin is harmonized using an innovative process with the addition of Black Forest truffles. The German Agricultural Society therefore named Boar Gin the best gin in Germany.

Sustainable Christmas gifts: bottle of boar gin

Copyright by Boar Jin

11. Tech gadget for the desk

A nice idea for sustainable Christmas gifts for men are unusual decorative elements for the desk. A perfect match, for example, with the legendary Albert Clock, available exclusively from the Museum of Modern Arts. Named after Albert Einstein and designed by the designer Alex Schindlbeck, the clock motivates you to do a short math task to calculate the time.

You can find more green tech gadgets here

sustainable Christmas gifts: Albert clock

Source & Copyright by Albert Clock


12. Design for the children's room by Ecobirdy

A great and varied idea for children: interior products from Ecobirdy. A chair, a table or a lamp can set accents in the children's room and are also fun. Because Ecobirdy products come from recycled discarded plastic toys. This creates colorful designer pieces. An award-winning and innovative design with an educational background.

ecoBirdy children's chair in white

Copyright by Ecobirdy

13. Sponsorship for animals with WWF

Become a sponsor of WWF projects. As a sponsor, you can support a WWF project permanently from just 50 cents a day. The WWF regularly offers deep insights into the projects: project employees are introduced and progress and successes are witnessed. This enables children in particular to discover new countries and habitats, animals, plants and cultures.


14. Minimalist home design from Form & Refine

Natural furniture and home accessories made from sustainable materials for an individual home from Form & Refine. The Danish company combines carefully selected materials and craft tradition with modern Nordic design. The materials come from all over the world and are processed directly by local craftspeople in the countries of origin.

You can find more brands for sustainable living here.

Table and chair with textiles from Form & Refine

Copyright by Form & Refine

15. Natural scented candles from AULI

Natural candles, room sprays and diffusers to enrich the room climate. Auli relies on functionality and aesthetics as well as natural and carefully selected resources free of harmful substances. The candle wax is made from sustainable coconut oil. In addition, Auli offers a special ceramic, called "Ceramico", as a new type of air freshening for small rooms.

Auli candles and fragrances

Source & Copyright by AULI

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